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"abby hoberman dot" Discussed on The Israel Hour Radio Archives

"One big happy family. All right. Yeah so tell me I I was like I said I. Most of the people who have been hosting the show with me on my Israeli playlist are a bit older than you. That's why I was so excited to hear from a fifteen year old. Tell me how in the world did you get into Israeli music so I was actually really reluctant to it at first? I have some really good friends who were always really listened to a lot of Israeli pop music and things like that and I went to do. I've now onto Zionist camp for eight years nine years at this point now not really six years really more like it six or seven and I never was really into a few years ago. My friends actually played me. Naar first song where I started listening and then I got more and more into listening to music and learning about it. So our first song was Barbie by static inventory. Why that song? Why did that Kinda pull you in? I think it has something to do with the beats. I am a musician and I think that probably had a lot to do with it but also I think at the point where they started playing me that kind of music. I was beginning to speak Hebrew more fluently and beginning. Toss understand what I was listening to own very cool. I'm assuming you've been to Israel or maybe not. I have three times. I was hoping to go this summer. But it doesn't look like that's going to happen. You never know it's still early you know we'll see what do hopefully things will be better in a few months. I don't know But how did you find our show? So my mom started listening when Erica told her and actually through facebook and I was told by my mom to start listening she thought I would really enjoy it. I am heavily involved in. Us Y in the Hagley old the New Jersey Staten Island region and I am currently on and Israel Fares General Board where my initiative for the years actually to write a biweekly music blog about Israeli Like the history and I listened to the show also to get some ideas. Are we helpful? Very the top ten songs every Jew should know has been very helpful. Love that can. Is it a web address that we can all look up and check out? Yeah it's Abby Hoberman Dot wicks site dot com. It's a wickes blog. Abby Hoberman DOT website dot com. Everyone should check out abbey's Israeli music blog. That's really great. I love that. And we're going to get to know abby a little bit more and find out about her taste in Israeli music. What a fifteen year old would enjoy and the kinds of songs that she listens to. It should be a little different from what we're used to from my Israeli playlist. Those who co-hosted with me we are thrilled to have you and Tell me where are we going next by Covari? Okay any Thing you'd like to tell us about your. How'd you find out? That's a song from back in the seventies. I think maybe earlier yeah do. How did you find out about that song? We dance to it at Camp every Saturday night. After dollar we have record is really dancing. And it's one of my personal favorites love that Yoyo by coverage on my.

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