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"This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Ari Shapiro, and Mary Louise Kelley Michael Cohen, the president's longtime lawyer and fix her is headed to prison. He's been sentenced to three years having pleaded guilty to campaign, finance and other crimes. But first Cohen says he wants to give quote a full incredible account of events which have transpired the venue for that three. Congressional hearings this week to will be behind closed doors, but Collins testimony before the house committee on oversight and reform will unfold in full public view, the man who will gavel that hearing to order ten o'clock Wednesday morning is aligned your comings. He's a democrat from Maryland. He chairs the house oversight committee. And he joins me now from his home in Baltimore. Congressman welcome. Scared to be with you. So Michael Cohen is you know, has pleaded guilty to lying to congress. What makes you think he will be a credible witness now? Well, we don't know I've I've practiced law for more than twenty years, and you have a situation where a man apparently wants to bare his soul and talk about his relationship with this president taking mind that Michael Cohen is the one person who has accused the president of committing a crime. So it's hard to say what's going to happen. But the good thing about it is that members of congress will have an opportunity to observe him. The public will have an opportunity observing. And I think that's a good thing. But did it give you pause to give him such a prominent platform, given his history of lying to congress, of course. But at the same time, we have a situation where? There's quite possible. We may never see the light of day. A what Mr. mother does he says there's a lot of discretion that the attorney general has with regards releasing anything that comes out of the Muller investigation. Saudi is quite possible that the public. Never would have an opportunity to hear directly or see him on the other hand we have the president president. You know almost on a daily basis as socked about. He has not committed any crimes and has basically called a Michael Cohen a liar. So I think it's only fair to Michael Cohen ended resident that representatives of the people that is Republicans and Democrats in congress have an opportunity to ask questions. What's your top question for Michael Cohen? What are you gonna ask? We'll be looking at such such as the president debt payments relating to efforts to influence the twenty sixteen election, the president's compliance with financial disclosure, the president's potential and actual conflicts of interest the president's business practices and the Trump International hotel in Washington, and it's an accuracy with regard to reporting data to the congress. You've got a couple of first going on here. You've this is Cohen's first major public appearance since he turned on the president. This is also the first. Big marquee hearing for the democratic controlled house. And I wonder why Michael Cohen who as we've talked about has a history of lying to congress be the questions, you're describing don't seem to have anything to do with Trump's conduct as president or his administration's policies. Okay. Not accurate. You gotta understand our jurisdiction. You're talking about stuff from two thousand sixteen from the campaign, which is important. That but our jurisdiction and the main thing that my committee is four is making sure that government functions properly. But is there a risk of it? Looking like Democrats are determined to just keep digging through the tawdry chapters of the president's life testimony about a porn star. And a playboy model it instead of exercising. Serious oversight over his administration. Interesting that you said that because you're inaccurate. The first thing we did was a drunk here. We a hearing on drugs Schifrin drug that was our first major market hearing, our second major marquee hearing was one where we talked about HR one which deals with voting rights and corruption in government safe to say HR one didn't quite have the TV networks buzzing in the way that Michael Cohen is going to be. But my point is what are we supposed to do sit back on our hands. When we see that there may be problems any executive branch one the constitution clearly states that it is our job. We have sworn to be a check and balance on the executive branch. And that's exactly what we're doing. Period. Quickly. And before I let you go. The house has you know is set to vote tomorrow to block President Trump from using a national emergency to build a border wall. Which is this is expected to pass in the house and not so clear what's going to happen in the Republican controlled Senate. Do you believe congress will be able to block the president's not the question? The question is whether when the president vetos it we will have enough votes in the Senate to override it. And I must say that I doubt it, basically you're saying you think in the Senate they