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Episode #1037: My Israeli Playlist - Abby Hoberman

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Episode #1037: My Israeli Playlist - Abby Hoberman

"Hi everyone it's Josh Rosen. And you're listening to Israel. Our radio perhaps the only sense of normalcy. That you'll experience this week before we start the show today. I want to just say a few words about this interesting situation. This interesting lifestyle in which we found ourselves lately. We're watching history unfold in front of our very eyes and nobody really knows how everything's going to end we're living in a period of isolation and perhaps loneliness disruption and. It's just a very difficult time for everyone today. I want to introduce you to abby Hoberman of New Jersey. She's fifteen years old. She's a high school sophomore and she has made it her mission to spread love of Israel and Israeli culture among her peers and it was amazing talking to her and you'll hear all of her picks her favorite Israeli music on today's episode of Israel. Our radio and my Israeli playlist but I was asking abby the other days I was talking to her. I said you know you're in. You'RE NOT IN SCHOOL. Everything's cancelled what's it like for you at fifteen years old. She said you know what we have music. And that's all we need and she's right and I really think that the Israeli music community is doing some amazing things to help us stay connected during this crazy time in Israel and throughout the world. And that's why I think that it's more important than ever that we this Israeli music community joins together and is there to support each other and to cheer each other up during this difficult time more than ever. I'd like to suggest that you find us on facebook search on facebook for Israeli music community. We've already started helping each other out sharing some information about virtual concerts that are taking place in Israel just talking about what we're doing to cope with his very difficult situation search on facebook for Israeli music community. Let's be there for one another. Let's remain together during this period let's remain unified during this period. I hope to see you there. And now on with this week's amazing edition of Israel our radio to give people a Beatles came in here tape cassette tape ball. Rub your finger. Old saying he'll talk about the the Pity came from the Kendra. Come on show again. Did my mind owner Russian score out there to the Israel hour on connect with us at facebook dot com slash Israel our email us at INFO at Israel our DOT COM or. Call us at seven three two nine three to eight thousand eight hundred. Here's the host of the Israel. Our Josh Rouse. I am so excited to welcome to the program. Abby Hoberman of my hometown my the town I grew up in Teaneck New Jersey Abby is fifteen years old and I was delighted to hear from her a few months back her interest to host this show of my Israeli playlist. Ambi Hoberman welcome to Israel our radio. It is so nice to talk to you. We it intended to have you in the studio because you live in New Jersey and that's where we are and then corona virus hit and. Yeah I know and we Were not allowed to have guests at the moment. And you just told me that. Your town is under complete quarantine. So I guess you're not leaving the house and We're not allowed to have you anyway. So it all worked out well all right so first of all Tell me about yourself Where do you go to school and don't be a little? Let us get to know you a little bit So I'm a sophomore at the Bergen County Technical High School in Borough. I'm studying fashion design firm kindergarten to eighth grade. I went to this day school in Bergen County and I go to camp at Tel. You Huda Oh yeah so I actually found out about the show because my mom went to camp with Erica. The first person to Turkey has got a big fan club out there. So that's great and Rica who did but as weeks ago a few months ago actually use colors my hair. We're one big happy family. All right. Yeah so tell me I I was like I said I. Most of the people who have been hosting the show with me on my Israeli playlist are a bit older than you. That's why I was so excited to hear from a fifteen year old. Tell me how in the world did you get into Israeli music so I was actually really reluctant to it at first? I have some really good friends who were always really listened to a lot of Israeli pop music and things like that and I went to do. I've now onto Zionist camp for eight years nine years at this point now not really six years really more like it six or seven and I never was really into a few years ago. My friends actually played me. Naar first song where I started listening and then I got more and more into listening to music and learning about it. So our first song was Barbie by static inventory. Why that song? Why did that Kinda pull you in? I think it has something to do with the beats. I am a musician and I think that probably had a lot to do with it but also I think at the point where they started playing me that kind of music. I was beginning to speak Hebrew more fluently and beginning. Toss