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"8th infantry regiment" Discussed on WRKO AM680

"The morning of January, 24th 1945 near the town of Hussen, France. German forces ferociously counter attack The front left flank of the 7th and 8th infantry Regiment was 600 infantry troops. Six mark tanks and tank destroyer. Smart Six. Thanks sorry. Lieutenant Connor, having recently returned to his unit after recovering from a wound received in an earlier battle was working as the intelligence officer in the third Battalion Command post at the time of the attack. Understanding the devastating effect that the advancing enemy armor could have on the battalion. Lieutenant Connor immediately volunteered to run straight into the heart of the enemy assault to get a position from which he could directly direct rich friendly artillery on advancing enemy forces. With complete disregard for his own safety. Lieutenant Connor maneuvered 400 yards to our enemy artillery fire that destroyed trees in his path and rain shrapnel all around him while unrolling telephone wire needed to communicate with the battalion command post. Upon reaching the battalion's frontline. He continued to move forward on her enemy assault to a position 30 yards in front of the defending United States forces, where he plunged into a shallow ditch that provided minimal protection from the advancing enemies. Heavy machine gun in small arms fire with rounds impacting all around him. Lieutenant Connor calmly directed multiple fire missions adjusting round after round of artillery from his prone position until the enemy was forced to hold his advance and seek cover near it behind a nearby dyke. For three hours. Lieutenant Connor remained in this compromise position and during the repeated onslaught of German infantry, which at one point advance within five yards of his position. As a German as German infantry, regrouped and began to mass in an overwhelming assault. Lieutenant Connor ordered friendly artillery to concentrate directly on his own position, having resolved to die if necessary to destroy the enemy advance. Ignoring the friendly artillery shells, blanketing his position and exploded mere feet from him. Lieutenant Connor continued to direct artillery fire on the enemy assault swarming around him until the German attack was finally broken. His heroism and disregard for his own life. Lieutenant counter Stop the enemy advance the artillery he expertly directed while under constant enemy fire killed approximately 50 German soldiers. And wounded an estimated 100 more preventing what would have undoubtedly been heavy from the casualties. His actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect reflect great credit upon himself, the third Infantry Division The United States Army. Remember what we talked about. Earlier in the show. We opened up the show today talking about.

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