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"ace jonathan" Discussed on Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz

06:20 min | 6 months ago

"ace jonathan" Discussed on Twenty Thousand Hertz

"So what made up the so-called annoying music. Let's break it down to it's essential parts first up is that iconic slap Latte base at the time slap bass was an element of Funk music buried in the mix it had had not yet enjoyed celebrity status has a solo instrument. Broadly forward illuminated it. put it hot in the mix and it sounded any Kanak. Interestingly these baselines weren't played on a real base Jonathan actually played them on on a keyboard controller that could trigger different samples including bay sounds. It was about at that time that sampling was becoming. I'm really usable. And I use Seinfeld as a proving ground for that bleeding edge technology to get the sound for the original Seinfeld base. Ace Jonathan and Steve took base patches from two different devices and blended them together. The actual original base Oun was Role in defy fifty fifty popper and coreg m one slap bass. I think he started out with the M one. Felt like it wasn't cutting enough. So then we added that defy fifty paper in there which had kind of been hedged to it in what I would do is kind of get a balanced between these two cents while he was playing until we kinda just nailed EXAC- the right sound the base line of Seinfeld checks the actual music of it so basic simple it did not require for beats to a bar do not require meter at all never hold water. I can shut up and start the base to make allowance for the timings of his jokes and his punch lines and the people laughing then there. Those organic sounds that Jonathan mentioned Jonathan recorded. These noises himself off using his fingers and mouth then. He met them to his keyboard so he could play them on the fly. Combine that with a simple Shakur and these noises serve serve as the rhythmic backbone of the Seinfeld theme even the tempo was set around. Jerry's comedic timing. I watched Jerry's standup comedy. And I noticed that he he has a lyric sensibility about the way. He delivers his lines the way he moves. His choreography is facial expressions is move and there was a meter to it that I put different clocks on and finally I settled in on about one one ten. I don't think people think of their offices a workplace as a stationery store with Danish. You WanNa get pastry envelopes. Your supplies your toilet paper six cups of coffee and you go home and that seemed to work well with the metrics of Jerry's is comedy and so that became the tempo of the seinfeld theme in general a few other musical elements were used to emphasize punch lines and other key moments. There was some horns in Vaudeville. When someone told a joke there'd be a rim shot? Will my music kind of serve the oral space of that so the horns would accentuate the end of jokes in the end end of the monologue itself. Let's listen to the opening monologue from the episode the mango notice. How the musical elements ebb and flow to match? Jerry's delivery seedless watermelon what an invention scientists are working on this. I mean other signs devote their lives fighting cancer AIDS heart disease. No I'm focusing on melon. Oh sure thousands of people are dying needlessly but this that's gotTa stop to try and pick a wet one up off the floor. It's almost impossible. I'm devoting my life to that so I guess if they can get rid of the seeds. The Rhine is going next. What do we need that for? Get the Ryen. They're not GONNA stop until they're making the ground ready to eat. Fruit cups growing the idea of having to recreate a recording of the theme. Every every episode was a new concept. I treated it like Lego music. These were elements that could be modular. Modular Lee manipulated to fit the individual timings in the overall length of each monologue. I knew that if this show show win anywhere I was going to have to recreate music. Bespoke for each monologue and so he did to score an episode. Jonathan would watch and rewatch every scene playing along on his keyboard to what was happening on screen. They had to be done to picture. So that the timing's would be right and so that I could maybe use some of his choreography. Sometimes he would do things with his hands or his head. That would give me musical. Instruction the music wasn't just customized for the monologues but also for the unique transitions between scenes like going from the terminal to the plane in the episode called the airport or from the cafe. Jerry's apartment in the gum woman. The gang ends up in a sleepy Massachusetts town in the finale This level of music customization was completely unheard of in Hollywood most. TV shows have one main theme song and a handful of filler tracks. That get reused over and over but on Seinfeld every single episode is unique. It would've saved them tons of time and effort to do things the normal way but that perfectionism is exactly what makes Seinfeld feel so polished even today but the main theme only scratches is the surface of Jonathan's work on Seinfeld as the show progressed. Jonathan got to play around with a wide range of musical genres and tropes these unique tracks underscore. Some of Seinfeld's most hilarious Larionov and memorable scenes. That's coming up after the break..

