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"aaron rodgers matlin" Discussed on NFL Live

"The era rogers does not want to return to the green bay. Packers never run about the draft. Pick jordan's great kid. This is about jordan love. This isn't about twenty twenty. Tuesday is here and there was no sign of aaron rodgers. Needs every rep. You can get right now. You can learn something from both the good and the bad and it didn't tell all that well in fact it was probably the least accurate day that we've seen from law and this is a five hundred team if looks is good which we don't know and the passes don't even know what a time to be jordan. Love fresher mounting daily with real possibility. That loves starts game. One of the twenty twenty one season for the packers against the saints. You're looking at love their back on the field camp today and a couple of minutes details on how he looked. Today i love spoke at the media for the first time since last august. He was asked if he's ready to go day. One here's what he said. One hundred percent Obviously this is a time where. I'm getting a lot of extremely valuable reps that you know. I might not have been getting in a normal circumstance. So non. Just i'm gonna take it day by day and But yeah that's that's what i'm here for. I'm i was draft here to play quarterback so I'll definitely be ready week. One adam schefter dinner lost here for the hour. Tim hasselbeck moments away as well. Adam we start with you. How his love viewed within the organization at this point quote laura. He had a great day today. If you read. The accounts from rob demovsky are packers. Be writer jordan. Love lit up at practice today. And i think here's the issue you're going to see everything that jordan love. Does it practice documented throughout the summer or until aaron rodgers does or does it get back their every move he makes will be incredibly scrutinized. We're gonna be asking me on a daily basis. How realization views today now short-term won't term for the season and so this is just part of the territory that combs the very difficult disarming of being next in line after our rod which in this case means playing taking the snaps snaps reps with the ones at mandatory minicamp today this week. Dan what do you think. I mean i think first of all it's important understand for jordan. Love that this is a football team that is built to take on a young quarterback that is needing development. This is a football team. That's got one of the best offensive lines in the game. A top five run game pretty diversified skill position group one of the best receivers in football and what they believe is hopefully improving defense here talking about a situation that let's live in the over. Aaron rodgers does not play for green bay jordan. Love is not going to be tasked and or to do with thomas stops. He's going to leave the point guard to operate the offense and not have a lot of demand with the subpar roster. I think a lot of pressure on the floor their head coaching playcaller because with aaron rodgers matlin floors allowed to operate in a situation of strength. Right it's like talking to you. Same bolt about sprinting. You could talk about stride. Length and frequency and power in ankle with a guy like that but going to jordan love is going to be talking about it with a newborn toddler. that's just learning to walk. You're going to have to go back in time. As a coach. Coaching go over the basics with him and so the challenge is going to fall upon matlock. Florida figure out a way to communicate and teach jordan love but also try to get somewhat similar results. That aaron rodgers was able to get dan a newborn toddlers really big baby adam. I wanna follow up on something. That i think is been a conversation in the league. Because we've seen this have to happen recently in the patriots situation replacing legendary quarterback i. It's so difficult to do. So let's say that's what happens with the packers and they're having to replace aaron rodgers. What is a conversation around the league. About how hard that is see. I always remember. Bob greasy the hall of fame quarterback saying before his son took over for john. Elway that you don't want to be. The guy takes over for a hall of fame quarterback and if we going look at the notable recent teams and what they've done looking at. How difficult news to do that. Job and take over for a hall of fame quarterback only one team over the last twenty years gone to the playoffs. That was the miami. Dolphins dealer took the place. Look at the records of those teams. That lost all of quarterback. Yesterday i said that the packers worse teams. Look here's the deal with rogers. They're one of the best without him. They take a big drop. Because you see how difficult it is to replace a quarterback that great of that stature it impact so much about your organization that again very few teams are able to overcome that in the season after and some take years to get back to where they would like to be out to your point we have to refer to history for a lot of this as a direction. Let's bring in. Rob demovsky live from packers camp right now and rob out of mentioned it yesterday. Detailing of the accuracy issues love display. This is just a really dramatic saga particularly in the two minute drill. But how did love look today. Watch him one day and he looks like he's light years away from being ready watching the next and it looks like he could start right now because that's where his first two days of minicamp yesterday he struggled with accuracy and it was mostly check downs. Today he was zipping the ball all over the place. He was throwing the ball down the field. How did he turn it around so quickly. As a quarterback is a in any position you got gotta quickly hit that reset button Certainly you want to have success because again. Your confidence grows and gives you I guess more more confident and be consistent. Make those plays but you gotta treat every day as its own entity and and you can't rest on what you did the day before whether it's good or bad and that's what we're looking for from him and i think he's done a nice job responding On a daily basis love was so hot at one point in practice hitting throws all over the place. The tight ends coach. Justin took his play card in started. Fanning love off as if to cool him off. You heard him say that he would one hundred percent be ready to play week one and be the starter at new orleans days like today would make the packers agree with that. But don't forget.

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