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"abraham lincoln millard todd" Discussed on Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids

Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids

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"abraham lincoln millard todd" Discussed on Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids

"Welcome to bed time history. First off a big shout out to fans who've been leaving reviews and sending kind messages on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube. I can't tell you how much I appreciate these kind comments. If you haven't had a chance, please leave a review where you can be greatly appreciated. Also, we've been producing a bunch of new YouTube videos this last week. We did one on Marco Polo, Martin Luther King Mozart, Walt Disney and plan to do a lot more head on over there. And please subscribe YouTube is one way we're finding we can pay for some of the expenses to keep the podcast running and we greatly. Appreciate the support. So in the United States today is presidents day president's day is a day. We celebrate the life and presidencies of the individuals who served in the highest political office in our country today, we thought it would be fun to focus on part of their life's that is often overlooked their childhoods. And I am lucky to know. Some of the smartest people who know allot about the lives of presidents. Most of this material comes from Britney at the American moms, check them out on Instagram or their website, the American moms dot com, they always share great ideas about how you can teach and inspire your kids. So once again, a big thanks to Brittany at the American moms for all of the awesome research. So even though all of these individuals rose to the highest office in the United States government, many of them came from very little. Many of us know about ABRAHAM LINCOLN. If you don't know about his childhood checkout episode about honest, Abe because we go into a lot more detailed there lost his mother. A very young age often was left alone by his father to take care of his little sister at the woods of Kentucky. He had to teach himself to read and didn't go to normal school. He had to learn to become a lawyer all by himself, and he still became the president of the United States. That's pretty amazing, right? Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. The year before Andrew Jackson was born his family immigrated that means moved to America from Ireland. Sadly, his father died just after Andrew was born in his mother hoped. Andrew would become a minister in their church, but he was a pretty wild kid and that continued until he was an adult. It's becoming a minister didn't work out. When the American revolution started. That's the war America fought for its freedom from Great Britain, Andrew and his two brothers joined the war. Andrew was only thirteen years old. Can you believe that sadly during the war? He lost one of his brothers, an Andrew and his other brother were captured by the enemy the British while they were prisoners became very Smick sick with smallpox eventually their mother arranged for their release and they were set free. Millard Fillmore was the thirteenth president of the United States. Millard was also born to a very poor family like ABRAHAM LINCOLN. He was born in a log cabin to family of farmers who often couldn't feed him and his brothers and sisters because they didn't have any money. They sent Millard to be an apprentice cloth maker an apprentice is someone who is in training by an expert cloth maker in this case while Millard word there, they paid his family a little so they could have food to eat. But as an apprentice Millard was treated badly. They were Tim, very hard. Eventually Millard saved up some money and bought himself his freedom. Then he walked one hundred miles back to his family farm from their own out. He decided to educate himself and was so desperate to learn sometimes even stole books. It was a rough life, but he was dedicated to learning. So we didn't have to be poor and hungry like his parents like ABRAHAM LINCOLN Millard Todd himself to become a lawyer and became very successful. At it often. We think that the only way to learn is by going to school, but that's not true. The people who become the bus learners teach themselves things, and you can do that too. And believe it or not someday school end. But it's important to enjoy learning and keep on learning. Anyway, James Garfield was the twentieth. President of the United States as an adult. He wants said, I never meet a ragged boy in the street without feeling that I may owe him a salute for I know, not what possibilities may be bundled up under his coat. What he meant by. This was that even though you might see someone who doesn't look like they could do much in life as child you never know. And shouldn't judge them by appearances James was born in Ohio? He lost his father when he was only two years old as the youngest his mother and siblings were super protective him but had great hopes for him. They knew that whatever happened James had to have an education. They did whatever they could to make it happen saving. Every penny to send him to school, his mom, even convinced local leaders to build a schoolhouse right on their property since that was the only way her children could ever receive an education she really cared about their education. But she was very sad when James quit school and went to work for canal company, a canal is a man made river that boats can move things up and down. Although James had never seen the ocean. He was fascinated by it and work. On a canal boat was the closest thing to meeting that dream one night while working he fell into the canal and almost drowned miraculously he grabbed a hold of a rope and pulled himself in the ropes never should have been there. And his James said, I took it as a sign that God had bigger plans for me after this experience James returned home and decided to go back to school. He worked as a janitor and things began to improve for him. He quickly rose to the top of his class and was asked to be a teacher the next year. Theodore or teddy Roosevelt was the twenty sixth president of the United States when he was little his family was very wealthy. Unlike many of the other presidents, but teddy was always very sick often has kind father would carry him around at night or take him on carriage rides while he was coughing to try and make him feel better. His mother tried to be very protective of teddy. But it's father's took a different path. His father said he needed to work his body to become stronger rather than stand side. So teddy spent much of his childhood, exploring the woods studying out, the creatures around their home and drawing pictures of them. Later. He went on to become a very smart man who knew a lot about nature animals as the president. He started museums because of his love for science. He also created the first national parks to protect wildlife and nature in his teenage years. He spent a lot of time living what he called the strenuous life. He lifted weights and went boxing and ran and worked hard to become stronger. Eventually his sickness went away, and he became a strong and courageous man. He became known for his rough lifestyle and love for

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