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"abra walters" Discussed on The View

"And is what he said today. The New York Times covers it has meant the Barbara Walters. But this is what was really cool. I was like the most excited about this. I posted on my Facebook this morning, and I was like, Hello, people. This just happened that just happened. And I look on my feet and all my friends are weighing in and I see Bill Getty, and he said, congratulations. And I was like, oh my God, he's fees. I wrote back in all caps, thank you because really Bill Getty embar. Abra walters. They started this thing. Yeah. It's really incredible. They had an idea for a show, twenty three years ago, that's as relevant now as it was, if not more, so and it was so revolutionary at the time. And honestly, people still are like, oh my gosh. Five women on TV can talk politics. I mean, that was a lot of the discussion today on the set five women are hosting according to the New York Times, the most politically relevant show on TV. And I think it's the first time all women shows doing not, and our audience is predominantly women, and it just it shows that women are politically engaged in a way they have never met. However. No, it's incredible. When you look at all the people that have come after, you know, there's a lot of shows that are similar in idea. Now that didn't exist on television in one thousand nine hundred sixty but here's it so interesting. So part of the show that weekend review is you're going to get a little like inside scoop on what's happening behind the scenes. And so, with this New York Times magazine cover we've been working on this for over a month and have not been able to say a word we've had the reporter here we've had photographers here. I mean, we were all interviewed together, and we had no idea initially, I think it was just an article, and then it became a bigger thing, and then we had these big guests and then it was like you're on the cover. So it's just like an exciting thing for us because it's been such a buildup both. So it was great. Let's move on. Yeah. Let's dig into the week in review and I think let's start probably one week ago from today, which was Beto of work on the view. And this was this was a big booking for us. So here's the thing with battle. We have been trying to book him. For ever, and then we got wind that people on the campaign trail were asking him if he was going to do the view. On talk shows of you. You watch. Oh, yes. Those women, they get down to the questions and everybody knows what's going on after their. Right. And we still couldn't book. Well, you know, he he wasn't doing a lot of New York media at the time, and we were waiting when he was in the fight with Ted Cruz, he did a couple of shows he hadn't been here because he announced we were we were pushing really hard for him. And the other big kind of controversial thing that the host wanted to talk about. Yeah. Candidates come on here and they have to address the issues about women. They just have to. And so he had made a comment that his wife did most of the work at home when he was on the road and the and the co host called him on it. And it was a very sobering moment on the show. He literally like got out of campaign, speak came down, and had a real conversation, a with the co-host about religion and, and what that meant right, there are things that I have been privileged to do in my life. That, that others cannot. And I think the more that I travel and listen to people, and learn from them, the clear that comes becomes to me and to his credit. I mean we've talked about him as a hot topic. A couple of times. I mean you know, there's no free lunch here. The view or not if you're a politician, here, then what are you going to do the right? Democrat Republican even if everyone's a big fan they still ask those really tough questions, which is one of the reasons why people not to tune in, but he was kind of not. He was hit hard by the host and hot topics and to his credit he showed up here and he answered those questions..

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