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"a.  rak a." Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

The Adam Carolla Show

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"a. rak a." Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"You something back. I saw that i saw that. Yeah i love it. I got a good ball until the of the dan today. It's atta bell led the chilean adelaide. Dp customer service sake. Let you burger. King subdued shirts man already sinclair here in the us. Guys that the lanes on the five bucks as the four or five a photon and lanes on the grid personnel. To the studio. I take a sludge is going to be down at the chilies in norwalk down. There kicks legend. annette's get appear. Cousy am i right back titley pot and make sure you go see about chalets at victory. Turn up the heat. A little chilly at sucked schiller's robotic sandy with chicken seventy-two flameouts seventy throughout the seventy th city of industry seventy-three pomona seventy degrees. Santa monica seventy studio city. Check in seventy two degrees. I'll hammer hawthorne seventy two beach seventy seven here calabasas. Seventy two inglewood. Seventy two degrees artesia check in an at seventy two and checking in seventy two degrees stacks. Will it artesia. Stacks your will bill. Which person top did britney spears there to cancun find out. After the gets six o'clock at the cups up zouk resolve the air so bad move but at it in high gear. Your boob creek. The voluble show ever hear dopp book to set a proud of san la. Love the botox. That's where we got stacks over here right and we got a not already pie in the sky player in the air which is just begun. A berbie pedley report brought to you by kars for kids seven soon because kids car today ask rak. I know you're closing with a lot of charity carson. Cades near and dear dear. Hi yep absolutely the fact. I had corky by yorkie pal up with some of the kids at the cas cash for kids. Kars for kids. We have securely edible for you. If you're jumping your cash for the kid and four kin the ass crack at peck. Sexual the ball gap privies wearing. What ebola does protesting new frozen yogurt shop by which one at the top of the hour. I wanna tell everett who's just coming out of ice. So lixion at gear forever. And i do want to say that i love how good deal it up for about two weeks there i would say here's social distance but we're emotionally airtight. We're s crack at for laba yada. Welcome back we've missed. You ask broke off the you open up emotionally main ways that haven't seen another co host opened up a lot of ways covets. I know you got the it. I know you're isolated. I know.

atta bell Cousy titley dopp san la sinclair norwalk berbie pedley annette calabasas pomona inglewood artesia yorkie pal Santa monica King britney spears
"a.  rak a." Discussed on Channel 52: The DC Podcast

Channel 52: The DC Podcast

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"a. rak a." Discussed on Channel 52: The DC Podcast

"My bitter rak or the local drugstore. All of the green lantern titles Just head the standard that. Go to the flagship one. So yeah i was always confused about all these other side characters in a happens because a lot of other like dc books you know. I only really need the flash. Little van batman green lantern didn't know the side characters are slightly more peripheral people encounter the kind of like picking up issues of this like once cowed. Rainer comes in here. I'm like you know every month. But yeah i was picking up random issues of this and like i hardly ever saw issue guy gordon. All i heard was like how jordan bad mouth and himself tigard really all right. So yes the like kona said. The prologue was in green lantern. Thirty two from november nineteen ninety-two titles appropriate. Chaos coming writer. Gerard jones pencil or tim. Hamilton incur romeo tangle colors day anthony tallin letter were albert good to guzman editors kevin dolan eddie braganza all right So strange black veil with tax loro on the new guardians island meanwhile how jordan prepares to by plane so he can start his air taxi business. He debates visiting carol fares next door decides to go for the plane. Play.

Rainer Gerard jones tigard anthony tallin kevin dolan kona eddie braganza gordon jordan new guardians island romeo guzman Hamilton tim albert carol
Decent Work and Physical Health

The Workr Beeing Podcast

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Decent Work and Physical Health

"Us about decent work yes so. This article is brand new. It was published this year in twenty twenty one and the journal vocational behavior. It's called decent work and physical health. A multi wave investigation and it was written by duffy. Prieto kim rak bugden and duffy Lot of people involved really interesting study and so what it looks at is it. Looks like this idea of decent work which we've talked a little bit about that but just to kind of give a definition so the first time decent work was defined it was defined by the international labor organization. And it was the. I'll just read the quote it's Opportunities for work that is productive and delivers a fair income security in the workplace and social protection for families better prospects for personal development and social integration freedom for people to express. Their concerns organizers participate in the decisions that affect their lives and equality of opportunity and treatment for all women and men. Yeah i would probably found life. I don't necessarily like the way that ends with all women and men and maybe not. Yeah i but yeah. I very good call but other than that. I like the idea of it Obviously you know it's all about having your work meet your needs So there's a couple of different ways that they've talked about it too so just like think about it. The concept a little more They say that work. That is decent Is defined in part by whether or not your compensation is adequate To give you time for non work activities so that means you know you only have to have one job instead of six jobs. try to make it right. Yep i guess so. That's a big piece of it too. And it's all related and tied into this concept this theory that this papers based on which is called the psychology of working theory. And that's basically that theory that when people get decent work it leads to more Work related and general well-being because their basic needs are met.

Prieto Kim Rak Bugden Duffy International Labor Organizati
"a.  rak a." Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"a. rak a." Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Serious. You know what you would string together three or four words that were just hilarious. Half of them were customers. I'm a code. I just play on Sundays. I'm hitting Kansas City and E. I just want to keep it sharp. Like a man. Adam said that all right. Thanks a lot, Roman. Good talking to you. Thank you. Thanks for being here, man. You a chair, but good night. Oh, The week that Woz album to Laurel doing what he does best. And I'm still getting a lot of tweets about Rodrigo, Johnny and Taxes. Tweets. I got run for calling you, Joe on Rak Rak Roman, Tommy Andy Reid. Finally. Good life for Shawn Tweets can't blame rich for not knowing who hosts the third hour of the show. Chris are Cobos. Finally, Have you ever run a CBS Sports update guy? Two and five. Yo, what up Tommy Rome. Tommy. I knew Richard, do this, You rich being a stand up guy that he is like like it's hilarious riches. Totally owning it. Rich is totally being accountable for it. Quote my sincerest apologies. I just checked in with Tom does Sistine. Oh, Celestino running the board warning accepted. Man. I don't. I knew it was something rich until we all right with it. G off in Lincoln tweets and drew the jump, man, Joe. It Andy Reid. Sorry, I'm nervous. How's it going? Regards? Radcliffe Ackerman. Radcliffe. I don't get that one in there. Tommy, Andy Reid finally. This is one more thing. So I wanted evidence that the big head James Kelly actually had the bucks 60 to 1. It's one thing to say it, but is their physical evidence. Apparently, TV has physical evidence of that ticket. There it is. Look at him. South Point, the South Point race and sports book. He's got a $50 future. Bet on the Bucks at 60 to 1. James killed,.