will vote to block him from using emergency powers. That would go to the president. He will try to veto it. And then it's a question of what happens when it comes back to to congress that is accurate. So again, we're gaming out predictions here. And who knows how this may unfold in the coming days. What is the point of this exercise of ultimately, the president may be able to veto ends up in the courts. You can't just sit around and do anything what's happening about accountability. That's why we have courts, and you have a number of senators will be running in twenty twenty and they're going to have to be answerable to the people when the people ask why did you allow the president to take away your power? We give the president opportunity to go around the congress that is basically taking away the power of the congress, and it also is taking away the power of the people that is Maryland democrat Elijah Cummings. He chairs the house committee on oversight and reform and he'll be leading the questions for Michael Cohen come Wednesday morning. Thanks so much for your time. Congressman thank you. Pope Francis yesterday declared all out battle on abuse. And the Catholic church saying it must be erased from the face of the earth today, the bishops and Abusir -vivor who went to Rome for the stork summit have returned to their homes around the world. And the question remains how will the church make good on the pope's promise, we're going to put that question out of somebody who was at that summit Juan Carlos Cruz is a survivor of abuse in the Catholic church. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. Let me first ask what your big takeaway from this summit was how are you feeling now that it's over? You know, I never expected that after three days it was going to be earth-shattering change immediate. You know, many people unfortunately, expected I I was lucky to be asked by the pope to organize a meeting before the summit on Wednesday with survivors from all over the world. And then my testimony opened the whole summit and. You know, it was good because they never edited anything. There was nothing. I could not say, so you know, there's people that are happier. People are not so happy, but I'm optimistic, and I want to keep hope that there will be things happening. You say you're domestic and hopeful. Did you hear anything from church leaders that struck you as new as definitive as a sign that things will move in a different direction? So I've had the opportunity to speak with pope Francis several times, and I'm very respectful, but I tell him I feel like it is. And pope Francis of twenty seventeen is not pope Francis of twenty nine thousand nine he's a man that has been able to listen and change and understand better. What I worry about are the bishops that go back home and remained the same. And that's my biggest worry the pope urged bishops and abusive clerics to hold themselves accountable. Do you think that's sort of self accountability will do what needs to be done here? No. I don't think it works. You know, unfortunately, we've had too many examples. Mine included in Chile of bishops that can see the worst crimes yet. They cover it up. And and don't do the right thing and disappeared documents that until I know that there's been a lot more aware. Fairness and accountability. But it hasn't shown that this self policing works. So if the pope is urging people to self police, and you don't believe that works. Why are you hopeful and optimistic? I believe that there's bishops that take this very seriously. And I believe that more we're going to see in the following day's things that will. Yes. Allow self-policing? But at the same time, they'll be ways of holding bishops around the world accountable for their actions. And so if someone doesn't do what's the right thing, I'm hopeful that the put a process in place that will show up and say, this particular Bishop is not doing and Adele very strict with him. I I'm hoping is that based on something that you've heard in your conversations with the pope and other church leaders, or is that just sort of a wish that you have. No, it's it's based on. On conversations that I've had with other church leaders, and I can't tell you exactly what things are coming up. I'm hopeful that they make bishops work with local law enforcement to hold them accountable. Also in civil society and civil law, not just canon law and a bunch of other things it's a combination of things that we've spoke about and others that I know they're working on. We've heard from a lot of survivors who've told us that they have lost faith in the church as a result of this crisis. Have you? No, no, I have not I'm Catholic, and I remain Catholic. And I am not going to let them win. Now. I have my days, I'm better one day and not so find the other. But it's so worth it though. When when you feel you are able to help one person to deal with this horror. It makes it so much better for me as well. Kwan Carlos Cruz. Thank you so much for speaking with us. Thank you Ari..

