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"abbas allison schmitt maratha" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"Okay the situation turning in this are watching our price on this being arrested by state police Minnesota we're not sure why our correspondent is being arrested and Abbas Allison Schmitt Maratha and and she said she they have another reporter Josh Campbell whose job James Comey's by PR agent and I ACN and fake reporter and that with that call me kept his integrity or something and and they they start talking to this guy now Alisyn Camerota smells in camera she said well they arrested Omar Jimenez because he's as panic and black he's black Hispanic unlike George Zimmerman is a white Hispanic yeah the new York times explained that to us but Josh Campbell he's white and she said well yeah he was two blocks away at a different section of different set of circumstances with a different police department present and he wasn't arrested so Alisyn Camerota concluded that there is only only one conclusion to come to that it's a case of racism that the state police arrested Omar Jimenez because of his ethnicity and his killer and they didn't arrest Josh Josh Campbell because of his ethnicity and the color then they had Josh Campbell come on the TV without Allison showers in camera to tell about the horrors of racism yeah I'd like to tell you I just believable what what's happening here I just approached by the police here near the police station I want to come up to me and ask who I was I did it by myself that as a journalist application I told CNN it okay you're good and they're pushing everyone else back again a much different situation than just occurred with our colleague Omar Jimenez when she is I mean clear cache it's it's just impossible not to notice the difference you are dry white guy white guy all market analysis identifies as black and Latino and this is the police didn't give us much of an explanation for what they were doing against the backdrop of these fires burning Lloyd's death and police line impossible not to notice the difference here judge Floyd's death was on Monday and today's Friday and she it it's like it's like what was at Sesame Street or so which of these things looks out of place they notice only one thing and that is and that is right then they have this John Berman guy and they had Andrea Jenkins the transgender vice president of the Minneapolis city council on because she's gonna get around show before this is over and obviously it's it's a racist situation and what else could it be and and asks but had your chance you know what's gonna gosh what's the deal with the whole thing with all of this of the riots in the burning in the arson and looting and all that John Berman and Andrea Jenkins in the larger picture of what's happened over the last twelve hours what's happening is this situation spiraled out of control no no I don't think so boy and he yes yes that happens it is complete yeah very much complete chaos but he's not sure John that's why I like that song but actually I forgot but that's about it was that that's the has this situation spiraled out of control he asks the vice president of the city council who seem to have just waking up and was was at home has this situation spiraled out of control they they sacked the police station and burned it but it's actually it's gonna have to be bulldozed I think they looted it and and neighborhoods hundreds and hundreds of buildings that will take decades to recover they might have to move the city but that's okay because you know that has a spiraled out of control pretty pretty funny stuff right now let's see we have some M. S. N. B. C. dot way Michael we have Willie and that Han's Nichols Hans Nichols they were saying goodbye to him today on MSNBC is going over to Axios so be paid by access but will still appear on MSNBC because it's a great big circle fest and then Joe Scarborough because you know it's all it's all terrible horrible hello this is president trump president trump is an awful terrible person reminded Michael the first the Willie Geist sound bite because it's not in our inner what I apologize I'm yeah okay cut twenty four well you guys this is you see president trump on his Twitter account last night said he had to stand back and watch this happen I can't stand back and watch this happen to a great American city Minneapolis total lack of leadership either very weak radical left mayor Jacob fry get his act together and bring the city under control or I will send in the National Guard to get things done right okay and then president trump continued to tweet he tweeted these thugs are dis honoring the memory of George Floyd and I won't let that happen just spoke to governor Tim Walz of Minnesota and told him the military is with him all the way now I'm in us we're not quite there and the governor has the National Guard he said any difficulty and we will assume control I said you have to you know go through some likes to do that but he said when the looting starts the shooting starts thank you thank you exclamation mark I put now that tweet was blocked by Twitter as violating their policy because they said it was glorifying violence now did anybody see did anybody see yesterday bomber Navratilova marina never told over the tennis champion lefty and she actually tweeted yesterday that now is the time to ride it everywhere now is the time to write everywhere across the country and I don't think Twitter put a cap on her tweet was at Madonna also yelling that that you have a vulgarities I can't use here and about violence and all that stuff but that's okay because their lefty sure it was marina Martino excuse me number to load up on the George Floyd killing she tweeted time to riot everywhere all right and did Twitter put a cap on her no they didn't but they did on the president I'd states because it's PO what a call okay right now with that let's go to let's go to Willie geese on MSDN see this morning on morning joke with that pigeon sisters here's released a bit of history to sprinkle in here when the looting stars the shooting starts that phrase is not a creation or invention of president trump that was used back in the nineteen sixties by police chief in Miami he coined that phrase he used to justify brutal crackdowns on what he calls looms in the slums during civil rights protesters they turned violent in some cases so the president a call back to the nineteen sixties in a time of cracked down on civil rights protesters it's a clear echo it's a clear echo says Hans Nichols who's now moving over to Axios very excited for him yeah ticket so Hey Miami police chief and a Democrat controlled city at the time there were riots any saying civil rights movement it was the there were riots there right so that the city was burning and the police chief said and and and again the president use that phrase they which are clearly an echo is that what it is you you see it once again they know what the thinking is a person says something they know what they're thinking that's how brilliant to these people are that here comes cons Nichols because Donald Trump you see he is gonna making the situation worse it's incendiary and again we I mean we can argue about the propriety and have our opinions on what it means what's clear is that the president thinks this helps him politically and he's willing to for more gasoline on the fire he's putting more and more gasoline on the fire now out there it's a Democrat city the mayor pulled back pulled the police back allowed this to happen right and then you got to get Joe Scarborough here because he's nemesis to president trump and out the language these people yes is just incredible Joe Scarborough protests riots and in the present United States advocating for the gunning down of Americans for property crimes that's right that that's what he's.

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