Tommy Andy Reid Andy Reid James Kelly Rak Rak Roman Tommy Shawn Tweets Tommy Rome Radcliffe Ackerman Joe Rich Kansas City South Point CBS Laurel Adam Rodrigo Chris Richard Tom Cobos
"a.  rak a." Discussed on KNST AM 790


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"a. rak a." Discussed on KNST AM 790

"I heart radio goes one on one with Carlos Santana as he reflects on some of his teachers. We have good teachers, You know. Miles Davis B B King. Uh, do you planted and the people who we learn where there is Herbie Hancock or Wayne or everybody rich. They don't think too much. You know, you just go with your heart. With a lot of conviction in a lot of trust in a lot of energy, and we don't we don't have time to doubt for second guess or anything like that. That that's where somebody else keep listening to I heart radio firm or Santana and all your favorite artists. In the United States. And has the crime gonna As the shootings got it, right. Is to me. That's a tell all sign that you know it's not the guns. Though I can tell you one thing once once bullets or more available. I bet you that the amount of Self inflicted gunshot ones, not and I'm not talking suicide or anything like that. I just those steaks. Yeah, like, oh, well, there with my digit stuff like that is gonna go up because there's so many first time gun buyers. Yeah, that I don't know. They haven't taken the time to take the classes. Yeah, to pay attention, and it's easy and with the popularity of blocks in particular, right? Everyone says wants you back lock. Oh, it's it's a clock. But there's a lot of things in a Glock that you need to pay attention to. For 11 of the things that's part and I'm and I'm a big gun block guy, right people. This is the show know that I love. I love that pistol. Those pistols when you're when you're tearing it down, and you're breaking it down for cleaning for whatever issues. One of the parts of the mechanism is that you have to pull the trigger in order to be able to Tearing apart Yeah. If you do not Make sure that you rack that slide as many times as possible. And I know it sounds very exaggerated of me. But just why? Rak? Rak? Rak Rak Rak. Make 100% sure that there is not a single bullet in that chamber. Racket a bunch of times visually inspected. Put your finger to do anything You can Because when you drop the slide toe One of the good apart, you have to pull the trigger. And God forbid you forgot to check if there was a bullet in that. Yeah, in that chamber because it's gonna go off just that simple. A Glock will go off without the magazine in the in the gut. And and those are the things that I see. You know, I I go to the gun shops. Often and when I was hanging out at the gun show There was a lot of people that were first time buyers and they were asking. How does I want a Glock? And just because they were familiar with the name. Yes, it sounds sexy and The gun on the body of the sellers. I think Honestly, and I know some people gonna get angry for what I say. But some of the sellers I think they're very responsible, too. And they need to talk to these people and say, Hey, look, maybe I could interest you in something else this or that. And I'm not necessarily saying a will gun, which I know you're It's your favorite. They're whiter. Um, but, uh It's it is a good way to start. People have told me when I said I think you should buy a wheel gun as your first gun if you're not familiar with because the mechanics of a will going to so much easier now for those who don't know you're talking about revolver. Right. Well, uh, well, if they don't know, Well done, they're not gonna know revolvers. We I think most people will be familiar with revolver than wheel gun. You think wheel gun They think we on what's wheel? They don't know. Revolver. Well, we all know what that is. Did you know what the world going to us? No, I know what a revolver If you didn't know what it will gun was, I figured it out first. You didn't know? No, I didn't know. I've never noticed. We call the wheel gun. Who am I just dating myself as an old man. So you said Yeah, I think so. We'll get out that okay. Gonna put air in my tires that Z think it so a revolver Okay, which is also known as a wheel gun. Thank you. I'm going to get Messages for that one. This might blame it on me. It's my fault. Okay? Yeah, they're gonna just ready notice trying to make fun of art. They're easier to handle less mechanics. All that stuff. That's why I recommend him for first timers. Happen to say that to somebody at a gun, show her the female and she got upset. Really? And she's saying, would you think is that a female I can do? Ah. You know, in an automatic magazine, I said, no, no, no, no idea. First time buyer That's it has nothing to do with being a dude. Don't many females that are fantastic shooters better than me. It has nothing to it, but it's your first gun. That's what I think. Let's face it. Females can contrive the vehicle. Tuned the station on the radio. Eyeliner, lipstick. All at the same time. They're not gonna have a problem with a gun right with a slide in a magazine generalization is just dead on because they can do everything at once. It Z True if you think it is a compliment, ladies not saying it is a bad thing..

Rak Rak Rak Carlos Santana Herbie Hancock United States Davis B B King Wayne
National Get Funky Day with Johanna Nuding

Podcast Gumbo

02:47 min | 1 year ago

National Get Funky Day with Johanna Nuding

"Hi. Paul, it's Joanna. Twenty twenty is taking its toll and so many people find themselves in a funk and not the arm swaying booty shaking kind of Funk Paul. I mean the depressed kind. That's why I need your help raising the vibration on this funke thon by promoting national get funky day. It's time to get our groove back. Give us some ideas for celebrating life and spreading love and light on this funky EST of holidays. Yes you anna there's no doubt many of us are in a funk this year but thanks to October fifth we have national get Funky Day and I have the cure for what ails us. Yes I'm talking about the song play that funky music by Wild Cherry, if that opening guitar riff doesn't get your booty shaking then something is wrong you. For my first recommendation I give you a shaping opinion episode were host Tim O'Brien Interviews Rob Parisi the founder of the band and they talk about that classic song they talk about how that song isn't just for an old fogy like me as the song continues to hook new generations. So crank that song on your record player and show off your dance moves using the national get Funky Day Hashtag. Today's gases Joanna noothing. Joe And I met the first day my very first podcast movement conference in two thousand eighteen. I think she was stalking me because I kept running into her for the next few days. Okay. That definitely is not true. But in a nice impromptu conversation, I learn more about cannabis than the had in my entire life before then. That's because Joe is the host of the casually baked podcast a great resource for the Cana curious when I say, I know nothing about marijuana I'm not lying. So when I scan Joe's podcasts, the first episode I went for was the four twenty episode where she enlighten me to a lot of industry vocabulary. For a third recommendation, Joe says and I quote. My podcast episode Rak happens to have the longest F- in name of all time. The podcast is on purpose would j Shetty the episode name is the one habit. All highly effective people live by and how to implement it in your life I thought it was a nice companion piece to the National Day I shared unquote. For today's hot sauce. I will state that I have never inhaled, but I'm actually not lying. Come back on. October eighth for something White Gooey.

