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"abigail brandt" Discussed on My Marvelous Year

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"abigail brandt" Discussed on My Marvelous Year

"Day distraction special where we were going to do our thing talking about comics. So i'm getting loose. I'm getting real loose. I see you're you're poppin. Drink drugs already. Got the main mango whitecloud. Which i've heard people don't like i'm a fan of i've heard there's no laws with claw is the main thing i've heard. What are your thoughts on that. I it seltzer. very low. Alcohol content seltzer year. an animal. alright. So let's talk My here for the a team of be heroes. Picks moon meg crawler. Is the team leader. Okay abigail brandt director of sword is on the team. I've got vol- stag wall stag good. How is there not of stack solo series. You know what. I'm saying like not have sure a good twelve issue vol stag now. This could go two directions. It could be chips at our ski writing. And it's funny and heartfelt in great or you could go with the probably bad idea. Which is tom. King vision inning. Vol- stack serious guy just like him staring ruefully or woefully like photographs of like children. He accidentally like sat on crush. No the secret history of loss. Chill i thought you were gonna say On the direction of a deadpool comic. Because that's what i that is. What would probably my mind if you were like yeah. Vol- sank four issue mini. I would think it would be like something. Kinda dumb in do fee deadpool. Way well i mean the characters and the characters that work in that deadpool. Way are gwen pool peter parker Lockjaw potentially. I haven't read that lock. Germany yeah i think that works Not a lotta others mode. Doc i think. Could you know big comedy to give tom king. Some credit tags lost a lot of credit to give him some credit. He can write a funny comic. There is that. Elmer fudd batman crossover. Yeah that is absolutely hilarious. That is like one of the best comedy comics. Read in a long time especially like inside the like marvel universe with Shoot blogging on the artists but the leaks Amazing are greg comic that so that was in critical acclaim. Tong king period. This sometime in early where what is the. What is the maximum shelf life. That creator can have in this era of being beloved and critically acclaimed. What is the maximum shelf like. Because we've seen recently with tom king from sixteen to probably through two thousand eighteen through the conclusion. Mister miracle basically critically asian mister miracle vision to begin aga- man sheriff babylon. Yeah it mister miracle. And then the beginning of batman which is being the end really right with that runs complicated. Some people hate it absolutely hate it. I think it's fine. It's not amazing. But there are good moments. But you've seen like okay. That's a three two and a half three year. Maybe grace period and now like e regardless of the quality work has slipped there bigness. Heroes and crisis is a huge mess..

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