understand what I was listening to own very cool. I'm assuming you've been to Israel or maybe not. I have three times. I was hoping to go this summer. But it doesn't look like that's going to happen. You never know it's still early you know we'll see what do hopefully things will be better in a few months. I don't know But how did you find our show? So my mom started listening when Erica told her and actually through facebook and I was told by my mom to start listening she thought I would really enjoy it. I am heavily involved in. Us Y in the Hagley old the New Jersey Staten Island region and I am currently on and Israel Fares General Board where my initiative for the years actually to write a biweekly music blog about Israeli Like the history and I listened to the show also to get some ideas. Are we helpful? Very the top ten songs every Jew should know has been very helpful. Love that can. Is it a web address that we can all look up and check out? Yeah it's Abby Hoberman Dot wicks site dot com. It's a wickes blog. Abby Hoberman DOT website dot com. Everyone should check out abbey's Israeli music blog. That's really great. I love that. And we're going to get to know abby a little bit more and find out about her taste in Israeli music. What a fifteen year old would enjoy and the kinds of songs that she listens to. It should be a little different from what we're used to from my Israeli playlist. Those who co-hosted with me we are thrilled to have you and Tell me where are we going next by Covari? Okay any Thing you'd like to tell us about your. How'd you find out? That's a song from back in the seventies. I think maybe earlier yeah do. How did you find out about that song? We dance to it at Camp every Saturday night. After dollar we have record is really dancing. And it's one of my personal favorites love that Yoyo by coverage on my Israeli playlist with Abby Hoberman of Teaneck New Jersey on to shut. The Smiley committed some coupon. I thought wow boy. Shang said was loud Today let's say he's got to do of salt. Neal Snyman on Wjr told the contract. Is The food talk back? God GonNa be gone on out there. Cool been much. Uh-huh issued out of office vote off. Does Abby HOBERMAN OF TEANECK NEW JERSEY. Our special guest on my Isreaeli playlist. She's pick some great song. So far abby. Tell me I do most of your friends from school or us. Y or anything like that. I do they share your passion for Israeli Music. Some but really most of them not so much most of my friends even from checkered. Don't speak Hebrew as fluently as I do. And so it's sometimes hard to understand what you're listening to. I think you're right and that's something that we've been trying to to work on for among people listening in this country that you don't necessarily need to understand every word in order to really enjoy music agree absolutely agree. I think that even really before I understood Hebrew was enjoying music. It has to do a lot more with the music than with the words and the music itself tells a story. I agree completely and you know. Look I'm here as an American Jew. I don't understand every word of the songs we play. I do my best. I try to pick it apart. I TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT. But you don't need to understand. Every word of the Hebrew word of the Hebrew lyrics to really enjoy a great experience with Israeli music. And I'm GonNa tell you one ask you one other question when you go to Israel and you hear these songs that you know and love. Don't you feel I'm kind of leading you in a certain direction? Don't you feel like you're you're that much more Israeli or you're more in tune with the culture and you just feel more more part of it all absolutely I? When I was in eighth grade and I was with Scheckter we went to Israel for ten days. It actually the year seventy so we were there over For that which was actually a really incredible experience and to hear all that was like we were at a party in alkyl. I believe it was alcohol and just hearing the music in seeing how everybody else was acting around that helps so much to connect to the culture. Love that tell me where would you like to go next on my Israeli playlist keeping from the same time I was in Israel by this by CA- fish or fish or Kazuaki said they're just a song that you like? Yeah I learned it on that trip very good all right. It's a fair shot Khazakh on Israel our Radio Fish Writing Sam bill within Docu Byblos Affect your same best bay about talking about what the Bobby as I am. Shalem makeup is the Zakim Nature. He shot down. She made me let me mad. Uh-huh that's how long especially head coach. Sean da off downstream serve said. A little McLean sexy at the Mike Buck off the pain like the markets. Chemin de Como Tina Fey mccomb. Okay I need seeing become on the team. Tax Become Shanty. Whoa is someone broke my heart. Tell her being tiki in Someone Brooke Mind that I'm not in the flow. Our didn't but good I'm doing offload baby. You check thank you. Don't be rude going home to baby on the move. Come in who look. I'm going to only come here to enjoy. They enjoy let me show okay. You GotTa Go Permanent Abbey Josh on a great edition