JOE Joanna Noothing Twenty Twenty Depressed Paul Tim O'brien Cannabis J Shetty Founder Stalking Rob Parisi Marijuana
"a.  rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

02:25 min | 2 years ago

"a. rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

"a.  rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

03:22 min | 2 years ago

"a. rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

"All <Speech_Male> the ways I'm <Speech_Male> oppressed <Speech_Male> in now I hear I <Speech_Male> have a trans woman <Speech_Male> talking about all <Speech_Male> this year press <Speech_Male> and I expect <Speech_Male> this <Speech_Male> white man <Speech_Male> to listen to me <Speech_Male> and understand <Speech_Male> me <Speech_Male> and get my <Silence> <Advertisement> struggle. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> So <SpeakerChange> now <Speech_Male> I have to listen <Speech_Male> to this Trans <Speech_Male> Woman <Speech_Male> this Black Trans <Speech_Male> woman <Speech_Male> understand hired? <Speech_Male> Get her <Speech_Male> struggle in <Speech_Male> now I need <Speech_Male> to talk to my <Speech_Male> black <Speech_Male> male counterparts <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> to get them on <Speech_Male> board, or there's <Speech_Male> there's GonNa be <Speech_Male> no way that <Speech_Male> this Black Trans <Speech_Male> woman can advance <Speech_Male> or this <Speech_Male> gay man or <Speech_Male> a woman <Speech_Male> to advance <SpeakerChange> if <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> I don't do <Silence> <Advertisement> the. <Speech_Male> We <Silence> gather our own people. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> What it <Speech_Male> is so <Speech_Male> brother <Speech_Male> absolutely love <Speech_Male> you love <Speech_Male> you to death I. <Speech_Male> I love when you <Speech_Male> come in. Share my <Speech_Male> platform with me. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> share your thought <Speech_Male> process because <Speech_Male> I think <Speech_Male> what we have learned <Speech_Male> as US getting older <Speech_Male> together. <Speech_Male> Is that having <Speech_Male> these conversations <Speech_Male> really <Speech_Male> gives us a new analysis. <Speech_Male> Sometimes, <Speech_Male> we don't even think <Speech_Male> about things. Do <Speech_Male> we actually break down <Speech_Male> the conversation <Speech_Male> and I love <Speech_Male> when we have those moments <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> <hes> you <Speech_Male> know, and <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> and nobody <Speech_Male> nobody <Speech_Male> in this world can <Speech_Male> analyze what <Speech_Male> we've been through <Speech_Male> in the way that we <Speech_Male> can, because <Speech_Male> we have an intimate <Speech_Male> knowledge of it, no matter <Speech_Male> how many stories <Speech_Male> told on Youtube <Speech_Male> on at <Speech_Male> this just something that happens <Speech_Male> when we get <Speech_Male> breaking down some of <Speech_Male> our experience in regards <Speech_Male> to our <Speech_Male> or our <Speech_Male> childhood in <Speech_Male> our young adulthood. <Speech_Male> That <Speech_Male> is just magical <Speech_Male> to see how we. <Speech_Male> Break <Speech_Male> it down and <Speech_Male> especially now that <Speech_Male> we have you know <Speech_Male> some political consciousness <Speech_Male> as we <Speech_Male> older and <Speech_Male> so I love <Speech_Male> sharing my platform <Speech_Male> with you because you always <Speech_Male> bring some jams <Speech_Male> and I hope <Speech_Male> that everybody <SpeakerChange> who's <Speech_Music_Male> listening. <Speech_Male> <hes> appreciated <Speech_Male> as well <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> all the links <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> contact me on <Speech_Male> the bottom. <Speech_Male> If you want <Speech_Male> to leave a comment, <Speech_Male> definitely <Speech_Male> I'm leave a comment. <Speech_Male> Share your experience, <Speech_Male> your first experience <Speech_Male> with beliefs I <Speech_Male> would love to hear some <Speech_Male> of my audiences. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Experiences <Speech_Male> with beliefs. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I would love to hear if <Speech_Male> you are a <Speech_Male> person. Place a <Speech_Male> privilege, a little bit more <Speech_Male> religious, a black male <Speech_Male> as a white <Speech_Male> woman. A loss <Speech_Male> left the arm <Speech_Male> here. Some of your experiences <Speech_Male> in. <Speech_Male> If <Speech_Male> you are woke one <Speech_Male> nine. If you're. <Speech_Male> You <Speech_Music_Male> know but regular. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Of what <Speech_Male> are some of those moments <Speech_Male> that really? What are <Speech_Male> some of those Aha? <Speech_Male> Moments that <Speech_Male> you had that <Speech_Male> made you realize <Speech_Male> your privilege <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> in this world <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> you know win. was <Speech_Male> that moment that was really <Speech_Male> triggering? Oh, my <Speech_Male> God, maybe I <Speech_Male> should say back and listen <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> in that focus on <Speech_Male> my own freshmen. <Speech_Male> How am I? Am <Speech_Male> I putting? No <Speech_Male> Pun intended with <Speech_Male> George the behind my <Speech_Male> putting my money on somebody's <Speech_Male> neck. <Speech_Male> You know <Speech_Male> and so <Speech_Male> thank you <SpeakerChange> for joining <Speech_Male> me. I love you <Speech_Male> or sure <Speech_Male> most deaf. <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Well that's it. <Speech_Male> Thank you for comment <Speech_Male> and getting a taste <Speech_Male> of Martius play. You <Speech_Male> can listen to us on <Speech_Male> I tunes <Speech_Male> and soundcloud <Speech_Male> makes you leave a <Speech_Male> review 'cause. <SpeakerChange> We really need <Speech_Female> those five such <Speech_Female> A. <Speech_Female> Like our facebook page <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> leave, some comments <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> won't be posting <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> exclusive <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> content <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> every Thursday. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> You definitely <Speech_Music_Male> don't want to miss out. <Speech_Music_Male>

