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"aaron tonky" Discussed on The Short Porch

"We'll be both games. It's gonna be wild. I think there's a section ten live show at a bar on Saturday during the day that I'm gonna be a guest on for one of they're gonna do like two hours and rotate guests on every one of them. The booze. I'm going to get at that place in Boston are majors like beat up. It's those boots are going to be. I'm going to savor, I'm gonna love that shit. I am. I am Dave port. I made me an enemy of Boston tonight. I mean, he's, he just gets me for reasons those reasons off off the website on, but for content and not whatever. But he does not like me, but, hey, at least he Tagme tweet. I guess he could've not done that. That would have been crew. Apparently. I don't know if you saw the Instagram story calls, he was least favorite borstal employees. Yeah. Sucker tweet. Yeah, I saw I saw the Instagram. Yeah, I did. There's so much good content coming out of of this. I mean, you know, there's evolve evolved things people say where you know Dave made a deal with the devil and all the good fortune. The parcels have Boston sports, patriots winning Celtics, Red Sox while they have. We've had there's no Yankee Red Sox series since Barcelo has been like even close to what we know. Four was still just a newspaper. So now it's on thing that has not happened in the barstool, Aaron tonky fans plenty red sock fan. That's going to be be hostile. Yeah, and not to my own horn here, but I think I've done a pretty good job of building the Yankees story life fan base since I've got like I feel like it was almost like non existent like like it just, you know, we didn't have a lot of shirts or anything. Not that we have a lot right now, but I just think there's a lot more Yankee stories, early known at this point like they made, there's they're proud to be like Nike school is. It was mainly a Boston website, and I'm just, I'm. You know it. Now we go to war like this is we built this up for two years. You know, when I first came as company was a fucking intern, but I always wanted to be Yankee guy and lead this charge. I'm so happy to be doing it and and you you and Frankie. Let's fuck and go to war. I'm I'm so ready. We had five game series. They haven't announced the starter for for for Friday, but can't imagine it's Tanaka now it's gonna be cell happe- csar yet it's gonna be sale hap, and then I think maybe call crazy, but I think Sisi might get that game to start. I, I would agree. I picked what I wouldn't Austin. I don't think you pitch Tanaka in Boston. I agree. I'm doing knock it for game three than you go severing back for foreign half for five. Yes, I think perfect. It's perfect rotation. They have set up right now. That's what I would do. I want to knock at home. I see. I'd rather see. See, I guess on the rhyming didn't have a good start at Fenway during the sweep in August at all. But I, I mean, obviously he's over Lance land in eat, you know, you trust him in that could be more of a game reminder bullpen. Help get three or four at Assisi. But yeah, I'm going hap-. CC Tanaka Severino. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, we we agree. Sorry, nature's asked me if I can sleep on his couch, but I gotta go back home Boston as I gotta go pack for Boston, which sucks. He asked you if you could sleep on his couch, he's, he's if you don't wanna take the bus home, you can sleep union crash on my couch. Offer needs been very friendly. Me So like it's like EBay to EBay tell. time, like he issues..

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