of my Israeli playlist Abby. You're doing a fantastic job. Pick some amazing music so far you said earlier in the show that you are a musician. Tell me what do you? What do you play whether you do? What's that all about so I began playing piano when I was really young. I actually don't really take lessons anymore. But I also am. Currently teaching myself had played Tar and most importantly I am vocalist and lyricist. Cool all right Can I ask? Do you have any Do you have you recorded anything? Nothing like formally. I don't really share much with everybody else. Just like within my little circle of friends. Well when you're ready to go big time you let us know and we'll get you right on the air absolutely right. What Song would you like us to play? Now on my Israeli playlist air social sham. Alright an Oldie. But Goodie tell me about this song so Arabs I have been listening to for in singing for a long time. I learned it at Camp my first year and imagine. That's a big camp- song. Yeah well we sing it every Saturday night right before of Dalla. It's one of those days and same with at us. Y and over the past couple of years as I've gotten to know think more no Hebrew `rumour understand what I'm singing actually every single time I hear the song it makes me cry. I honestly don't know why it's just. It's a beautiful song with a really amazing meaning and the when it was written. Has I think a lot to do with what it's all about. Let's so amazing. Love that all right just for you. Abby it's era of Shannon a great addition by Jane Bordeaux and Eastern L. Right here on Israel. Our radio semi safe Uh-huh ask Sir. It's Israel our radio. My name is Josh Rhone. Thanks so much for tuning. In if you are listening please say hi at facebook dot com slash Israel. Our we also have a number of people talking on our WHATSAPP group. You can join by sending me a request to seven three two eight four four nine seven seven eight and hello to everyone who has checked in on facebook and on what's at really appreciate it. Quick check of the songs we've played Jane Bordeaux with and Easter L. Gordian with their great version of Eric. She'll Shosha neom before that. Nadaba gauge golden boy cafe show or Kazakh before that year but said there Hadda. Gosh brushing rutta sticker the sticker song coverage with their classic Yoga and we started off today with static and Benneteau Valrie with their song. Barbie and now a great song by Surrey. Cod requested by abby. This is called Israel. Our Radio Dense Komo with another look chimerical not not now close loop Sir spent best I would like to thank you so much for listening to Israel our radio. We're talking with fifteen year old Abby Hoberman who is in a mandatory quarantine because the entire town of Teaneck. New Jersey has been ordered to stay home for two weeks crazy times. We're living in Abbey. And how do you feel about that and going a little nuts and it's only been a day to day but we've got. We've got music actually to help. I love that I love your devotion to Israel in your connection to Israeli culture earlier in the show we talked about how really your friends aren't so into Israeli music like you are. They haven't quite experienced the joy they they don't speak Hebrew so well I want to ask you. Do you think there's any way that we can take people that are your age? Fifteen years old teenagers young people. How do we get them more interested in this kind of music which is so great and I think and I think you agree? Help them connect to Israel that much more. What what is there anything we can do? Well I think part of it is that they're so unwilling to try Part of my whole goal with what I'm doing with music in us. Why is it that Jewish teenagers who are having struggled connecting with their so-called Jewish identity is taking Israeli music Israeli culture and teaching them to realize that they can't understand it but they can feel and like if you can get past having to understand the lyrics that you'll be able to connect to it so much more that is amazing? Have you been successful at all? Have you converted anybody to your way of thinking? I've been trying it's It's a little difficult but I think that it's starting. Oh my God Abbie. We need you on our team. You can be like our PR person for the for the younger community for the next generation. You feel it you get it. Well we love you for joining us and tell me the song that that we're playing next is one that I would not have thought to include on an Israeli music playlist but you said no we need to include it. Tell me what the song is and why so. Yeli by eighth day is a song actually in in Hebrew and Arabic and it. I actually thought it was so important because for a long time in Israel the misery music that culture was actually a legal to be played on their radio and the song just depict so much of how that group of people within Israeli society like is treated by the rest of the country. I think that by we have to acknowledge that and we also have to take that kind of music that little bit of out of the box and tell understand what parts of that society were really actually looking at and not just the little