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"abukar mmhmm snow" Discussed on KQED Radio

"And i was walking back to my room and the university when i look for martial older and suddenly i saw this sort of strange sort of finger extracting from a cloud it was coming within down directly at me you know other people was sort of huddling against our door under mourning the loss dora remember there wouldn't be much shelter for me that so i hung around the corner managed to find the little balcony to shelter under it was a tornado people have been thought through the door many had been therapy her i think dozens were killed and it was a disaster seemed like i've never oversee thorough lead who is strong the only tornado in the recorded history of daily and i happen to be there on that road day just the butler and that is a true story about the storm that nearly killed amitav ghosh think of all the great novels the world would have messed see of poppies glass palace the goche has been thinking about that storm lightly and about all the other weird freakish whenever seeing because he's trying to figure out how to write about climate change as a novelist he makes the case for climate as a crisis of imagination in his new book the great derangement climate change and the unthinkable steve paulsen talked with him so when you look back at that experience all those years ago what do you make of it well it's a very strange thing after that for many years i did try to right about that experience and are you know i'm a novelist are novelists liked to put stuff like this than their books and i've often tried but threat yet i was never able to do it as simply because the very on in light came as the bizarreness of the experience the very improbability of it was such that it was a really impossible to put from abukar mmhmm snow are how'd you write the novel which has its own conventions of.

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