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"Watched. You're from LA you move back to LA like film is the still the paradigmatic. American art form. Is it as important as was saying, the seventies or eighties has been supplanted by television clearly novels, which is a writing, which is where you got your start. That seems to, I mean, it persists, but it doesn't seem to be as important as movies or TV or music the novel as a way of imparting information. The novel in terms of novel comes out and you're introduced to a world, you've no nothing about it's much talked about. It's like it's like almost like a news bulletin from the front. That kind of novel doesn't really exist anymore because you can find out whatever you want. Whenever you want via the internet and a novel is the uses of the novel are different than they once were. And I don't think people go to novels that way. I mean, less than zero is a classic example. Lessons era was sort of seen as document about what kids are up to today as much as it was a novel. And certainly there were novels that would come. I've never. I never read a novel, but she read something about that book in one thousand nine hundred five or shortly after came out and she was like, make don't go to any of those parties where they show snuff movies. It was like, okay. Yeah. Although I think if you show up and they're showing one, it's too late, right? It's over, you know, it's completely over, but I do think that novels don't work that way anymore film. Certainly their place in the culture has diminished greatly in terms of being at the center of a conversation being the center of the conversation for the kind of the cultural intelligence here. You're saying like rampage or the next fast and furious movie isn't going to play the same role in America's the godfather or on home. When you put it that way, it sounds rather naive. I mean, but yes, of course. But still there are Sinophile and still there a believers. You can find them everywhere from Quinton Tarantino to Christopher Nolan to Scorsese. And there are more film festivals than ever there. There's more film critics than they've ever been. There's more attention placed on movies in a way that we've never seen before. It's just that aren't very good. And they just don't. For the most part, they're not being made with the kind of care and expense that many of the need. I see movies all the time that I realized, oh, they couldn't do that because they know the money for the party. Oh, they couldn't do that. So they just have three characters throughout the entire movie. Oh, they can't show the scene where they go onto the beach or they walked to the top of the skyscraper because he didn't have the money. And I think not having the money is a huge limitation to what you can do with film a ton of money for movies. That's just the movies that are going to get that kind of nearly unlimited budget are also ones now that have to play for a global audience which puts different constraints on what type of movie you're going to be mad, but that movie you just talked about is only be made for the global writings, and you see it like all over the place. I mean, I saw the mama, Mia sequel here we go again and I couldn't believe how much attention been paid to the global means of the box office in terms of. Kind of bland inoffensive cleanliness in terms and also kind of borderline dumbness of where anybody in any language can understand exactly what's going on everything because of the facial expressions of the characters. And I'm sure I mean, since seventy percent of the audience is not going to be seen this movie in its in their language, that's kind of what the demands are, and that's true for all the marvel movies as well. And so what you've lost kind of idiom and idiosyncratic American idiom as gone from from a certain kind of lavishly made movie. And so you are stuck with either the two hundred and fifty million dollar marvel movies or you're dealing with independent films that they're lucky if they get six to seven million dollars for high in Indy. So that's enough people find ways to make movies all the time more than ever been made. It's just that they're like, they just don't. People could argue about this. I try. I'm snobby like certain things, but I want to be anti elitist in this in this sense of saying certain things are going to be dumbed down. So mama, Mia, instead of being, you know, Birdman Nasc film. It's going to be reduced to this. There's a middle. There's a middle for sure, but then there there are political in ideological implications of that too. So when Matt Damon is playing a Chinese warrior on the great wall of. They're going to be changing all sorts of things. I'd take the remake of red. Dawn couldn't have what North Koreans or Chinese as the time or something. A character in doctor strange had to be changed from an ancient Tibetan wise man to till the Swinton. Yes. Does that kind of stuff trouble you or is that just part of the, you know, this is what happens. We'll trouble. I mean, look realize, troubles me much more than the movies do. But since I feel invested in movies and I always have. I guess that I mean changing certain elements in material to please the Chinese well morally. How does one feel about that? How does one feel about the fact that there is no longer gay representation in studio movies because they need to play globally than need the plan Russia the in China. And if you even have a hint of gayness in moving now, like the very innocuous gay aspect in beauty and the beast, the re the live action remake the came out last year, it's edited or is rated r. it's restricted in other countries. And this is a g. rated PG rated movie that is kind of that is kind of troubling. But it also is indicative of the hypocrisies of Hollywood, and it's very indicative of how Hollywood things it's so progressive and they're so into flus inclusivity and diversity in all of this stuff. But really they're into money and they wanna make money and it's the most nothing wrong with. I mean, you're not. You're not a social, not at all. No, and I totally, but it is. It doesn't want to acknowledge that it is the most one was capitalist businesses in the world. It