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"Because not only were there for a lot of us. Apple watch surprises but there were ipad. There were no air pots. So let's let's just dive in. We'll go in order we'll start with With ipads which we were not at all expecting to karen what did apple announce with the ipads. Well i apple announced that there's gonna be a new regular base model ipad We call it the ipad nine. Apple's not releasing numbers anymore but It's very similar to the previous generation on the form factors pretty similar. We the chip is bumped up from twelve to thirteen bionic The it has true tone display now. Which i feel like a lot of people may not know what that is but trittin display basically the colors on the screen automatically adjust to the lighting where you are to give you more of a realistic book. So what you're looking at looks like more like what it's supposed to look like trek. It really is. It's kind of subtle But when you see it you know when you compare a device with it without it it it is really cool. It almost makes it A little paper. Yeah yeah no And it has the. There's a big upgrade to the front camera. It's now twelve mega pixels which is like real countless like a real camera now basically And it has center stage which is really close to the all. The camera will follow you around. If you're moving around so. I think this is really good. News for people who are using their ipad for remote learning or you know zooming facetime ing all the things that people do these days. I'm at of course it's still price right for educators. A lot of schools have whole classroom sets of of ipads or multiple ipads in the school. So the educators can get them under three hundred bucks which is still which is nice. Start at three twenty nine for everybody else. So it's a good. It's really good entry level ipad. A nice little irritative upgrade Don't that was very cool. And of course the big star of the show is the little tiny the star many which i had no intention of buying new ipad minus only. It's only i think two years old. But i just up with this little mini when they said pro flowers like all right. That's it take my money. So i d- they got me so they they totally changed. The form factor. It's basically like a scaled-down ipad air now so it's got air stage and improved camera and chip and all that stuff so I haven't even got it yet. And i'm i'm in love. I want to give you a shout. Karen you're absolutely right. They moved the volume buttons rather than make a smaller pencil out. Now the pencil. Is i think all just almost exactly as tall as the is the ipad mini. Yeah it's almost there. Yeah it's pretty close i. I'm looking at the the cases and the ones that have like cut out for the pencil and they're just like this just the tiniest bit on each side laws protecting the corner exactly but it's still fit. So yeah it's all good. And and it's the footprint of the i i've had many as not substantially bigger if at all and i don't have the exact dimensions in front of me but the screen is substantially larger. Because they felt. Yeah just just about half an inch. Yeah we're just pretty substantial for small screen like that and the vessels are small. They got rid of the chin and the forehead and the home button. And we're bringing it into modern times so yeah sterry call. That is i. I couldn't resist either karen. I mean i. I don't so and we might. We might get into this a little later. I don't like many of the colors of this false device. Lineup i do. I think i have comments about the colors. Yeah has a lot of comments pink enough. I wish i could have pink iphone. Thirteen tro that. All i wanted. That's we were so we'll get into that exactly when when we talk about the iphone and just a little bit but what are we. What are we thinking. These ipads the the baseline ipad is is what it is. But it's also you know that's a decent upgraded eight thirteen chip. It's basically basically an iphone. Se in ipad form. Now but the many. I think karen i think you're right. The star of the show looks great. And it's got you. Sbc connectivity which shiites. i see means it'll charge a bit faster. It is expensive to which i think is a lot for. That's that's kind of an noxious but it does. It does follow dollars more. It's a lot more does. Follow the same pattern as the as the ipad. Air where it's base price rose by one hundred dollars this year. It's still a hundred dollars cheaper than an air which has historically been the case for the and pro or aaron mini anyway. Yeah so can you you. You're getting one on one. Christine has for me my money. Some yeah yeah. We're gonna talk about you your tb in a bit. Yeah that sounded really weird but So so the the other feature forgot to mention it is. It does have five g. on the cellular models. Yeah that's right. That's something cool thing fun and i really liked the colors. The the the the rose rose golden. Just the gray in the goal sent some nice. I resent the name. Starlight will say that. I don't know why we had to go with starlight. In what color exactly is it. It will start one you midnight. Yeah i think pretty clear. Starving nights better is starlight as like an off-white like a beigey. Sort of yellowy right. No you don't think color star then. Midnight is like like a dark chris. I think our next topic really gives us more of a chance to talk about color. And that is the apple watch. Oh boy howdy. Let's talk about watch in surprise. It looks like an apple. Watches always looked just better so disappointed. You are the that that meam. My my disappointment is immeasurable. And my yes were you. Were you planning to got an apple. Why was if it was the new redesign. Because i actually was. I was intrigued by the redesign of the flight edges. She was digging and that would have been enough. That would have been enough for you to buy it just flat edges and the and the mint green color that i kept seeing. Yeah except less. It wasn't a mid green now. Oh it's horrible green right now. I mean some people may love that. It's not for me. Yeah you heard that you hear that here. I everyone karen freeman says. It's objectively horrible and now i shouldn't say that because somebody might love. That car should absolutely enjoy it. It's it's more along the lines. Of like i feel the midnight. Green of the iphone eleven. It's very yeah. I know there were a lot of people that did like like midnight. Green and i mean i look kind of like the green on this one but i think it depends on the light lighting. Your here's my here's my thing about the colors this year with the exception of the red across the board so apple watch and regular thirteen which looks great this year. The red looks fantastic I feel like the colors are more muted. This year they went with more muted Definitely all the blue the blues not as vibrant which was disappointing winter in the apple. Watch watch and phone. I thought i love the blues across the board. They're all different. But i think all the the watch the ipad the The fo the both of the iphone mont not the bills are the iphone models. I love all those blows where they're all different though yet. We're going to get into this a little bit when we talk about iphones but yeah i. I'm not biggest fan. We're not. I'm not the biggest fan of the blue on the watch. Certainly but though that read like it i pod wouldn't by a any of the color watches. Just because i i wear it every day so it has to go with every single outfit. You have so many bands. I took so you can still see the case. Yeah watch so yeah. Well you're doing you. The band's you wear regularly have like metal lugs okay and i can. I can see we're on on a colorful more colorful watch that that would be classy. i don't i don't think so. I have loves all different colors. It might have like rose. Goldberg might have the stainless steel apple. Watch but i have Logs that are rose gold. If it's a rose gold band or a color like green. I have like a green. It's like green plastic logs on a green band. I don't think it matters as long as it matches something like the logs..

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