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"ables xiao" Discussed on WJR 760

"On mistake ables xiao of phantom of the opera opened in london in 1980 six on broadway in 1988 there's christine phantoms in of course as the story unfolds it's christine who's going to be falling in love with a young good looking guy rao much to the chagrin of the phantom who was kind of helped her career all along annan in the very end near the end when the the opera house that he's been living and getting ready to burn down he he tells christine you've got to stay with me you can't go with a rule and that christine gives them a kiss and the phantom understands that male maybe this is what i have to live with and sets both of them free and here they are beneath the paris opera house at the end pretty much near the end of the the phantom story right ooh oh incredibly successful right five point six billion dollars is a figure i saw that the phantom of the opera's taken in since it's open well lo and behold little did we know that andrew lloyd webber who wrote the music had been working on a foul up or a sequel to phantom of the opera that i think he started and maybe and in the 1990s something like that and lo and behold it's making its while it's it made its debut in london in two thousand ten but they've been working on it on and off andrew lloyd webber was in town he was downstairs at the fisher theater with some final notes in thoughts for the cast that are beginning this 30 city tour so we're kind of getting it first and it's called love never dies any kind of opens with the phantom right the phantom is on stage he's singing still for the a woman that he loved in phantom of the opera christine hi this is ron.

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