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"aaron phillips" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"As we move ahead to the return of the ultimate fighter yes. The comeback season has officially kicked off with middleweights and bantamweights and alexander. Volkov ski and brian ortega the great coaches of the season. Pick their teams. We had our first fight. Andre petrosky submitted aaron phillips in the first round we have our first bantamweight matchup set for next week the first overall pick was mitch riposte a new england regional. Standout lot is upon him. He's gonna fight team. Ortega's ludwik shalini and i believe this is dan but that should be a great fight. But i'm curious. Jose did you partake in the return of the ultimate fighter. If you did what did you think if not why did you choose not to watch it. I watched it not. Because i hate it nor do i want it to go away. I'm pretty indifferent to the ultimate fighter gives these fighters a platform to make money. Moving forward have added man. I mean freaking. Julian lane is still kind of relevant when he does bare knuckle boxing just for southern screened on the ultimate fighter so Don't particularly care whether it stays or goes. I didn't watch because i took dates. Unplug and go hike on a mountain. I did some sort of a physical strenuous activity. Which my opponent. As i can kind of i just assume has never particularly done So i think he gets out winded when he stands up from whatever couch. She's sitting on probably not even couch stool of sorts because he likes to pretend that he is relevant combat sports experience box so i imagine he's one of those guys that just sits on a box of stool and yells at a computer. All he wants because he's lived at man. I'm sitting here doing it. But no i did not watch it. Will i watch it maybe especially if there's some good fights on it but no i did not watch it but i am different. Weather stays or goes. Did you watch ed. I mean something tells me you probably didn't but maybe it did. I don't know and if did did you watch it. Why will god's name watch that no also for the record like ran six miles this morning. A bag of. I don't think i can say the middle finished with those out. Because why would i watch this like. I'm i'm loath to give us a like i'm with him. I don't care if it's on like it's i. I question the idea that like tough is way to make money this. Uc or build a name. So few people watch it and realistically i just. It just doesn't seem like they're better options contender series or you know just fighting out on the regional circuit and inciting it individual contracts which we've seen fighters do before but i'm totally fine for it to be here Medina's beef with the whole thing honestly is not that it exists. But that because it exists. coaches just turn into awful humans. Eligible panofsky is now doing this whole manufactured be with brian ortega the nobody really buys in even if it's true is you still lamest ass thing i've ever heard. Yeah he seems really fake. Okay can you give us some examples. No he just seems. Fake like suey would a savage beef you to like. It's just turn off the cameras. It sucks it's transparent in all you'll need anything to sell this fight like this dope fight between two of the best one forty five in the world. And that's honestly just going to detract from it. As brian teigen him snipe at each other for the next few months. Like so. that's my only issue with it and it's not really with it but with kind of what. It creates by bikes extinguished. It leaves in. Its wake but other than that. It's fine you know if people i'm not here to yuck yum good on whoever's in there and i'm talking to watch an episode. Why would i watch an episode. Mike that takes up sixty minutes which are precious. They're very precious. I do lots of important things instead. I can read our recaps by our own. Alex kaley on intimate fighting dot com the morning. After i can just do that way to put over one of your teammates shed so my be one of my big issues with the ultimate fighter is not the show itself. Because i do like the concept. I i think it's shine some light on the regional amazing. I prefer obviously the contender series more. Because it's all about the fights. Yeah we get some back stories. But it's about the fights and the fighters just like we get through five fights in like two hours at the most and it's just like damn. This is good new happens every week. Tough to me is the same show. We have seen for twenty something seasons. Like outside of the apex replacing the tough jim and having upgraded equipment. It is exactly the same show. I cannot believe we still have frigging basketball jerseys. We're still doing the basketball jersey thing and season twenty nine. It's the same frigging show some curious jet like canvas show of all that all league isn't even possibly. Is there anything the ufc can do to make this more interesting to you. Like what would make you watch the ultimate fighter and like go out of your way to watch it on a weekly basis. The only way no is the answer as long as daylights there. No because dana white believes that tradition a mess with tradition against aldo along gladys like. We don't change. We're in the stream and this is the stream we're going down until we all die so they're gonna be wearing jordan's walking a have phones they're gonna get drunk and destroyed property because that's that's what it is and that's what we're going to be unless they did a fundamental overall on even i don't. I'm not even sure that looks like the only way to make me watch is the way that they've made me watch over the last ten years. Basically the only seasons. I've watched are the ones where title is on the line. 'cause title doesn't mean anything it's great you you wanna tournament. That's fine like cool. You get a contract but everyone on the show gets a contract but when they did the twenty season twenty was destroyed and they claimed the title even though the two strokes aren't actually on that season Like i watched that because that mattered. And that's the only way they can do. Maybe they did like a featherweight. One like a women's featherweight one where it wasn't just a bunch of bandmates who didn't have to cut as much weight is like actual featherweights. Maybe i might do that because that like all of those women would suddenly be the usc but outside of that. That's it like. Give me an atom. Wait one you do an atom away tough watch. otherwise. I'm gonna leave that to to the ak lease of the world and i will just read recaps. What do you think is there. Is there anything that would make this much. Watch viewing for you. I mean it's something like you could. You don't feel good. If you want to catch up on stuff you read the recaps etcetera but like anything that they could do at this point to make you feel like oh man. It's tuesday night julia. We can't go on a date. Because i gotta watch ultimate fighter like what what could they do at this point. Well i i would like to respond to my opponent. He said that he ran. Six miles probably not true. Let's be honest. That's probably six boxes of rollo's yes rollers are very overrated candy for a very daily talking about you'll find a way albro isaiah box. I mean a box of roles. A box of roles of roller. So let's be honest. You probably didn't run six miles second. He said that he reads the recaps. He can't read so again probably not true so anyway now that we have those out of the way i'm to fact check this man every time so he's offered to on things that he's again probably didn't do ladies don't anyway. This man said he wants more classes. And this and that we've heard all four mike. Actually you've asked me this question on a pass. Iteration of between the links pre anime fighting which guests who won this guy. Ibm amid junkies. Own nolan king..

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