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"abr  a. n" Discussed on Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

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"abr a. n" Discussed on Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

"Because to be frank with you. A lot of Americans have two policies or three policies and here's what happens. They're not wise enough up here to know that they could sell a one stop making payments on that a lot of Americans. Do you know what they do? I found this to be shocking. They literally laps their policies because they know they can't keep hanging on them. So they let the policies laps instead of realizing that that's hidden treasure in their pocket. They could get something for wow. So I've got to get this message out never let your policy lapse until you're talking to me. Absolutely. Yeah, because you've got hidden treasure and it says in the book of Isaiah in 45 and three that that Treasures of darkness and hidden riches and secret places are what father will give to us and most people don't know that their life insurance policy is worth something today now and I give you another little thought a lot of people want to buy insurance for their errors and I have the Frank with you again. I call that gap insurance. After you dye your heirs get the benefits life insurance should be about living. And so now the policies today just so you know this there's been a new generation of policies that are coming out and today the policies have what they call a DBS or abr's their accelerated death benefit Rider zi accelerated death benefits. So those policies will have built-in. cash availability so my company will look at your policy. And see that you already have one of those and they will tell you go right ahead and go get the accelerated death benefits get them now and then come back to us when you've got those moneys in your pocket and we'll by the time the policy. It's just it's a magical moment to have I've got the ability to be healed and I've got the ability to know where to go then I financed to pay for it. Yeah. Yep. Yeah, that's huge. Huge want to thank you so much for this information. This is amazing definitely will post all the links and your information off. I mean this could make literally the difference between life and death because so many people you know, who who, you know need to go to clinics like hopeful cancer and I you know, just give up because they they don't think that they can do it. So thank you and you're exactly right now. I love this because if it's money that's keeping you from getting healed. That's a long time for me because the American Medical Association ought to be about healing and they ought to be about being able to pay that without some third-party insurance company being involved. Then I I just find the whole system fraudulent it needs to be brought in. Down to its knees in my humble opinion. So we don't have pharmaceutical intervention and those farmers who where the only United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow advertisement to bring the public on the airwaves of pharmaceutical products..

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