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"abigail wexner research institute" Discussed on WTVN

"News Radio six ten WTVN unemployment in central Ohio is at levels, not seen since the nineteen nineties new report today says the jobless rate in central Ohio is at two point seven percent, which is down from three point four percent back in March concerns about potential measles outbreak in the sole Vania school district in northern Ohio are being put to rest today. The Toledo Lucas county health department, say test results in an elementary school student came back yesterday with no trace of the virus. A new research facility at Columbus nationwide. Children's hospital is been dedicated this week. In honor of a local woman who Abigail Wexner research institute was unveiled at a dedication ceremony yesterday. Cincinnati city council is now scheduled to vote on a proposal that would decriminalize marijuana within the city of majority of council members. Reportedly on board with the legislation this afternoon though. Some debate is still expected lift as adding a panic button to their app that immediately calls nine one one, the ride hailing company has won for its drivers. But this one is now for their passengers. The new safety feature comes a month after a woman was murdered in South Carolina allegedly by man, who posed as an Uber driver. The apple also include an enlarged version version of a legitimate driver's license plate, one of the busiest migrant processing centers along the US Mexico. Border has been closed today, at least temporarily because of the flu has not offered specific numbers only saying that it's closing the central processing center in mcallen, Texas to prevent the potential spread of influenza that facility is not far from the one where a sixteen year old migrant Guatemalan boy, suffering flu symptoms died earlier this week, customs hasn't said where newly arrived migrants will be held ABC's. Jim ryan. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants could get government funded healthcare coverage in the state of California, competing bills, and Sacramento when either offer coverage to all illegal immigrants over nineteen or too young adults and grits over sixty five governor Gavin Newsom says he was willing to spend upwards of ninety eight million dollars a year on it publicly admitting his guilt, and apologizing for his actions today when he appeared in federal court. New York attorney Gordon Kaplan implicated in the nationwide. College cheating scandal and mid into spending seventy five thousand dollars to improve his daughters. ACT scores wiretap, calls with Rick seeing or the so-called mastermind behind the scheme can allegedly be her telling Kaplan that he needed his daughter, quote to.

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