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"aasa britney" Discussed on GSMC Television Podcast

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"aasa britney" Discussed on GSMC Television Podcast

"Watch the bad batch exclusively on disney plus we then talked about my lost re watch episodes eleven and twelve. I believe at least i thought lost was exclusively streaming on hulu. I believe you can also watch lost on amazon prime. I heard someone say that recently. So on amazon prime on hulu. And i guess if you're in a non us Area supposedly loss can actually be found on disney plus Which i heard that recently to take that with a grain of salt Then we talked about good girls season four episode fourteen. You can watch that. Probably on demand on cable but even more specifically the most recent season has been also being aired on hulu whereas the first three seasons can be found on net flicks for watching So now we're moving on big brother season twenty three. We'll be talking about The first week which is comprised of episodes one two three and four generally a week is for three episodes but it was the start of the game so in this case. It's actually four. You can watch big brother on tv on cbs. Or you can watch these show on paramount plus which used to be. Cbs all access of but now has grown into something so much larger so once again you can watch it on cable. You can actually watch on cbs website as well. We're paramount plus us. The cbs website only provides only asks for cable providers information. So kind of starting off Without reiterating too much from our previous podcast where we did talk about the first episode but more specifically the contestants on the first episode the jokers who were a or was or is a is not was is a group of four of aasa britney derek f and frenchy now frenchie had one h h rate on the first episode And he was given the opportunity to win his entire team immunity for the second week by doing an extra challenge or he would lose the h h would which would ultimately ultimately mean that jokers were not immune for week one but because he did win h h. They're all moon now french. She was right off the bat. Coming off as a stereotype of this like southern boy. And i didn't think i would like kim..

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