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"aaron kutter" Discussed on Northwest Newsradio

"Tom hudler. As far as treatment goes, Aquarius at the Oregon coast aquarium have developed and refined a plan that seems to be working it involves supporting the sea stars immune system includes bathing using probiotics and iodine. And once treatments are done the goal is to create a stress environment for the stress free environment, I believe that should read for the starfish. So far, according to our news partner K two in Portland, the method has been successful with 17 sea stars of various species. A Massachusetts man has been arrested for allegedly trying to open the emergency exit door in an airplane, mid flight, and trying to stab a flight attendant. 45 minutes before landing in Boston an alarm sounded aboard a United flight from Los Angeles, a door had been disarmed the handle moved part way to the unlocked position and the emergency slide had been disarmed. A flight attendant confronted a passenger Francisco Torres and told the pilot to land as soon as possible. Court records said Torres then rose from his seat and stabbed the flight attendant with a metal spoon, passengers tackle them, he was arrested upon landing, he now faces federal charges of interfering with a flight crew and could spend life in prison. Aaron kutter ABC News New York. The FBI is involved in what it calls the suspicious death of a passenger aboard a carnival cruise ship. A few details are known, but the FBI says medical staff and crew on the carnival sunshine were alerted to an unresponsive passenger and that passenger was pronounced dead on board the ship, carnival says when the sunshine arrived at its destination, Nassau Bahamas, the decedent and her husband left the ship and bahamian authorities are conducting an autopsy. The FBI met the ship when it returned to Charleston on Saturday to process the passenger's room. Brian Clark, ABC News. Northwest news time three 40, missing some top players, the Mariners fall to the cubbies, Bill Schwartz says all the details in this big and plumbing sports updates. Chicago scored three in the 9th beating Seattle 6 two and their Peoria cactus league ball game, not with the M several players headed to compete in the world baseball classic, including all star center Fielder Julio Rodriguez. Since I was a

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