is. I mean, it's just it's, it's. What it wants to put out about self and what it really is that is the disconnect that is bothersome to a lot of people that a lot of people go on. And I think it's really happened last two years. We're Hollywood has shown itself to be well transparent in terms of how people now look at it. It's not it's trying to do all of these things to be progressive, but really, it's just tripping up over it self a time zone. I mean, to put an horrible language and I because that's all I can do. But it's Harvey Weinstein would make sure that no horses were heard on the set of Miramax movie, but he might be jerking off into the faith of an actress. You might be thinking that is, this is this hide into the metoo all the means of where Hollywood has to come to terms with the fact that it's the casting couch, yeah, there's a big casting couch and that everyone knows the casting couch. I guess. So to some degree. I mean, it was very interesting. There was this website briefly that appeared that had all of the women who had appeared in Miramax movies throughout the nineties, who never came out and said a word and what do infer from that and does it matter. I mean, Harvey ones can give interview, I think, too tacky that Acropolis where he was talking about how it was a casting couch, doesn't everybody realize in Hollywood other accounting count. There is to a degree there are, you know, favors exchange, no one talks about it supposedly wrote a novel about it, imperial bedrooms, where it became very apparent that the producer of a movie is demanding of the young actress sleep with them in order to get apart, not uncommon. Let's say I'm not going to say it's common, not uncommon sexual favors or passed around a lot, but not always unwelcome either. No, no. And understand. I quit broke up with throw pro, and so it's and there's an understanding to it now of. Course it doesn't. Excuse creep, doesn't excuse sexual assault, and it doesn't excuse blacklisting people either. Then that's all bad news, very bad news. But it does seem, you know, the movement seems to have gotten hysterical in a way that underlie kind of like, I don't know how to say this kind of like messes up its initial message, and I think that that is kind of problem. Why so many people do not take the metoo movement seriously as they once did. And I talked about this on a lot. Lots podcast. I've talked to a lot of women who find it embarrassing who don't believe in it at all, who really look it as a Hollywood thing that is particularly a Hollywood problem and that many women I know do not see themselves as victims of the patriarchy, many members, females in my family, female friends who just do not buy into that. You can buy into that package or you don't have to buy into it. And I think when Terry. Cruz became the face of metoo. A lot of people dropped out. A lot of people just said, okay, this is absurd. I mean, if that person, if Terry crews can go to Washington DC and start talking about how he's victim and he's been in Abusir -vivor because someone grabbed his Jonquet a party in a drunken horseplay. That's the same as Harvey Weinstein, raping an actress, and I don't think so. And of course you get you get attacked for logically separating the idea of an unwanted hand on an ass and then getting gang raped in a parking lot. And the should be out of you, Matt Daming onto a lot of trouble trying to explain the differences between what really is a problem. And then what is just, you know, life when the story about Z's on. Sorry, going out on a date with someone was written up and babe of website. I remember when the response to that was kind of like that was an unfortunate evening, but it's clear it has nothing to do with what we're talking about when it's Harvey Weinstein. Well, it's the beginning of that was the beginning of the end. That was the beginning of the moment win me too seriously had to step back and say, okay, well, she had a bad day or, okay. Terry crews didn't want drunken agent from ROY Moore's that touches dick, okay. But to acquaint it with. That is, it means then everything. Everything is sexual assault, and then that means nothing is. Do you think that Hollywood oddly? Because it likes those put itself as it's at the forefront. It's the car. We are the most beautiful people are the richest people the most creative. We're always at the front of things. In fact, when it comes to questions about equality in the workplace that actually the entertainment industry is way way way at the back of, oh, the bottom of the bottom. You're very bond. I mean, other industries have dealt with have been dealing with us because among other reasons there's ecconomic pressure to. Yeah. Yeah, completely.

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"Oh what next would be automated like i get you maverick and i also think that because they're robots dues are going to be like even like mean run them westworld kid that american abusir vivor won't take you know what i mean that we need to bring in these dreamers for these kinds of jobs it would be cooled out to be like here's your extra fifty bucks skank now yeah 'cause real person you think twice but if it's a robot oh road adam dan was even good job but he has tip you yes gang your pussy smell like thirty weight and you wouldn't be able to throw cash at the milica use your car bitcoin ship or something snatch mill like sewing machine oil batch and then just throw the cash outta yeah here's some more wd forty bits all right well i i've turned the corner i will go with the robot whores if we can also paint a whole westworld type scenario where like a george c scott type dat can lift robot person in the room wherever you been your mother's climbing the walls and you might rain coming back indiana and then he bussing and then the pimp boyfriends robot with no shirt on and they scaffold like they scuffled and he punches dad and she starts screaming stop it back to work that don't go for i love that when the dude comes as like we'll get you kept it for every v you may have she's like screw you i love my new life right and then there's gonna be a lawsuit because the guy claims got tetanus.

adam dan indiana tetanus forty bits mill