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"ace jonathan" Discussed on The Grid

The Grid

11:59 min | 6 months ago

"ace jonathan" Discussed on The Grid

"Let's get Jack eight suited in the cutoff and I opened raising it and I think this is my first mistake in the hand. This should just be a fold in a cash game. This is definitely not been but it is definitely towards the bottom of your range. It's possible that you go down one pip further but it this thing in cash and winning and ships here we pretty much all have the two shorts tax we both have less than two hands worth of bats and Jonathan has a little bit more than that and the chip leader has been attacking all at all spots so they're really going to put a Arado. ICM pressure on US got it so the open was the first mistake of the Han but apparently not the last polls the bundled olds McGowan falls on the button. Brendan the chip leader. Three baths in the small blonde and Jonathan Little Forego cuts in the big blind. It gets back to me and this not actually sure I yeah. I think it's still just a very clear call if you hold them. You just never fold into these spots in cash especially not a a pretty connected hand like this that make straights and flushes occasionally so you can argue for folding hands like a six off suit here. that have really poor reverse implied odds at you. Just never fold this hand and I still think even with device. GM here you should be inclined to call this hand. You're just getting good odds and it's still an older and once I've chosen to play the hand I'm kind of committed committed to it at this point and that also helps to headline the mistake that I made of entering the pot in the first place. So both Taylor and you both both called right so now. It's three ways to the flop which came king of spades Clubs that's correct. Yeah and you had the Jack Eight of spades. Yeah so I I didn't flop the actual flush committed to putting more money. Now I'm still going to brick the flesh about two thirds of the time and it's GonNa be for almost all my chips and this again just headlines probably small mistakes pre flop but a mistake on the left and it's continued to compound here so Brendan Brendan checks. Jonathan Betts this flop really smacks is range. There aren't really many hands that I've looking to get to fold if any at all here like like if I raise at bedtime maybe two full days queen off at this point. I'm just looking to call and try to hit and it's pretty unfortunate. I don't have matched decision here. I don't have much agency to make some brief play. I mean maybe there are some other cards on the turn that can come but this flop released Max's range and we're just gonNa make dating the boring boring play of calming down and trying to hit here all right. So that's what you did and then the turn was an Osu Jack. I called Brendan folded. So we're just heads up to the turn. Now China from little checks now. It is an offshoot. Jack obviously At this point I chose to bat and I think this is another clear mistake. He's given me the option to act to save bet here for the Times that I missed and betting here against a tight range with three Broadway cards on. It just isn't doing doing very much. I think in the moment I just thought like I have a flush. Drought appears a great hand to bet but when I look at it really doesn't accomplish very much. If he has any a handset I'm ahead of maybe nine hs east ten. He doesn't really have other. ACED has a bunch of outs. But I don't think he has very often if he has nine. They're just there isn't much point for me to bet I'm not likely to be two streets EVALU- from him and I ended up getting antionette check. Raising which is kind of something should have been able to see coming like this just smacks US ratings and there are a lot of hands from his prefer operating better way ahead of me. He has pretty much all the sets he has as Queen. You can have aces escaping though. I don't know if you would check. Raise King Aces Jonathan. Little mostly plays Neelam. Hold them. I think at this time as far as I know and when something is or secondary game usually don't make fancy plate like this but you know it's it's definitely still he's definitely still capable of it and within his range to do so so after he puts in that check. Raise you. What's going through your head? And they ended up dying. Why did I bet? Why did I bet he gave me a chance This is for all ships by the river. I think once he bets the river I have a tiny bit left before. I'm all in you know honestly I think I'm kind of stunned in the moment and unable to think very very clearly because all of this is happening I would say this is one of those points. Where the pressure is on you? And I'm not thinking my most clear about range and and I probably would have just checked. Turn I think every poker player no limit holdem or limit holdem conservatively sympathize. With that. Feeling that you you wanna bet but then as soon as you get check raised you realize that the bet was terrible. My opinion on this is actually a piece of knowledge. Someone someone handed to me a long time ago. They said that every poker player if you held a gun to their head and in a spot where they don't know what to do they're either spew monkey or a coward and you just have to figure out which of the two they are and it will allow you to play perfectly against them so I think people tend to default to passive arrested by default. And you kind of have to figure out which one that is. I think that's a great plain and unfortunately you're only going to be able to test yourselves in those situations if you're getting super deep in the tournament which by its nature doesn't happen that often so even you not you personally but even the listeners. This podcast might not necessarily know exactly which type they are because it requires you to get into that spot and have the cameras on you and have the pressure on you. And you can't always simulate that right. There's no Oh pyeho