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"abc national geographic" Discussed on The Ready State

"But really i want people to appreciate might take from my friends. We should be getting wholefoods whenever we can ask to be honest. It's tough to be hitting some of these things and sort of maxing out on the levels of vitamins and minerals sometimes. Just because you know. You can't do it and i will say generally speaking we don't take a ton of supplements and star at household. We really focus on ones that we think have high quality ingredients and will actually make a difference for us and one of the things that all four star at take every single day is essentially complex. It's a no brainer especially since look. I'm recovering from this little surgery. Ed just little just a little. One researcher need replacement connective tissue. Health is the thing the fasha is the thing. and if you're not having like frontloading vitamin c. You're missing out on having connective tissue. Like the possibility of red connective tissue. Doesn't you could be eating all the protein not getting enough vitamin c means. You're not you don't have me will you. Don't have the building blocks to do what you need to do. The other thing i love about this product has most vitamin c. Supplements have are nothing more than a scorebig. Acid comes from. Gmo and other highly processed food paleo valley essential c. is made with all organic superfoods. So i know if. I'm going to take the time to take it. I'm getting a really good product is easy. Look at it as like insurance in. Yes you can have all the power fruits in the world or you can hit. The essentially. i've been on the pillow. Valley is part of my rehab plant. If you want to try out this awesome product. Go to the ready. State dot com slash essential. See the letter c. And use the code ready state for fifteen percent off this episode of the ready state. Podcast is brought to you by kion us. When we'd be destroyed up. I have been on eating meals for a long time. This is true. One of the reasons. I like them is that i feel like it's insurance so one sometimes i don't always want to eat or can't always eat beforehand. They're very convenient. I was have kind of a little bag in my in my bag. You really use them for like a pre workout pre exercising supplement. Because remember what we're really trying with exercises turn on the machinery. So if i have all the building blocks in there and to eat a lot you know one of the things that i think is important understand is that not all proteins are created equal so when i eat the amino men. I'm maxing out. I have all of the the building blocks of protein synthesis plus. I'm tom tom. Muscles and connective tissue type feeding the brain. I'm talking about all even the gut. It's automatically accessible very quickly. What is also awesome about. Kiana knows is there. One hundred percent plant based there's zero are artificial ingredients and they're just really upset products so i get this huge dose of like basically predigested high quality protein in the form of these amino covers my sort of needs not ever sacrificing my lean muscle mass. My which is really the goals age. If you wanna check out kiana me knows go to the ready state dot com slash menas and get twenty percent off your first purchase salima. Masekela is a beloved commentator journalist host an emmy nominated producer best known for his work across vice e. Espn abc national geographic and red bull media house a relentlessly curious narrator of the human experience he thrives as a black man who has historically been the only in the spaces of action sports and entertainment the son of south african jazz legend and activist hugh masekela. Salam's roots are as south african as they are new york city and san diego music water. Being the most influential parts of his life at the age of sixteen. You felt at home on a surfboard at eight. He find him sitting at bird land in late night. Jazz sessions with his father and miles davis. It's this unique life experience which paved the way for him. Not only to become the face of espn's x. games but also a musician himself recording underneath the alias. Alica sam that's masekela backwards. His recently launched podcast what shapes us explores he and his guests human experiences who they are what drives gives them joy. It's this mission to highlight people and places through a mold breaking lens and redefine culture. He's the co founder of stoked mentoring an organization dedicated to mentoring at risk youth through action sports and the host of hyundai's series. The un adventures on tastes made network and twenty twenty salama was also welcomed on the board of directors for burton snowboards as a general adviser. Salama welcome to the podcast. My friend thank you for having me. It is a high honor to sit with you on this friday midget right to the burning question. Everyone has which is. I feel like your ears aren't very good backside one. That's because you're the second adult size man who actually back squats and muscle mass. I mean that's the kind of thing on you on the internet. You know what it's the truth and baxter's have been the bane of my existence since time just because everyone has a thing that they that they're not that is like their achilles heel like tony hawk. I forget there's a trick that he can't do the watts he's like yeah. I can't i just can't grab my boy that way. That's why i always with this win all but Yeah back are. I think it's just too much mass going on the lack of quad dominance just makes it hard for me to get back there. What i love. Is i just saw dominance. Kelly now wants to be your best friend forever. You said quad dominance and quad. Dominance is something that we say around the yard is that because you you don't you're too quad dominant or you wanna be quad dominant like that guy's quad dominant check out the quad dominance on that woman i was one squad dominant and then i learned how to recruit everything that was going on behind me and became a better athlete and so yeah now. The the quad dominance has ended. We have so much to to start with. But let's take a slightly different tack for second because a quick bio of you which everyone is heard. And i think you're living under a rock if you haven't been involved in action sports and all of the advocacy that you've been doing for a minute. Don't think you're gonna skip over all those questions coming back on me on a but you have seen the evolution of these will call. I don't actually sport is in the right word. Lifestyle sports.

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