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"abaga cox merle" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Why guys would smell the Cox Beker in donuts set down that bag addicts buddy and instead why why don't you eat a bag of Cox Becker on. It's just think about it. That's just that's just spitballing. Put even more work in to it if you hire me anyway Robert supposed to rotate among the bakery chain thirty two shops scattered throughout the Midwest filling going in for regular managers while they take their vacations. His first assignment is a two week stint rapid city South Dakota when he gets back from slang so many doughnuts and mabel bars in rapid city when he got done stuff and rapid city to the Gills with muffins and Pumpkin bread he and Gloria decided decided they didn't like Robert Having to travel for work and they moved to Minneapolis. You get a new job Robert was done with Cox. He swore off Cox the rest of his life after that. You don't want anymore Cox's life Robert and Gloria lived in the Collins Trailer Park on East Seventy Eighth Street in the suburb of Bloomington Gloria attended the University of Minnesota. Now Robert worked at the Mercer Bakery and Uptown Minneapolis on West Fiftieth Moore Bakery since nineteen fifty-three tasting better than Abaga Cox Merle work views well Robert it was hired by merged to be a foreman and cake decorator his new boss founding to be an excellent worker. The people were also discovered quite a temper apparently liked to go off on people working under his supervision all the time very he'd snap pretty easily but always polite to his boss so the captain two years later on February twenty second nineteen sixty five Robert gets into some criminal trouble again a Bloomington policemen arrested hands and for stealing some fishline lures worth eleven bucks from a sporting goods store. He had the money he I just didn't want to pay for it as it turned out Robert Gotten really into shoplifting stealing stuff for months Roberts interests in shoplifting is best summed up by that Jane's Addiction Song Been Cau- stealing. I enjoy the simple as that well. It's just <hes> simple facts when I want some thin and don't WanNa pay for red then. I'll walk right through the door. Yeah walk ride through the door. Just it's like the Song Dude just enjoyed walking out the door and stealing some shit liked it truly truly is for the rest of his life when he's not incarcerated just loved taking stuff glory Hanson persuaded the couple's Lutheran pastor to vouch for Bob and he's first shoplifting charges were dropped but Robert was not done stealing not even close couple months later Roberts Bakery boss comes in the shop early one day fines Robert is in the office. He broke into the office by using a knife on the lock. Hanson is rifling through a desk drawer that has cashed for customer change inch this guy would later say he was obviously furious. He said I called the county attorney about pressing charges but then Bob came to me and he said he'd been offered more money to work at the northside bakery that simplify things. I told him just to go ahead and take the job and that's Larry's to me you're going to you're going to jail asshole. Wait wait what you got to. You got a job offer some good for you. Did you tell your man Best Luck. Get on going out here mad. I want you here anymore so maybe he just wanted to get rid of Robert now. I was just good enough may maybe he enjoyed thinking about you know Robert Stealing from one of his competitors that may Robert was arrested again for theft took a to the softball from Montgomery Ward arrested for that so random e at his new job he'd actually started bragging to other employees about how he could go into a store trying to suit and walk out.

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