settings for having your heart beating a million beats a minute and you know thinking about the money in the potential embarrassment in and all that and the potential triumph. So I think it's great. If you do know your tendency because I knew can in the heat of the moment try to reverse it. It is something I think. Thank you can train yourself in the off season to change for sure a lot of times you know if you're playing against people who will go for it you you know you can just say to yourself even before the hand starts. Don't hold the top of your ranch here. Don't fold anything exploitable and the reverse to you know if you think someone always has it you know. Fold everything on the other hand right or even if they almost impossible for them to be bluffing at the right frequency. Even if you can't be confident that they're never bluffing. which is something that Peter Jackson said on the podcasts which I thought was good? It wasn't that he thought people couldn't bluffing. Certain spy at all but that he thought they couldn't bluff that spot enough. Anyway coming back to this hand where you now have kinton six. That's the fly with two spades. You have the Jack Eight is bay. The turn is a Jack you get check raised and you end up calling right. Yes yes At some point I call. It's pretty obvious. Call at this point. I think another reason at my bet is bad is also. There's nothing for me to really bluff out all all the hands that fold by. The river are worse than mine. If he has nine or ten suited. He pulled the river and improved. I I don't think I'm getting Queens. Two Full Ios East Jack probably getting that two fold either where I bet just kind of place. Let's his range planning perfectly against mine and I get punished in this spot the way he punished me. So Yeah I did call. And by the way for everybody who doesn't play any limit hold on This is a limit hand not a no limit hand. And that's why you called the Karen. Yeah so this is the thing about when the whole dome like I do still have a pair to flush draw like even though. I'm berating my own play. Pretty badly like equity wise. This is just not that awful. The problem it is that you're just trying to eek out these points value just trying to save about here or or get an extra value betted and Allegra Pundit punish issue here for in the spot for that is just not good obviously yes. This would be a lot worse than their limit. If I had bet turn and not controlled and got blown off all my equity and had to fold. That would have been a way more atrocious mistake but you know other than times you know when you make an absurdly bad full than giving up a lot of the pot share here here you know. I'm just bleeding it and it's not binding money on fire but it is still a mistake for sure more slowly dying so so anyway. What happened on the river on the river? I think off suit eight for two pair. He Bets I call and he turns over aces and on. I've just never been so relieved in my life ever. Wow that must've felt amazing for you and terrible for Jonathan Little. I think I think again. I'm just so overwhelmed by the situation. I don't know but I'm feeling just panic. Relieved a lot of a few minutes of terror have been punctured by a few seconds of relief. Wait for me is probably the way I would phrase it for me. Yep probably feels awful in his spot for sure. Yeah and I did think that poker news description that he did everything right. It was so funny. Okay but at the end of the tournament how did you how did you do in. Why was this a pivotal moment for you? So when I called the river I was almost all in and and Jonathan will probably had sixty percent of stack. Maybe seventy percent of stack in there was able to ride this hand and a few other hands and finished second place place. This is obviously just the most crucial hand eye of my poker career and it is that I slightly botched and got a little bit. Lucky in for sure I got very lucky. Actually I remember I think calculating it later that you know my staff wins about thirty thousand dollars because of this hand and I don't know for this for any other poker tournament I've ever played in but I do know that attached this tournament for one hundred fourteen thousand four hundred eighty dollars. That's how crucial this was to me at that point like like I went from having like zero dollars. Twenty seven thousand dollars to my name or something like that. Maybe it wasn't quite serious. 'cause already cash for forty or whatever but from the beginning of the tournament heard of it to the end of the tournament. I just had my Mike McDermott. Three stacks of high society on it you know partially because of this hand and that's why it's the most crucial had of your career because ultimately ended up setting you up for life and poker. If this had gone differently maybe you would have gone and gotten a real job. I think at this point that wasn't going to happen because I had already determined things that I had been winning at and it certainly gave me a nice little bankroll to play with again. Remember one of my thoughts. I remember jumping up and down in the celebration. That night was that I had money to bet on football now and so it certainly helps. Bank ankle a lot of other ventures that had think the narrative that that I would have had to get a job or something like that just isn't accurate because I think I would have just continued grinding for sure at that point. I had figured figured out something that I was able to win at but it did. It is just like obviously the high stakes situation. I've had had happened to run. Fortunately well in at that moment especially compared to my relative net worth it so easy to overlook these moments in your career where you get get super lucky. Because I think there's a human tendency to focus on the ones where you get super unlucky or things didn't go your way so tell us about why why you chose this hand of all hands for the poker grid. It is very easy to only focus on the time you get bad. Beat and.