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"a.  rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

02:14 min | 2 years ago

"a. rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

"Or something. Or it was, it may have been a Like a gay nightclub or something? It May. It may been one of those, but I mean they were out. They had signs. Most of them were white I'm they had their black lives matter shirts on day had on. They had their signs in. They were out there. Passing out water they had ships on. They had pickles. In case you know yet. They're in a heating Mike Cramp up. and was out there with us. Make sure everybody. was good was just good to go and. I told I told you I was like the next time y'all having something I'm going to be out here. You'll give it on. And I and I just wondered. I wonder how many people actually appreciate it that we don't walk past all of these businesses. We walk past all be stores and we get. To the gate nightclub in their out here. In as short shorts and I mean they are going to town. Let y'all have Yano black lives matter. and. We appreciate for being now here on no Yalo. Walking here goes some water. Hugo some chips. On, and just making sure everybody straight and I wondered how many people besides me and my wife appreciated that. Appreciated and was able to look past the short shorts. Because some people would have looked at him all here. They go with this. Gates you. Oh, why? They got a united looking past. What is? That will end appreciating at least that effort in the thought of joining. You can't even get past the homophobia enough to look at what is happening so I'm just blessed at you. You know that you were able to see that's. For sure for sure, yeah, lose, it was beautiful and I'm glad I was able to. To see that I need to. I.

"a.  rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

03:41 min | 2 years ago

"a. rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

"Even though I knew why was I was trying to really just take care of the household? By there's no way I would have not had guilt. If it would happen, there's no way that Immature metoo because I know how angry I would have if. If if if it had happened if I. Were about to arrest in you like Oh. We had to shoot somebody in figured out. It was you all will win. A just went crazy. I would've changed the trajectory of my life, and so I'm blessed. None of this hack I'm blessed that we didn't have Kyrie cops in this situation. It is in my mind I. Just I dat, did situation reminds me of the oppression that could lead to what we are, and you being a young black man in a situation where they're gonNA. Be Important on a unit have anything to do and I kind of wanted to share that with the audience and talk about that and You know and how us now being older I'm. I'll be forty next year. You are thirty this year. You'll be turning thirty July. Turning thirty so. Is Like I definitely I wanted to talk about it and share that experience with the audience because I know now that you are when when I think about you know. How we are all interconnected in interconnected, and how people I know how people as transgressing right now are saying that. They won't set up for US I. Don't have the luxury of saying that I have a brother of black man. That I assist at black man that I care about so I'll have the luxury to be like. Oh, I'm not marching. They would Mike for me as a trainer parts, and so I'm not marching. I don't have the luxury. Do Guy Because I have not only my marching for myself as a black transfers, I'm also marching for. The men of my life that I love and I don't have the luxury to be able to. Make that kind of ultimatum I'm not mad at you if you do. About. The so beautiful so we participated in the pro to Inam so upset because I didn't get a chance to go out because I was working, and then when I. I. Wasn't working I had our son here. And of course I wasn't GonNa be one of those stupid. People do stupid if you brought your. Kids at? Yet that's we're a- protest. Go less and you've got gotTA. You have to understand that. Bitter protests can go lift it any. So we finally got a chance to, they were protesting again on. that. Friday, so we got a chance to go out and it was beautiful. It was you know. It was people everywhere on. A peaceful peaceful protests Marched around, and we got around his blowing I've been walking for. How long! And we got to this black man and it was this on. It was this Lgbtq? Own Store.

US Mike
"a.  rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

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"a. rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

"Our. Rights! They should. Vice. You. Know look alike to on the slick we. So. So it was you didn't really care. They were more invested in the idea of. Business a young man that you are supposed to be the big brother to us about Indian here you are dressing up like girl prostitute, being this bad example, and because I thought that at that time that they were saying to me, I thought that I was getting locked up, so I didn't want to be feisty. I didn't want to say anything disrespectful. I didn't want to give them angry, so I was just sitting there. Just kinda listening, so there was a shame. There was embarrassment there was. Anger while And Be. While they were just kinda disrespected. First of all, this is the prostitution charged. Y You giving me fucking lessons? I don't actually for this. Off and Sal. So luckily for me in an Indiana at the time, I don't know if this was a statewide situation, but this was a city thing where they didn't actually lock you up for Prosecution Bay gave you inky. They gave you a citation where you had to pay a fine for prostitutes and so. Once I realized I wasn't getting locked up. Because remember is explained to you in the beginning that there was a pressure of me, not feeling in this situation, and how embarrassing would have been if I would have gotten locked up into my family her that I outlined for and I would now have to be the failure of all. He was over there prostitute in Vienna, fagging being gay, that's. That's what they all do. Behold catch AIDS, have sex, blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! Blah Blah, and then rocky I'm had the GOBERT UTAH. Our had the go-to home. It would have been so embarrassed and it would have been a failure. It would have been even though I was forced into this situation and so once I found out that I wasn't gonNA get locked up. I was like. Okay I'm just GonNa take this ticket and. Then so yeah, they ended up giving me a ticket. End Up leaving and so. I wanted to talk about this. Have this conversation with you because? Now that we are in this new era, we are in this new era of analyzing the police in defining the lease and we were young, although you a super young I was young, too, and hadn't had that meeting engagements, and I was thinking about when I was thinking about all the I'm engaged with police officers in how we could turn, it could have turned out. Ugly and I was thinking about Tamir Rice I was thinking about Stefan. Clock and I was thinking about you know Floyd and. You know Taylor Sandra obvious people and I'm thinking about habits things to turn out in our situation. It's only me day, absolutely The fact that they put out a gun on you. You they never put out a gun on me. because. How the how this thing played out, you know. I didn't need. They need to pull out guns on me, but with you I I'm not really sure. They necessarily needed to pull out a gun on you either, but it happened and what would have happened if? You twelve. That's the same ages to Muir is right. Like eleven, wow, what is he with Shochu? What if you couldn't see that? He had a gun initially, and you were moving forward to see what he was doing because I. Remember how it looked. Remember the light being off means that you couldn't come in. And so there were no lights back there, so you couldn't see who what was happening. And what if he was a scary? Ask How that would have shot you. Waterfowl was all aggressive. Because, you don't because he's A. He's a white dude behind a house. That you don't know. So many things could have happened, and I was thinking about how devastated I would have been how that would change. Directory of my mental life of my brother had gotten shot over. This situation it would've been the police officers five, but. They wouldn't have been my house if I wouldn't trying to survive. Very It's funny that we're having this conversation I was just on the on the phone with one of my homeboys the other day and we were. I was just kind of. Elected like. Or recalling all the incidents that I've had. With, the police in I've. You don't really. You. For me, I didn't really take them into account as a as a black person. I'M NOT GONNA say black men as a black person. There are so many things that you just accept as. They life. Having run INS in having unpleasant run INS with the police are just one of them. them having unnecessarily aggressive attitudes. Them totally opposite of what I learned in school because the officer that came to Moscow as officer friendly was friendly like day. Train you trust them. will use that out into the real world. Right until you. I can't even I can't even really say this because it will be so disrespectful. To to memorize to say that until you. Fit that Super Predator description. And it will be so disrespectful to those boys The Central Park five days. To to say that, but you think. That if you're a child. In your brain..

