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"S income taxes at all. European Union lawmakers approving new coronavirus travel certificates aimed at opening up Europe travelers this summer. Africa, Meantime, facing a severe shortage of vaccines for its 1.3 billion people, Sherry Preston, ABC Co mo News 1000 FM 97 77 31 right now Wednesday morning, sunny skies in Seattle, although we do have a few clouds around in his 48 degrees with Greg Herschel to manufacture Here are the top stories from the Coma. 24 7 News center. As the state resorts to everything from lottery prizes to free marijuana to incentivize vaccinations among adults. It appears that younger people in our state or more motivated by freedom, almost Brian Calvert explains back when 12 to 15 year olds were first greenlighted. I feel good like I'll be able to see my friends. I'll be able to travel. The same sentiment continues. It feels like we're continuing to build the wall of global impunity. One person at a time crosscut reports since the state expanded eligibility to 12 to 50. 18 year old 109,000 of them, or nearly 30% have begun the vaccination process with the Pfizer vaccine, the only one that's been approved for this age group and 41% of those aged 16 and 17 have had at least the first shot my friends to hang out with my family and to travel again. More and more schools are hosting clinics on campus with the goal of having the majority of students vaccinated by fall. These efforts have not been met with universal approval from parents as an anti vaccine protests visited a school based clinic recently near Vancouver, Brian Calvert camo new parents and Bonnie Laker, demanding an end to mandatory masks When students return to class the this fall. Here's Cuomo's Joel Marino's officials say they're simply following the guidance from the state Department of Health when it comes to worrying mass this fall. But some parents say a lot of science is being ignored, and Children are being taught to live in fear. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the Sumner body like school district met in person and parents were ready to challenge board members. It's time for us as parents to say you've crossed the line. Let us worry about the health of.

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