Brendan Brendan Jack Jonathan Queens Jonathan Betts Jonathan Little GM US Taylor ICM Osu McGowan ACED Max Neelam football China Mike McDermott Allegra Pundit Peter Jackson
"ace jonathan" Discussed on Survival


12:01 min | 9 months ago

"ace jonathan" Discussed on Survival

"He and the shark part of one big creature once once again he was part of the bias fear of the ocean now as a low rung on the food chain. Although Jonathan was following following expert advice was doing him little good he gripped the gills tightly but the shark showed no sign of slowing down it seemed his if all hope was lost then Jonathan felt an immense pressure on his leg release and his body was once again moving freely in the water for some reason that he couldn't fathom the shark had spontaneously decided to release him. Jonathan didn't have time to wonder why the shark had let him go or whether it was coming back he needed air badly. The attack had been brief reef but brutal and has he beat his legs against the ocean. He could feel sharp awful pain in his leg. He clearly had not escaped from. This encounter counter unscathed if he'd escaped it all at last he made it to the surface and gasp for air. Jonathan surfboard was was still intact and had remained attached to him by the rope around his wrist grateful for this small bit of luck. He tugged the board toward himself and and clambered on top of it hugging tightly but he knew he wasn't out of danger yet. His leg was bleeding in the water. In any moment now now shark might come back to finish him off next. Jonathan attempts the long desperate swim back to shore now back to our story attacked by a great white shark on the last day a of summer vacation in nineteen ninety eight. Jonathan Catherine had thought that he was dead meat but after a harrowing underwater ride clenched between between the shark's teeth Jonathan was suddenly released. He had just enough time to clamber onto his body board. Jonathan couldn't believe his luck. He was alive he had escaped the jaws of the ocean's deadliest creature though he still couldn't imagine what had inspired the shark mark to let him go but if he had known the reason for the shark's behavior he most likely wouldn't have been comforted. Scientists have long been aware of sharks tendency to bite victims briefly then let them go. This is explained as the shark taking a test bite to determine if their target was actually actually something they were interested in eating since humans aren't part of their natural diet they would presumably move on shortly thereafter but another more chilling theory has been offered by some scientists regarding the great white shark specifically it suggests that the shark releases its prey after after delivering a fatal blow with its jaws then waits at a distance while it's target bleeds out then the shark can return into feast without dealing with a meal. That's trying to fight back this left Jonathan a precarious position. He had no the idea if the shark that attacked him was still around waiting for him to pass out or die so that he could finish the job and even if the shark had moved on his bleeding leg made him a target for other sharks sharks are capable of smelling blood in the water from over a mile away even when the only trace amounts suffering from huge gaping wounds in his leg. Jonathan was a beacon to every shark in the area waves wave of awful searing pain were shooting through Jonathan's leg and up his side. He could tell that his leg was badly injured. He couldn't move it for one something but he couldn't bring himself to look to see just how bad the damage was. He inadvertently found himself following another solid wallid survival tactic Australian Navy diver Paul de gelder found himself in the mouth of a shark in two thousand nine and lost significant chunks of his arm and leg during the attack he advises that victims avoid looking at their own wounds as much as possible he said I thought that if I didn't look at the wound I wouldn't go into shock and he compared it to a little kid looking at a cut. He doesn't start crying until he sees blood. Jonathan's leg was proving to be a liability. Even now while he lay prone on his belly it's threw him off balance silence and made it difficult for him to stay on the board. Jonathan knew it would severely slow his journey through the water and leave an easy trail for the shark to to follow but it didn't matter right now he had to ignore the pain and focus on getting back to shore Jonathan struck out with all his might as he shakily paddled toward the shore his aching body grew dizzy from the blood loss the salt water of the Pacific Traffic Ocean flooded into the wound in his leg sending waves of searing pain rippling through his body once again every passing shadow shadow or glint of light seemed like a threat in his desperate attempt to get back to shore Jonathan was breaking all all the rules of survival laid out by shark expert Richard Pearce he had turned his back on the creature a move that would make it impossible to foresee