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"aaron baynes tatum" Discussed on Open Floor

"Yeah i have no trash talk to offer you kidding me that embarrassing for wizards fans like an honestly the worst part about it was that it was all super predictable in the second the celtics twitter tweeted out their starters at about like five thirty in the afternoon yesterday the celtics were starting terry rosier aaron baynes tatum and like three d or two d leaguers like it was just it was really bad and and the second i saw that i was like okay great so this is one of those games where brad stevens is going to coach them up the wizards were on a back to back they had just blown game of the timber wolves the night before and i was positive that it was going to end badly i actually texted some friends i'm gonna lose my mind when the when the wizards lose this game night and sure enough the wizards were down twenty like halfway through the firsthalf and from there you know a lot of hijinks ensued and i was almost positive that jason tatum was gonna break my heart and to be fair i absolutely deserve jason tatum beating my favorite team after all the shit we've talked over the last year and he's been great but but thankfully jodie meeks mike guy sadder and ski auto porter bradley beal had like twenty five points the second half the wizard salvage a little bit of dignity last night still not a great sign that they had to go to double overtime to beat the celtics jv team but you know i'll take the victories wherever i can get there were no great sides that gabe a couple of thoughts are what you said first of all i was waiting for the boston media to leak out that jerry colangelo had texted jason tatum after the game to let them know that don't worry just because he brick that game winning free throw and just because he missed the three at the end of overtime doesn't affect his hall fame eligibility he still able to be in shine in spring kind of ease his nerves and and show the respect to twelve time we we didn't get that report for some reason second of all your point about like the celtics.

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