Shochu Floyd Muir Vienna prostitution officer Indiana Prosecution Bay Tamir Rice Taylor Sandra UTAH Moscow Stefan
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"a. rak a." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

"All is in the same. Learned Ed this week. That's why it's good to learn. Stand and we've talked about this before, but he's saying he learned this week. Where we've talked about this before, but I didn't know there was A. I know the difference like I I was thinking of. It's kind of like a one in the same. Kind of like a you know how. You know how. Messed this one. I. Banished can be Latino but. There are certain. There's certain Spanish people that can be Latino Bulletin. No can't be. Spanish or something like that something like that, so I'm thinking I'm thinking that it's like one in the same I remember I made a post about. Two of the same in the same group to yet. Thank grew Andrew. At see that that. Homophobia is like the umbrella and Transphobia is like a brand from it. That's what I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm covering all the bases. If I'm talking about homophobia, but it's actually actually learned will. Yes, yes, Oh, yes, second conversation, but my family was all phobia and there was a pressure of I cannot fail in this situation. I wanted to make sure behalf place racking the stay when he was in school. Close do in in shoes, and all the things that I imagined com with taking care of a teenage here economically because I wasn't reached and so. I planned for assistance. Of, course, that's not enough to take. They were giving me one hundred fifty four dollars. One hundred fifty four dollars. That wasn't enough to do anything with And so I was applying for jobs and get the job, so one of my homegrown was like the off, would you? Make your work! And so I put up at started escort. I'll guide. I want to thank. All of our new patrons is week. Thank you, thank you, thank you..

Ed Andrew
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"The Commercial Lunar Payload Services Program back when this was originally announced NASA selected nine providers for these missions and the way that it works just to refresh. Your memory is that they basically approved these providers to bid on missions that come up later so that list of nine or able to bid on the first couple of task orders that came out intuitive machines. astral body have one task awards orbit beyond did win task award but later pulled out because everything went to hell and handbasket so when another task order comes up they could still bid hypothetically it doesn't seem like they will but that that pool of nine would bid on each task order. Well NASA always left the option open to on ramp more providers later. And they've done just that with five different companies this time bringing the total to fourteen providers. So they've added spacex blue origin. Sierra Nevada Tie Vac Nanno Satellite Systems and series robotics in this announcement from NASA. There are always a COUPLA lockups The two from Thai Rak Nanna Satellite Systems. That one looks like a pretty small small lander in the typical fashion that we've seen from most other providers at this point. Sierra Nevada corporations looks like a slightly larger lander pretty tall though and the series robotics concept image that they proposed had some sort of lander there and then big rover. The rover was kind of the main feature of Their little concept art. That went along with US nouncement. So those kind of all fit in the realm of things that we I have heard of and know from other clips providers in the past and the two elephants in the room. Here are blue origin. With Blue Moon and SPACEX with starship starship so these are officially on ramped as providers for Commercial Lunar Payload Services Program..

NASA Thai Rak Nanna Satellite Syste SPACEX Sierra Nevada Nanno Satellite Systems US
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"Revolt in thinking. We'll have a real documentary film out there. David go again. I sure would and I gotta say, I thank you for being such a supporter of the arts. Oh, the Chicago. No better friend than recall. So. Let me win. Dead series. Let me win one of those big Megan will never see a bigger contribute. It'd be social what do you play? Where do you wanna go here? Here's a. Fill out forms for their no formula. We will meet for a car. I will have a checkbook, meet people for a cocktail, you open theater and wear. Three oaks. Never heard. What's your favorite band, you're here to check? That would be that would be my but go to the two websites, there'd be on, on the website and you can get Kara. How many CD's do you have now? Oh, jeez. I did. I did. I think five with guitarists Ravi, couple of my own and Ronnie's producing that, by the way, you want to mention go ahead. Tell people. Oh, gosh. Go ahead. Okay. Okay. You might see brownie all over the country, really. You know don't jinx it barrel. Don't. That I will mention my company, we did produce the CD intercultural music production. But that's the thing we each have our own company has on several of Ragas Carlo has Michael Rak, and unless guitarist, and we said, let's combine artists sue nights. You know, the one thing that we can take away from this essay cargo was a really great inspiration to a lot of this last year. Especially is that if you want things to happen, and I almost Scott I on the air but. You want to happen. Then you gotta make it happen. Yeah. You have to just get up and do it. And that's how things will happen to the radio. We were into other on the street with his beautiful little daughter. And so what do you do? We gotta do something on the radio because this, this, I can't pale around twenty four hours a day with David faint. You can maybe I should. Maybe I shouldn't have just so intrigued by this, and you've done a remarkable job of I think, detailing to, to people, I bet they're hundreds of thousands of people out there going man. I really like to go on a triplet those guys..