bit of traditional pop music that generally played so interesting. Is that why that song was written to to draw attention to that or was it? Was it more away to. I don't know bring all parts of Jewish culture together in in one song so I think it was a little bit of both What from research that I've done about it. There's like parts of it. The reason that it composed the way it is is to bring attention to it and to bring attention to the that community in their style and their traditions but it is just about how Israel is a melting pot of so many different communities in so many different Jewish communities from the world but everybody from all over the world in that is really important. Also you speak so well about Israel and Israeli culture and I love it. You are a great ambassador for Israeli music and you're welcome on the show anytime. Its Eighth Day by on my Israeli playlist with Abby Hoberman. Yeah Lie Your Lie Eliah Talk. That's your iphone old enough. The Yolk the amount being paid down the alive McLean aligned to make gene gene. The you'll you'll you must mean. The Ashkenazi wanted the Mondial about ahead can play split. Core Danish align nine dot com also double basilica cathedral do a walk report. Only eat a the gold and poorly dollar tab me. You'll know Kelly along. The books cannot the league. The attitude of the Catherine say Dow millionare's being Belaid. Come Up. You'll keep up. Took me Sir fatality? Our radio static and Benedetta Vora with e on the on Israel. Our radio We are on with Abby Hoberman of Teaneck New Jersey our special guests at my Israeli playlist. Abby have you heard our interview last week with static and Banal? I actually missed that one. Oh my God you have to check it out. It's on Youtube. It's on our podcast. It was quite a thrill to meet them and to talk to a very short interview. Unfortunately but We had a a really really good time for very excited to talk to them and finally meet them in person and they were great so Sounds amazing I must of totally missed it. It's been a crazy week. It's certainly has. I'll send you the link right after we get off but tell me why. Why did you choose that song? Why do you like them so much? So I love steak and Rennell I. I've been listening to him for quite a few years. And so why? Actually two summers ago was the new recruit dance. The new Israeli dance for us at Camp to do every week after Allah and just about every day during one of the meals. One of the counselors would play in the entire camp in just in the middle of the day dining hall which is breakout in dance. And it's so amazing to see just like everybody gets together just to do that. I've never experienced Campell Yehuda. I think I think I would like it because they seem really tuned in to the latest Israeli music. Am I right? Are sheera person a person in charge of it. His name is Romney Carmel. He's been working there for since nineteen ninety always even when new music comes out while we're at camp. He's always making sure that we hear like this past summer with Came out with Bonanno. Alex and so we heard it the next day that he's always like really intimidating. Should we get all of the new experiences? That's amazing. Assuming there are some programs? Is there a will you? Will you be returning their the summer? Is that your plan? Yeah this is my last summer and be able to be going to camp. Okay well make sure you tell everybody you know from camp and from your whole life that you're on this show and Make sure we we knew we were. We expect to get a whole bunch of brand new listeners. From your appearance here. So spread the word The the next song that you chose by REEFA Mikailah was a little bit interesting to hear. That was a something I didn't quite expect. Why are we choosing the song? What is it so Ainley I got? Allah is another song that actually we danced to at Camp every week. I have been in Sweden again since the first summer that I've been going and actually my mom when she went to Camp Tell you who did the same dance and so when we all got together and it's the same thing even now at home we still just. The two of US sometimes. Just break out dancing these songs. That show amazing. I think I need to go visit. Hercamp this riff Gum Utha Ailey on my Israeli playlist with Abby Hoberman of Teaneck New Jersey. Your shot of a sheriff beans Old Office. Eight ahead thank you. Our older rat have elsewhere. Hud Don't hire online. Needs one nine boo back. Then out this all. I need a salad chocolate. What point do I similar? In Color Jamie balance. She goes a pussy. Dow fell there Madonna di of all German a clue Israel our radio. It's Josh Rhona and Abby Hoberman of Teaneck New Jersey Abby. I need to tell you you have done an amazing job. You have great songs great spirits. You're a great ambassador for Israel and Israeli culture and I cannot tell you how much fun it was to have you on the air to talk about your love for Israel and Israeli music. Thank you so much absolutely. I loved doing this. You told me that you are in school. Studying fashion design Where is that the direction that you plan to go in Your Life? Or where where? Where do you go from here? Do