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"aa fernandez" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Not calm. Well, Eddie. I thought we'd have a potboiler to talk about this morning Mets and Yankees, but it was not to be And I know nothing official has been announced. But do you get a sense that they're going to try to play a double header on Monday or where do you see this going? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, they have. The off day is Monday. I think they have an off day after the next I know what Let's do I think the Yankees do as well the following weekend, too, so they have, I guess another day to play with their. Um, Yeah. I mean, listen, you could You could play a couple of doubleheaders on you know on coming upon you could do on Monday. You could do next Friday on and then the following Monday, you could have two doubleheaders there and single games in between. I don't know how they're going to reschedule. You know, there's this proximity obviously between the two teams, So I guess that makes it a little easier in some sense, But they also have to make up a game of the Marlins and the Marlins Aaron Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. I think it is next week so there could be a double header in there, too, so I don't know. At this point. The only problem with the plane Monday is his workouts. Nobody's really had worked out. I'm not sure the Aggie schedule is going to be. Ah, and, uh, you know, we don't know what the Mets is that at this point, they're still going through testing. So, um, you know, it's probably get right back into it. I know Cincinnati had a similar thing, and I think they had Wiped out a three game series, and then they had an off day and they you know they took that too. And then go back to playing so, But, yeah, I would imagine that double headers are are on the horizon here. That's for sure. Especially with you know, you want to get the six games and you probably have to have a couple of double letters. I would thanks. Yeah, And logistically, you know, you may wind up with the Mets having a home game at Yankee Stadium. But, yeah, that's very possible in a doubleheader, even Yeah. I mean, in the past, you know if you remember back when they did the same day doubleheader, you know, one of one stadium, one of the other. I don't think you're going to be doing that under these conditions. But you know, everyone's going through that. You know where they have years of visiting team, But you're the home team. So you just, you know, flipping around any bad last day. Yeah, I mean, it's in the tyre. That's that's possibilities Well to you could you could schedule it that way. And you may have all the games that Yankee Stadium and, you know, just have the Mets with three home games over there, So that is a possibility as well to a lot of possibilities and just trying to get people help. Idiot this point healthy from baseball stuff and help you from Cove itself. That's that's a sure guess that you know that's something I was thinking and wondering, you know, you have one player one coach. We don't know who the player is. We're told. It's a position player, not a picture. But if they came back Thursday were tested, and they were also tested Friday. On. There were no positives that we know of. And they left the player and the coach behind. I'm just wondering why they couldn't play this weekend. Unless they think that you know, one of the test may turn out to be positive down the road. I'm not sure why they had to cancel the whole weekend. I understand Thursday understand Friday, I think. Ah, by I guess the word's abundance of caution would be would be youjust used. In that case. I think you know, baseball wants to be There's cautious as they can about this. Aah! And you don't want to get back to playing. I think that you know when they were sensitive, too. If you remember back to the Philadelphia instance where they actually played the game on Sunday, and Ah, and then the Marlins were pretty much wiped out for what they have 18 people, I think all told, uh so I just I think it's that I didn't when I we got the news. You know the other day on on Thursday that you know this was going to shut down that I don't think any of us expected to play over the weekend. Regardless of what went on at that point in time. I know they had They had some point of contact tests when they got on the plane down in Miami, and then there were tested when they came back, and then the next day on Friday as well, too, so They've been tested. And as far as I know, everything is has come back negative. At this point. We certainly haven't got any any positive results. That's for sure. But you know the weekend it is going to be wiped out Monday would be the next day. I think the next possible day and we'll see Okay, well, Wilshire can there but okay, So Luego was supposed to pitch Thursday. He didn't. I know. The manager came up a lot of criticism for not using luego Wednesday night. Oh, and you had conforto bailing them out with that home run in the ninth inning, and then Dia's throwing a great great ninth inning. And, you know, it's one of those things. Where was this strictly a managerial decision, or, you know, does the GM eventually get involved in that thing and saying, Hey, you know what? We tried other guys. The starters were down with walk it down and everything else that we've gotta try luego ahs much as we value him in the bullpen organizational decision. I think it's an organizational decision. I think it has been a long, you know, I think that's the that's been the case, especially with pitching and with other issues as well to Ah, other decisions. You know, I mean, logo has been on the cusp of being in this rotation. For God knows how long I mean he was in the rotation. If you think back to 2016, that's a ways back, but ah, he was very effective that Yeah, I think he won seven of eight starts down the stretch and you'll help them get to the postseason then and hey, certainly has expressed his desire. He has made no secret about that. You know, he wants to be back in myself. I probably would have given you know forward me or if they asked me, but they're not. I would have given the start to mats on Thursday, especially the way they have been playing and, uh and it is the Marlins and listen. The Marlins Are not as about a team of people want to think they'd be Washington last night and Patrick Corbin Ah on gotta well pitch game out of AA Fernandez. You know their stars. They're going to start to get people back to the matter of fact, one of the people they got back on the game from last night. Miguel role. How so? I'm not saying they're a great team, but at the same time they're feisty. Ah, and they seem replaying with a purpose, so they're not uneasy knock over, but I think I would have given him one more start in that in that instance and see if you could salvage him in the starting rotation. But you know it didn't matter because the game is going to be cancelled and it wouldn't matter one way or the other. Who the heck was going to start on Thursday? Lugo's in there now where he's going to swat in. I don't know this No break here gives you a chance anyway, Tio..

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