the sharks next attack attack but he had little choice the only way he could get back to showroom was Bhai swimming toward it wherever the shark happened to be the other advice pierce offers for a shark attack is displacing the least amount of water possible. He suggests that those who encounter shark in the wild should stay calm attempt to slowly swim backwards an away from the shark and hope not to draw undue attention to themselves else but Jonathan was far past that point the shark knew he was there and as he flailed his limbs desperately through the water he was making eating himself an easy and obvious target. He'd already personally encountered the massive power and speed of the creature. He knew he was outmatched. Matched in every regard this is where. Pierce's final words of advice are most relevant even if they're not exactly comforting if a white shark is in full attack mode there is not much. You're going to be able to do at that point. As Jonathan moved closer to the the beach he began to Croak out a desperate plea. He didn't yet know if he was near enough to be heard but he had to try. His energy was sapped zapped by the nonstop paddling in the blood loss from his leg. The sound emanated from his mouth sounded foreign and alien like a dying animal. We'll moaning with its last gasps on the beach heads turned but mostly and confusion from that distance. Jonathan simply appeared appeared to be floating on his board moving back to shore. It wasn't yet a parent. This odd mon was a cry for help in this moment. Jonathan made a quick decision not to yell the Word Shark. Though it was surely the foremost thought in his head it was a decision that may have helped help save his life and it displayed canny awareness for how to keep his predicament from getting worse. He knew that if he said the dreaded word as had happened earlier in the day everyone would simply scatter. Nobody would want to come into the water to help rescue him with a giant sea creature graphite instead. He simply yelled help. I'm serious. I need help and yet nobody came for him. His words were still being swallowed by the thundering waves and the loud sounds of the ocean. If Jonathan was going to make back he couldn't hope to rely on anyone or anything but his own wits and power and so he continued to paddle as as hard as he could Jonathan knew that if the shark chose to return his efforts would be in vain the great white can move as quickly likliest twenty five miles an hour far faster than a human in peak physical form let alone a badly injured swimmer and moving closer to shore or wasn't necessarily moving him any further from danger. Shark attacks happen most frequently in shallow water because sharks often wait near sandbars in bars for their prey also closer to the shore. The Sun penetrates the water more easily this makes for brighter more colorful conditions nations which can sometimes confuse sharks and caused them to mistake humans for their usual prey so Jonathan had little choice but to hope that the shark shark wouldn't come back at least not before he was close enough to land that someone might hear his screams and rescue him as he near the Beach Jonathan again attempted to eke out a plea for help. Finally someone heard him a teenager ran and over to him just as he reached the knee deep water and collapsed into it and a lifeguard followed suit. The teenager grasped him and asked what had happened is toward the sky life draining out of his body. Jonathan managed to Croak out his response shark. The teen threw his arms around Jonathan and began dragging him toward the beach. After a moment of few others noticed the commotion going on just a few the yards down from them. Jonathan was back on solid land last he had found his way back to Stinson beach against all odds but he still hadn't had a chance to look at his leg to evaluate the damage and he didn't really have the presence of mind to especially especially with the action going on all around him. He felt oddly embarrassed was he. The focus of all this drama simple midwestern western Jonathan who had just gone out for a day of bodyboarding and now found himself being cradled by strangers in a few moments he was joined by a familiar face sean his best friend looking immensely guilty for having missed everything that happened to Jonathan out in the ocean yeah but Jonathan felt only gratitude towards his friend for being there he was beginning to slip in and out of consciousness looking from face to face ace Jonathan was still partially submerged in the water and as each new tide came in and pulled out it brought with it more org Jonathan's blood turning the water to a horrible Red Color Jonathan had managed to wriggle from the jaws of the great white each shark and get back to shore but now as his blood stained the sands of Stinson beach. One question remained. He hit escaped the shark but would he survive..

Jonathan Jonathan surfboard Jonathan Catherine Beach Jonathan sharks pierce bodyboarding Stinson beach Paul de gelder Bhai Richard Pearce sean