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"about 3500 square feet" Discussed on WSB-AM

"You can see a lot of information There were. You could get tickets ever going to get into that in just a second. But first of all, I forgot I was going to ask. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. You got some special days mixed in with the Friday you go there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's open. It's a taquito Valeria, but you have a couple of special days set up also right? Yeah, well for Friday's mainly the special day that will open 10 to 6 on Friday. So it's both trade days or you got a lot of folks who listen to the show in the home service, his trade you know, to bring along your business card, and you could get in and enjoy the show and check out the competition if you know exactly with us this year, and it's also heroes day, so That's first responders. Veterans. Military health care with his teachers can get in on Friday as well for free owner say nurses air heroes Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, well, health care workers in general. Oh, yeah, that will that will cover nurses Just bring along your idea You can get in for free would be happy to have you at the show. Of course I was walking, and I just wanted to say I'm a hero I wanted for free. I was about to say you could come. Yeah, not me. Personally, I'm just talking Joe off the street, and he just walked in. Hey, I'm in here. Uh, well, I mean, does he have an idea that says here? I mean, maybe he can't get out of here tonight. He will by Friday. If he knows he can get in for free. Kind of. Well, you know, it's $10 at the door at the box office or if you purchased from Atlanta 100 comments on the $8 so Yeah. I mean, if you want to go to the extent of making this office a hero lady instead of paying the $8. I guess that's on you, but you know, we'll We'll either way would be happy to show he mentioned the website Atlanta home showed that calm. You can go there. You can see everybody that's gonna be in the show. You can kind of get a layout girl from the layout and there's information there by getting tickets and times of the show and all that. You do have some new stuff? I was looking at the site. You have some new stuff. You have something you're calling Landscapers Lane. That's that's dangerous because that's something where the wife elbows the husband goes. We could do that. You could do that, honey. Yeah, No, it's Yeah, that's knew where I've got three of the best local landscaping companies coming together with Belle Guard on they're going to be doing about 3500 square feet of outdoor living space connected through Elaine that visitors will walk through. So we've called it Landscapers Lane. So if that's going to be something very cool, obviously inside the called Galleria on, guess it will give you plenty of ideas. I'm sure about what you have in your backyard and what's possible. So, Yeah, We expect everybody to enjoy that That's for sure. And I'm obviously there'll be a lot of other cool stuff that the show is well, but I mean the array of exhibitors we've got. It's pretty much everything. Yes, nothing with outdoor living spaces. Kitchens, bars furniture when those doors flooring uncertain. Ex pianos, roofing siding, gutters, hbh see pretty much everything that you want for your home. You can find out the show on professionals will help you and I'd be happy to do that. That's actually my favorite. One is the pianos. Yes, I wish I could play the piano. Because that would you know you probably can, can you? Yes, I can't. They can just one of things I really like about the home show. It's the closer it gets the Sunday evening. The easier it is to make deals because almost everybody has a home show special and I'm using air quotes But you go Danny Booth, you can probably get some kind of home show special. Signing up for work there. And, yeah, that's a good special on the piano's. I've actually I talked a guy down at a $10,000 on one of the pianos. I just didn't want to pick it up. But he was He was ready to go so you can save some money there. Yeah, I've got a little definitely be show special 100 that that's the beauty of the home show versus just looking at a computer screen. You get to talk to somebody you get to talk things through, you know, negotiating. What they could do that? Yeah. I mean, that's something we've all missed the last 15 months. Oh, wait. Can't wait to get back to that next weekend, speaking with Mark Levin about the home show next weekend. And again. I've heard of another thing I like and you see a lot of this, and this is kind of encouraged. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, you see people walking around with plans of their house or drawings. Then you go right up. So you got a kitchen? You got a kitchen in your mind. You guys, you got it scratched out on a piece of paper. Or you actually have the layout on a blueprint. You can take it up to the kitchen remodelers and say Here I go. What can we do here and now they'll take the time to stop and talk with you. It's not just how I like my business kind of thing. It's not. Here's my business card in a foam football. It's a lot to talk about what you want. It done. Let's see which one. Let's see what you got, and we can do it. It's it's kind of a really working show for you. Yeah, absolutely. And you're right again. That's one of the beautiful part about being after speak with somebody face to face and overcome. It doesn't go with that talking through your plans and your ideas and, you know, then putting ideas out and obviously Couldn't take it from there with them and make appointments so that they come see the project's away after the show on Yeah, I mean that that's that's what it's for it at the marketplace. To help local businesses do business on Delp. You with your home, and the tag line for the seller is home is more important than ever. Obviously, everybody is spending a lot of time in the past year, so Hopefully at the home show you can upgrade your home if you want to know or get ideas if you want to, But it was after that. Didn't I forgot to mention David, as always is free or weekend as well. So Friday's early Sunday if you're seeing you can come down for free kids, 12 and under our.

Mark Levin $8 David $10 $10,000 Sunday Friday 12 Joe 100 comments Saturday Sunday evening 6 this year Danny Booth Belle Guard tonight three next weekend 10