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"acid state park" Discussed on The Dave Gram Show on WDEV

"Features for either a neuberger or experience murders. One is it has a tool that helps you kind of narrow the choices. So you can if you can explore the birds just kind of going through the list of birds or you can kind of give an indication of the size and the color. The habitat and we'll narrow the choices and give you more and more questions, and as you answer those questions, it will give you just a couple of choices and very often you can figure out exactly what you're seeing if you get a good look and your work through the process and Merlin's very user friendly. So it's a identification tool because it walks you through identification excellent end for for Burgers in general to it's just Merlin is full. Of photos and bird sounds so they'll give the songs and the calls for all the species that are in Merlin So it's a tool for learning birds in your own local area. Also, if you're travelling, you can download packs, they call them. So if you're going out to California you can download the California Ed Merlin Pack and then you can see what's being seen in California I. Love It. Hey, you're ready for more calls. I am indeed here we go. Let's go to Steven who's calling us from Montpellier Stephen, what's your question for Chip Darmstadt. Hey. Tip I have a comment and a question. First of all I, enjoy earning with. Roger Peterson. In. Connecticut. And one day we camped out Hammond acid state park. And in the morning about five, o'clock, a bunch of US got up. and. Said Roger Do you WANNA go birding. And he said now I'M GONNA lie in my tent for a while. So we went out and I think we got thirty five birds. And then we came back for breakfast and we said Roger. No interesting very said well. I've been lying. Here's my tenth got seventy one birds just by here. Father Right birding isn't it? Wow. Yeah. So my real question is about having birds and when they migrate South where they go and will they come back to where they were they left here. Great Question. Well humming birds, and by the way hi Stephen I a neighbour of the noise ranch nature's that are on our board. Hummingbirds are on the move right now I did see one this morning I let a bird walk here at the Nature Center. So they're still around but you know by mid-september, most of them will be gone late September almost all of them once in a while the linger longer than that and they had way south. So they are Long Distance Migrants they go down into central and even South America I've seen them in places like Costa Rica, for example so they migrate along way they're known for actually migrating across the Gulf of Mexico believe it or not and I I'm not sure if they do that southbound I know they do it northbound so be on the Yucatan peninsula or Mexico and they fly nonstop they have to of. Course flying non-stop over the Gulf of Mexico I. I'm not sure if they do that on their southbound migration or not or if they funnel through Mexico to get into Central America but they are an incredible migrant you know they're. So there are smallest bird here in Vermont and they just migrate thousands of miles. It's incredible and well, the same ones return to Vermont that we saw in years past. Oh Yeah. They you know they will come back off into the same territory It's it's often hard to know that for sure we do bird banding here at the Nature Center. So we see many of the birds be banned. We see in later years, subsequent years, chestnut sided warblers, House wrens, Song Sparrows. But hummingbirds, a lot of people or people who banned birds generally are not allowed to or can't band hummingbirds because they're so small you have to have a special permit to ban hummingbird. So we've never abandoned hummingbirds here. One thing we'll do if we do catch one is we'll use a nail clipper and clip just a tiny piece off of one tail feather. So we know if we catch it again. So maybe they're right most. Tail feather just a tiny bit off the end but generally we're not banning them so hard to know if we get if we're seeing the same birds back. Like many birds I think they are returning to the same Mary to nasty year after year I thought you were going to say you were giving the hummingbirds Manny's in patties. All right. Let's take another call. Thank, Stephen Let's talk to Fred from new very fred. Have had for two questions. First question is how many birds do you have in your life list? And the other question is, have you ever seen a Kuku? Yeah. Well I to start we'll start with us it's funny let a bird walk this morning here at the North Branch Nature Center and actually my coworker Zach could and I both let it but we split the group up into to One group went clockwise around the field and I. I bought the other direction with half the group and the other groups have Blackville Cuckoo that we didn't get to see. But they are here we we do see them fairly regularly I've seen a couple this year including yellow billed cuckoo. It's been a great year for yellow billed cuckoo especially east of the Green Mountains. So usually a champlain valley species. So yes, to cuckoos they're they're one of my favorite birds and Fred while know how many on your life list. I the hi. I'm at one thousand nine Hundred Ninety, nine Alec. I just need one bird to get to two thousand and so But you know these days we're not doing much traveling I lead burt trips for the nature center and I was going to be leading.

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