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"aaron lennox" Discussed on The Friend Zone

"Sallow sat out so if i were rapper and then if i were rapper so with her goal it is so good. It's like brilliant where you came up with. I'm ready for that to go back on tour and then this is. This is a story story over here. Oh your riveting airs but you're motherfucking a writer's room and on the goddamn screen at the same damn time lot of lot of waving get started on you. You got you so called. All your shoes was like you just take the front you know so. Let us just support you. You know what i'm saying. That's how dope you are friendly and get started on all of that but let's jump into the show ready to jump into the show. Yes i see you already so normally elite on ourselves. We had a ton of guests. I personally think we did a great job this year with the guests. What are you guys are due to. We had shameless my my <hes>. Come on remember when food heaven made easy came on to talk about nutrition. Some people were like what if they find it boring. It's is going to be good and play who else came on duty. Budi boating christ my best team. Miriam has who came on. I think we've done a phenomenal job. It wasn't this year but are lennox knicks love that episode lennox who's blowing up now allow wish we could have gotten her to come perform but you know uh-huh and busy honey but we usually have hey we usually have guessing and mouse show iraq dome zones everybody the one and only rent anything but says we're pulling up aaron lennox i was there too and the gorgeous talented amazing mouse jones so we thought that we would kind of flip the script and have some gas join us today but they'll be interviewing us. How do you guys about that. We made some interesting people that we think you'll be excited by so the first interesting actually scared about one how this is going to go. I'm like thinking about the lineup in my head. It's shifting to give the people and i'm wondering how calm so nervous so i got <hes> monique then i just thought the foxy go to me uh and got a microphone and shit. Oh so you know so is to chair so mony coming up. I mean daddy coming with a right what the fuck finney testimony and sydney's open relationship if there has ever been a door closed in life i i don't think anyone why would i want to join when it already looks like suffering the experience along you imagine the noises you know that you another passion is well anyway anyway. Let's go as far as he's the are we going to the studio panja throwing so mouse stones that snow who are first coming from now loudspeaker family. I make some noise what j. <music> the way i see got that damn crown royal bag and all i know is you've been pool what i think you're gonna to pull out their bag. No not here. I come not allowed to do that in here because our our loose change what else is in a crown royal bed eh eh thank you thank you thank you for having to start off with little song and dance mine. We're going to treat her mark jada next so he's just going to give us a little a little dance while i give a little little song. Okay you ready. We allowed to join in other. Come on roku. Ricky need ugly about huda data kept up on any way. Welcome happy for having the blackest show about nothing with you all all today i am f._d. Chuck d of homosexuality aka without a paul. Anka has efi. We all got pain and i'm with the crown route royal. Mommy questions via were well hidden with them. Yeah terrify okay sure. This question is for all of you. What's the blackest way. You've quit a job..

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