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"a. scientific ping pong" Discussed on Coronacast


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"a. scientific ping pong" Discussed on Coronacast

"Will probably say a lot of that hesitancy reduce because sometimes these conversations can end up becoming quite adversarial and people kind of get pushed into their corners. It can almost compound. The the believes is so important that the don't to send into a game of scientific ping pong with paypal so if they are fairly fixed in their views or if shared some doubts and you jump. All newman say unearth. Really think you should have it in. You know we caught. Have antibiotics united statement around and we shout science louder. That is not going to work with getting people to accept any vaccine including the Vaccine so it's very important that the kinds of conversations we have in our environment social media face to face families friends off constructive conversations because if we end up having people shouting at each other getting angry with eight shalva cancelling each other than we end up. We simply a more polarized society nor does society. That's together moving past the hesitancy around vaccination moving towards protection so it feels like there's a real fight highs of information and it's really hard for people to know which sources to trust and that is going to be able to be understood by someone level of scientific knowledge. Do you have any tips on how to find good trustworthy sources. I think the first thing to do is come to the information that we receive. These of we have vaccines. Siphon often effective enough and that's a great place to be in. And then all these various stories about the effectiveness of these fax saying that vaccine are a response to constantly changing scientific environment where we do a dealing with a lot of uncertainty. And that's okay but look at the big picture. It's really important for us to be quite discerning. About the sources of information we use our. Does the information come from reports of the trials. Does it come from people whose expertise well matches the topic at hand and thin continuing to look out for what the government is recommending because we do have very sound science behind vaccine recommendations..

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