David faint Chicago Michael Rak Megan Kara Ravi Ronnie Scott twenty four hours
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"Stooge reporters a proud service of your local TempStar heating and air conditioning dealers TempStar quality could feel at Cincinnati, call Wyoming air at one eight eight eight nine nine six h the as c sports we've like a Rosa Parks character about to go to jail in Cincinnati. Name Tracy hunter. Nelson Mandela, M L king junior. We have Tracy hunter. We're in trouble. Breads and nationals tonight, Willie in the first three six ten with sportstalk mulch. America inside pitch Kelsey Chevrolet extra show after the game if they win rock, they're fifteen and thirteen in may of they lose their pretty good and fourteen bad relentless pursuit of mediocrity. For pairing, fourteen Troy Merritt fired a sixty six today's the clubhouse leader at a memorial nine under about Adam Scott Rickie Fowler. A group at seven tiger. Woods at one under Jason coke Rak, plus one, it looks like our man Wilf rivers, not gonna make date. Over-par Phil Mickelson is five over to Shambo the fill the defending camp three over not good. Not good. Not good. Lakota west one their state softball semi-final game. Good. So there you go right there. Elderlaw of tough one. Yes, yes, they did forty-three Xavier's extended the contract the head coach basketball coach Travis steel now runs through the twenty twenty four season. Good, Joey Votto is back in the lineup tonight. One about dangerous. He's well, I don't know..

Tracy hunter Phil Mickelson Joey Votto Cincinnati Adam Scott Rickie Fowler Nelson Mandela Troy Merritt Rosa Parks Jason coke Rak Kelsey Chevrolet Wilf rivers Wyoming Willie America Travis steel basketball Xavier Woods Shambo
News in Brief 24 May 2019

UN News

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News in Brief 24 May 2019

"This is the news in brief from the United Nations in Afghanistan. Children suffering from the most serious form of malnutrition may die on seven million dollars in funding is found within weeks. Unicef. Said on Friday, you end children's fund spokesperson Kristof billions told journalists in Geneva. The two million children are acutely malnourished and six hundred thousand are in an even worse state. He likened the humanitarian situation in the water and country to one of the worst disasters on earth. I can tell you from experience and I'm not vicious that when you have six hundred thousand children suffering from severe could my nutrition, some of them are in very bad condition. And some of them need to be treated immediately and likely that some of them will die. The I'm just not in a position and the my nutritionist colleagues are not in position to tell you how many reliable evidence based that it's extremely worrying forty years of violence and last year's severe drought have compounded problems in the west and north of the. Country, mr. Bouillon Rak said the problem is particularly acute because UNICEF is the sole provider of treatment for severe acute malnutrition in Afghanistan, providing supplies to health facilities across all thirty four provinces. The Brazilian governments bid to tackle tobacco giants to recover the cost of caring for people who fall in ill from smoking, or exposure to tobacco smoke has been applauded by the UN health agency in a statement, the World, Health Organization or WHO cited the view of the authorities that public health spending triggered by tobacco consumption in Brazil amounted to billions of dollars annually and it warned that these so-called tobacco epidemic who is still one of the biggest public health threats in the world killing more than seven million people year. The WHO comment is in line with the framework convention on tobacco control a global pact signed by one hundred and eighty one countries that helps governments tackle the burden that the product places on people and national health systems, and finally to Bangladesh where water shortages have reached critical levels for one. Hundred forty thousand or hinge refugees living on the country's Teknaf peninsula, u n refugee agency, UNHCR said on Friday that it was expecting to begin delivering water by truck within ten to twelve days and put in new projects that will help the region cope with long dry seasons. Here's spokesperson Andrea Matsch because of the changing weather patterns. In fact, six months of longer dry-season without sufficient rainfall resulting now in, in critical cuts to the to the day supply of water to refugees. We are talking here about twenty liters a day. This is a minimum standard in an emergency. And we re cause of the shortage of water had to go even lower now to fifteen liters a day per person. This is opposed to meet all of people's need for water during the day. The array hinge, make up the majority who fled me on March during a government led security operation against separatists in raccoon state in the summer of two thousand seventeen Troy. Water to them and host communities will cost some sixty thousand dollars a month, according to you, and which is warned that it's humanitarian appeal for more than nine hundred thousand people is only one fifth funded so far this year. Daniel Johnson, UN news.

Unicef Afghanistan United Nations Mr. Bouillon Rak Kristof Geneva UN Teknaf Peninsula Unhcr Andrea Matsch Daniel Johnson Troy Brazil Bangladesh Sixty Thousand Dollars Seven Million Dollars Fifteen Liters Twenty Liters
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"You can read it for yourself. About four hundred and something pages can't say have read at all. But ever the most of it. There's an unredacted version over in the classified section of the Senate a room or you can go look at the Rak redacted version, and I did that and found it not to change anything in terms of an outcome. But a bit about the Muller report who is Muller for those. Who may not know? I don't know where you've been, but you may not know the Bob Muller has reputation in this town throughout the country's being an outstanding lawyer and man of the law. He was the FBI director. He was the Deb the attorney general he was in charge of the criminal division. It's -partment of Justice is United States Marine. And he has served his country variety of circumstances. Long and well for those who took time to read the report it was well written very thorough. And let me tell you what went into this report. There were nineteen lawyers employed. Approximately forty FBI agents and tell analyst forensic forensic accountants and other staff twenty eight hundred subpoenas issued five hundred witnesses interviewed. Five hundred search warrants executed. More than two hundred and thirty orders for communication records. So they records could be obtained thirteen requests to foreign governments for evidence over twenty five million dollars spent over two years. We may not agree on much. But I hope we can agree that he had ample resources took a lot of time and talked to a lot of people. And you can read for yourself what he found the Torney general. We'll tell us a bit about what his opinion of the report is in terms of interacting with the White House. The White House turned over to Mr. Muller one point four million documents and records, never third executive privilege. One time. Over twenty White House staffers, including eight from the White House counsel's office or interviewed voluntarily Don. Mcgann. Chief counsel for the White House was interviewed for over thirty hours..