you know fashion is almost? I want to say like a backup choice. I like my dream to be to be vocalist to be a singer but a little more in reality. I. I'm really looking at going into music. Business and music production. Okay Wow all right so let me ask you a question. What do you like to listen to here in this country? Aside from Israeli music listened to a lot of show tunes I listened to a lot of Rodway and a lot of also a lot of early to mid two thousand two thousand ten pop music a lot of Adel Demi Levato that area and your favorite Broadway show that's really hard Oh God I listen to your Evan Hansen on repeat okay very often and I really most of my time is spent listening to Israeli music. Playlists are works for me. I can deal with that So we just heard Omar Adam and Moshe parrots Iraq wrote solar code a big favorite of For everyone loves Israeli Music What do you? What do you love about that song? I'm your I love the energy behind. It really just gets everyone up and moving. And I love Omar Adam. He is by far my favorite. Okay so Why Omer Adam? Why why does he hold such a special place in your art? Can you say? Can you put it into words? It's really hard to explain. I think that it's a lot of just his style that I love and his words that he put his lyrics. I think that are often. They're really easy to connect tuner easy to understand where he's coming from never had the chance to see him live. Haven't it's been my dream is to be. I WANNA make Ali. I WANNA live in Tel Aviv. And I WANNA go to his concert. Well you know what when you when you do whether or not it's before after your aaliyah you're GonNa have to come back and give us a your review of the show that you've got a chance to see live absolutely and I believe that we are concluding with another song by o'mara dumb. Tell me about this one. So this last song is called Schnee Michou game Too Crazy people right and the song actually holds a really special place in my heart. I'M GONNA do my best not to start crying here When I was in eighth grade with Scheckter we went to Israel for ten days as I've said In person who led that trip was Rabbi Fred Elias Over president's weekend he tragically died from cancer And so he held a really special place in my heart and I was very close with him in as were most of the people in in our school and the song was the defining Carter was very big of a defining part of our trip. We listened to the song on repeat on the bus driving from place to place. And I think it's just the song so much meaning just as a result of that trip and as a result of his leaders have been his amazing person brought me so much closer to Israel to Judaism too like by culture and to WHO I am today. That's so beautiful and Wow You Gives me chills to hear you talk about him? That way and Really really appreciate all that you've brought to our show here on Israel. Our radio The fact that you really are really the perfect listener to our show. Because you're a young American Jew. Who just feels this? Passion for Israel feels the passion for Israeli culture and loves to spread the word. And tell everybody. Here's what I listened to. Here's why I love listening and Oh my God it was great having rate meeting you and really i. I would love to have you again as you get older. And as you experience more about Israel as you get to travel Israel even more I really I really admire your your energy and your passion and please stay in touch with US abby. You're amazing absolutely thank you so much. I'm really happy to do this. It's o'mara Adam's name is show as we get ready to close out this week show until next time. My name is Josh. Rouse with Abby Hoberman. You're attuned to eighty eight point seven W. R. S. U. FM New Brunswick will see a next week and abby closes out with an secret last year. Secret Ashir Bono Nevada. Come on the court. Plays the CAM by Komo Jazz. Zion and Lopa. Tom Means you claw vote. Commodities Uncover Lee Comores Amateur Guy Backhoe. Shimon Way Guy Burnet Schettino with no pay off shore wire leaked off of the Komo. Vishnu Sharma cum laude. Oh north of Let's see newland folkman bullshit up shoot comores. This guy shown where Guy Schettino who the ban on south through a leak that feed dot click down feeling stall uh-huh want more Hey thanks for tuning into Israel. Our radio I sure hope you enjoyed today's episode. If you did be sure to tell a friend about us you can also help us grow by giving us a five star review on Apple podcasts. And while you're there right down a few words about why you enjoy the show. We'd love it if you would follow us on facebook twitter instagram and youtube just search for Israel. Our radio our voicemail line is always open at seven three two eight four four nine seven seven eight so feel free to give us a call and comment on today's show and finally were always happy to come to your community to speak about the joy of Israeli music so contact me at Josh Admires Rayleigh Music Dot Com. And we'll make it happen. Thanks for being part of the Israeli music community and thanks for helping US build a stronger Israel one song at a time.

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