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"abby silk garcia" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"abby silk garcia" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"Regression some plexiglass principle will come into play here, similarly with the twins take a huge step back and maybe you just imagine that there will be some springboard action back into respectability. But yeah, no barrios and kenta maeda, having had Tommy John surgery in September. I know it was the brace type of Tommy John surgery that in theory has a quicker recovery, but really just no rotation to speak of here. I mean, I like Joe Ryan. There are other arms there, but you can't go into a season with that rotation and realistically expect to content. So I don't know what they have up there sleeves and how much more they are willing to spend and whether they'll be active in trades or sign one of the bigger remaining starters. But it does seem like there's more work to do here. But it is at least encouraging that they have retained the services of Byron buxton. So I think the only other team maybe that we need to touch on right now, I guess is the marwin and we talked a little bit about the Marlins recently when the rumors were circulating about the sandy Alcantara extension that is now official. And in addition to that, they have signed Avi silic Garcia and they have traded for Jacob stallings from Pittsburgh. So this is sort of what we said last time that they had the pitching, and now it's about spending and or trading from depth to put together a lineup. And that is what they are attempting to do now. So obviously, Garcia has signed a four year $53 million contract, which maybe is bigger than people had projected for Abby silk Garcia. But the marwan is just meet a lot of offensive help. They need, I guess they need a catcher who can help their young pitchers and stallings who just won a gold glove is certainly that. It's like, I guess if you can't go get pictures, well, in the Marlins case, they don't need to in the twins case they do, but hey at least if you have buxton out there, he will save you some runs in center, like the twins run prevention is a lot better when Byron buxton is on the field. And you would think that the marwin bringing along a young pitching staff it is probably helpful to have someone like stylings. They're not going to be a huge help offensively, but he's not a bad hitter for a catcher. So that's kind of what they needed to do. They needed to either spend money as they did with Garcia, or they needed to trade from their pitching stockpile as they did trading Zach Thompson to Pittsburgh to get styling. So this was sort of the playbook, and they're not there yet either, but it is a start to making this a more balanced roster. Yeah, and you know, I think that while the options here around catcher are just bad across the league, like his ability, like you said to be sort of a consistent defensive force for them is really good. And when you look at the alternatives, this seems fine. You know, I don't think that they really were going to play in the yawn gum space. And I think that it's defensible to say we want someone younger, who can kind of come along with the staff and the only way to really do that is in trade because I don't know, can I interest you in a Roberto Perez? I mean, I know that he has signed now. But I think that this is a better option there. And then you look to the extension and it's like we're identifying the pieces of this roster who are going to contribute when we're really ready to contend and I think that contrast one of them. So I don't know, I like it for Miami, I think that they are gonna get in a spot where they have to spend more even than they did with Garcia, but I don't know. Seems fine. All right, so we've covered the major moves, say I know that we haven't gotten to everything. There's no way we could. There were many reliever moves, the Giants made some pitching moves and brought some guys back and got Alex Cobb and maybe we will get to some of those other moves during the long cold winter months with no transactions. And there's been other interesting news too that presumably we will talk about. Next time there's a proposal about a 14 team playoff format with a draft lottery, so there are things to discuss about that and friend of the show Bradford William Davis has an interesting report up about MLB using multiple models of baseball. This past season, who is surprised by that, but still good to have it documented. So lots more to discuss next time we will be talking about either the beginning of the lockout or the miraculous resolution to avoid the lockout. One of those two things, but we have plenty to talk about next time and then the last show of the week in lieu of talking about the hot stove we will talk about stove leak again. So is this a good model for the off season? I know a lot of people have made jokes about, hey, we should have a lock out every off season. And I know they're just kidding, and obviously we don't actually want that. But is this good is the envy that baseball fans feel about watching NFL for agency NBA free agency and saying, hey, super exciting, day or two here. That's basically what we've had in MLB..

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