Bob Muller White House director FBI Chief counsel United States Marine Senate Mcgann analyst Don executive attorney twenty five million dollars thirty hours two years
News in Brief 26 April 2019

UN News

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News in Brief 26 April 2019

"This is the news in brief from the United Nations. The weld absolutely needs to come together to boost development in poorer nations and halt runaway climate change U N secretary general Antoni guitarist said on Friday speaking in Beijing at the opening of a forum on China's belt and road initiative, a massive international trade and economic development plan. The UN chief said that it could contribute to a more equitable and prosperous world. Addressing Chinese president Xi Jinping mister Gutierrez, welcome China's leadership on climate action. It was helping to show the way the UN chief maintained noting the one hundred and twenty five billion dollar investment in renewable energy made by the government in two thousand seventeen he called for a quantum leap in mobilizing resources for the developing world to implement the sustainable development goals as well as the capacity to stop runaway climate change a unique opportunity to build a new generation of climate resilient people send. Cities and transit systems energy grids that protrudes low emissions and sustainability, but that will require emergency information in our we built all societies power our cities and invest in our economies tropical cyclone Kenneth swept into northern Mozambican Thursday evening, bringing heavy rain and ferocious winds sparking concerns of a new humanitarian emergency just weeks after cyclone EBay hit. According to the World Meteorological Organization or WMO the latest storm reached Mozambique after lashing the commerce islands where it claimed at least three lives. Here's spokesperson clan. Alice tropical cyclone Kenneth made landfall in northern Mozambique near the border with Tanzania in an area where no storm since the satellite era has ever been observed. So people in that region have never experienced a tropical cyclone, and they've certainly never experienced a tropical cyclone of that intensity. Will so. Cyclone? Kenneth has now been downgraded to a tropical depression by WMO. Some seven hundred thousand people are believed to remain at risk with up to six hundred millimeters of rain expected in the next ten days that's twice as much as the port city of Beira received during cyclone idiot. In March echoing the gravity of the situation and the critical lack of funding to help those affected Jens locker from the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, Archer said that the storm had ripped off roofs of homes and caused flooding in the affected province of cab. Oh delgado. The UN is working with the government and other humanitarian organisations on an immediate response plan. Public buildings have been made available where flood victims can shelter and the World Food Program or WFP said that it has more than one thousand five hundred tons of food either in place already available and finally to Mali in Africa's Suhel where one in three schools in the central Mopti region have been forced to close because of worsening violence. It's affected more than one hundred and fifty seven thousand children the warning from u n children's fund. Unicef follows the killing of more than one hundred and thirty people from a village in Bank s a month ago that included Forty-six youngsters spokesperson. Crystal billions told journalists that at least five hundred and twenty-five schools are closed in Mopti out of eight hundred sixty six at schools closed. Nationally, UNICEF is working closely with the education cluster on the ministry of education in order to provide an interrupted learning forfeited children through temporary mechanisms such as informer community learning centers. We also rolling out innovations such as the training of teachers through tablets outside the classroom. Mr. Billy Rak said that rising prices and the threat of food insecurity linked to a breakdown in state control and the rise. In violent extremists have also put additional pressure on families. Daniel Johnson UN news.

United Nations Kenneth World Meteorological Organizat Mozambique China Unicef Beijing Beira Antoni Mr. Billy Rak Ebay Mopti Xi Jinping President Trump Tanzania
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"Marion you definitely want the box and brothers, man. Thank you for looking out for me and Carrie came down. Yeah. We got negative. We Joseph does don't forget about Joe's. So he's been fine at thirty two. So you gotta check them at thirty. Check them at thirty and seals in that division. He may then he at one twenty six. Wants to we started the career like warm fire once when he too, but it just what would it seven pharma? Chris Kober, violet light. The division. Right. Farmers at thirty two hear from different thirty. But. Yeah. Like, I said man give a getting name I twenty five man. Yeah. Man. You gotta you gotta let them get some more, man. Round for running an interview with him. Yes. He's been in New York. We need to see what's on his mom. I tried to get with him last week to man took for avid hit me back with Jim infobahn. You know, who's I to have here, man. I'll be too. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You. I know I know tomorrow, I'm gonna go. See Danny going to remain. Oh crawford. Poor. No, they're gonna be here this week. So real quick before we get the Joseph. I finally pulled up one thirty on box Rak Burtel Davis. Some dude I never heard of from Russia can say, oh, which drew. Airing. He just fucking. I know I know Chris cobras told me he wants got quick. But if he gets got quick he's up these top ten. Ten is, you know, Miguel Roman like those guys have experienced not Josefa Miguel Roman hell of experience. I don't know, man. I don't know he, you know. I think he could beat a Jason Velazquez in S ranked twenty five. And em says the Russian due to him. And even fight. That's great. But that's top rank. I don't know if they're gonna make that that's wonder. I mean, we see a lot of prospects moving along quickly Manisha, Chris is like, no. Oh, yeah. Boy this week. I mean, man. Te'o female either if I form, but if he if he makes it look easy. Sparrow, jump to fifty with that fight. Now, we really got to interview covert now him beating Sparrow means and even more now jumped up I mean, you three hundred and seventy four boxer. My man is fifty Razi. That fight was real interesting. I think they hurt each other in that fight. You mean, Hank Hank and Avery? You dropped in negative around. Then now hang got. I know but hanging Dan Lamont roaches there to eighty four undefeated. But that's golden boy design Frank LA. But that say number ninety eight on box Rak he's with kings promotion, they do business with our Heyman. And he also lost to Andy Vinci's who K that's worth it, Omar Douglas. He lost all my Douglas. Hundred five. Yup. But that that's how four at one thirty. But let's get to mastermind Joseph talk to me. I wanna talk about the shield fine, man. I was it was a really good fight hit a great game plan. She came out at like we've seen a lot of the European fighters. They came by going backwards. Yeah. After the crash she would put it on that. I had an hour to one. The only good things don't thing about after. Like, if the fire was more competitive, we could have possibly gotten a rematch out of it or something, you know to. I don't really see. What's next Chris issue, man? I mean, don't you? Call out the ryen news. Out. She'd be home grew she'd beat upside board. Come on man storyline. Oh, you're absolutely right. Because you know what? I don't want. I hate to see the same people that that criticized Mikey and aero Conoco's ELO and sugars it's the same thing if she likes to see a break she wants to your break..

