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"abdul majid taboo" Discussed on WBUR

"Industrial levels But they didn't spell out what that would actually involve Even Antonio Guterres the United Nations secretary general struggled to sound optimistic he left Rome for Glasgow he said with his hopes unfulfilled but not buried The Algerian president Abdul majid taboo has ordered the state energy company to stop exporting gas through a pipeline that crosses neighboring Morocco because of a dispute between the two countries The pipeline supplies more than half of Spain's gas as well as much of Morocco's Australia has allowed the resumption of international air travel without the need for quarantine for the first time in more than 18 months Australia imposed some of the world's toughest COVID travel restrictions last year from Sydney his shimmer Khalil In a very emotional day here at Sydney airport at one of the arrival gates and we're just looking at families now arriving This is one of the flights People are just making their way back Some people have said that after waiting for such a long time it doesn't seem to feel real People have arrived here to embrace this to cheers And of course tearful reunions fully vaccinated Australians and Australian residents have now been able to come home from overseas quarantine free for the first time in nearly two years You're listening to the world news from the BBC Ethiopia's prime minister Abby Ahmed has urged his supporters to use any weapons they have to stop an advance by tigrayan rebel forces He issued the appeal on Facebook after the rebels said they'd made further territorial gains in the amhara region taking them closer to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa Japan's main stock index the nicaea rose by more than 2% in early trading on Monday After the governing liberal Democratic Party held on to power in a general election The pole was considered a test for the new prime minister fumio kushida who won the LDP leadership contest in September The party lost some seats but performed better than predicted The LDP has held power almost continuously for more than 6 decades 9 firefighters training inside a cave in Brazil have died after the roof collapsed They were part of a larger group of almost 30 taking part in the exercise in São Paulo state The remote cave isn't accessible to vehicles or heavy machinery The publishers of the Oxford English dictionary in Britain have chosen the word vax as their 2021 word of the year The lexicographers pick an annual expression which they consider reflects current preoccupations more details from Elizabeth Needham Bennett The word vaccine is first recorded in English in 1799 Words related to it have spiked in frequency this year with a surge in the use of vax as well as double axed unvexed and anti vaxxer Oxford languages and Collins each decide their own word of the year Last year Collins chose.

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