Joseph Andy Vinci Joe Omar Douglas Chris Russia Chris Kober Chris cobras Rak Burtel Davis Miguel Roman Carrie Josefa Miguel Roman Marion Sparrow Jim infobahn Hank Hank Jason Velazquez New York Heyman
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"a. rak a." Discussed on REAL 92.3

"Okay owned. I'm signing Qiuping. When you will. You know what I'm doing if the police? I'm a. Servino? I'm. Keith. Steve. Jeff. Oh, God put. Come on. Jank. Go mode. Let's go. To get sue. Two. On on. Usa come in never work. No matter who got Ahmad check with the flip Moseley and get quick. Coming from the sticks. Washout posse just a gift by true. Never switch sides. Yeah. The game this guy. Now every time Jake cameras always clashing trying to pull me on a takeout. Calabasas manicotti say fast, thirty minutes from LA. Display the data swamps day. Wasn't going. Beat at my brother, like a wings, Geno ounce show up. Been on for the past five years. I didn't wanna Scott got a flashlight. Gotta hidden gas right here. Also living in a past life. Yeah. My cash right here my miracle right here. My my, you know, I hate to wait young news swaggie the first and you get a late night. Yeah. Oh, be L salmon a seven day is young money records. Schmidt. Schmidt whose lyrics move you the most? All right. Let's kill 'em to the neighborhood. Rak kale? Hello. Hello there. Rocky. Oh, how you doing? Good boy doing extremely well. Raggio whose lyrics move, you the most people say that Kendrick Lamar? But you know, what people say because a lot of people feel that you know, what I'm saying. Now you saying is for yourself rock hill. Why does Kendrick Lamar? Why does his lyrics move you? The most. He's just like a lyrical genius. Like the way he put things together. You have to listen like sometimes you have to listen to his music twice. Like. It could be like it can have so many things like one of my favorite songs is untitled. Where he's when he's like look at my boss. Look, I'm the imperfections in. All the time..

Kendrick Lamar Schmidt Rak kale Ahmad Calabasas Keith Jeff Jake Steve Moseley Raggio Scott LA thirty minutes five years seven day
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"a. rak a." Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"So I mean, these he's my girl brought me I'm happy to love this. But. Oscar Rivas, I'm just curious where he goes man, who do you wanna see him fight next on top rank side where does he go is he sign atop rate? Doing, you know, you better me, man. They gotta option right. I mean. But. All right. I'll put it that game. You know, I love playing matchmaker. Yeah. Go to or TS. E probably could be Kapoor such a stiff in the bud as for each use Stiffman, Hoti builder. Stiff, so I don't know maybe. But again, I said it I'm gonna stick to it many better get amendment. So this guy he shouldn't be rush. Mun? How old is he? Oh, one thirty one young man as young young. He young may go. He got song. All year before you get them in any water. He's in he's at number twelve on box Rak, which we don't use for rankings. We use just, you know, keep all the names in order. But he's he's a twelve. So we got Adam unoccupied Joseph Parker Dominic. Brazil Lewis OT's Kerber pool of jerem alum Alexander Pula Dillion white Tyson fury Deontay while you're those are all great fights for him and vendor pool. Alexander Pevec issues me. Oh. And in the top team that we all know about, but but Rivas needed Chris hammer type do so tease is ranked number eight going to fight number thirteen hammer. All.

Oscar Rivas Alexander Pula Dillion Alexander Pevec Mun Kapoor Chris hammer Joseph Parker Dominic Lewis Adam
Tech wreck, worker shortage could slow California economy, report says

San Francisco Chronicle Business & Technology News - Spoken Edition

03:37 min | 3 years ago

Tech wreck, worker shortage could slow California economy, report says

"You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Tak Rak worker shortage could slow California economy report says California's economy is likely to slow next year along with the rest of the nations in part because it's running out of workers, economists that UCLA sad and their annual forecast for the state and nation released Wednesday, a further drop in the tech-heavy, NASDAQ index could exacerbate the slowdown if it causes a decline in funding for tech companies, the author said noting that employment in the tech industry has been one of the keys to growth in California, particularly in the bay area nationally growth will gradually taper off in all of the major sectors of the economy. The report said the economy is in the process of downshifting from the three percent growth in real GDP this year to two percent in two thousand nineteen and one percent in twenty twenty at full employment. Three percent growth is not sustainable. The Anderson forecast said with the fed tightening trade tensions rising the impact of the fiscal stint. Doulos coming from tax cuts and spending increase waning financial markets will likely experience increased turbulence over leverage in the corporate sector represents the major financial risk to the economy. Nevertheless, main street will likely experience higher real wages coming from a very tight labor market as evidenced by three point five percent. Unemployment rate. Thus a good year for main street and choppy your for Wall Street in California nonfarm payroll employment in October was up one point eight percent from October two thousand seventeen slightly higher than the previous year's growth rate. The growth in those jobs continues to be dominated by healthcare leisure and hospitality reflecting the demand of aging and retired baby boomer Californians. The report said, however, the spurred in payroll jobs in the past three months was driven by professional technical and scientific services, which is heavily tech oriented on a percentage basis. This sector is the fastest growing in the state one of the risks to continued robust growth. In the state is from drying up of funding for this and other tech sectors. It said the authors noted that tech funding is closely related to the NASDAQ exchange because rising stock prices let venture investors cash out and roll their money into new startups. Also, valuations of tech companies depend on the prevailing price. Earnings ratios for tech stocks the lower the NASDAQ the more difficult it will be for startups to obtain venture capital after three point eight percent drop in the NASDAQ Tuesday. The index is still ahead. Three point seven percent year to date. The NASDAQ is clearly not the only factor affecting bay area employment. The report said the bay area housing shortage and continued employment are contributory and possibly dominant factors. However, venture capital and other startup funding has the greatest potential for dramatic swings. It said the forecast calls for California's average unemployment rate to rise slightly to an average of four point five percent in twenty twenty a rate that is consistent with full. Employment in part. This is due to running out of workers, though, we expect positive net migration as well as natural population growth, it will not be enough to stem the trend of slowing job growth, nevertheless, two thousand nineteen ought to see faster job growth in California than in. The US is a whole Kathleen Pender is a San Francisco Chronicle columnist Email K Pender at SF chronicle dot com. Twitter at cath Pender.

California San Francisco Chronicle Cath Pender Kathleen Pender Ucla Twitter FED United States Anderson Eight Percent Five Percent Three Percent Seven Percent