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"70.34%" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"70.34%" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"The Wall Street action with Bloomberg's Brian Kyrgyz Brian Julia thank you Asian stocks may recover some of the steep losses from yesterday than in case up 1.3% it did drop more than 3% yesterday So getting heading in the positive direction here along with the ASX 200 which was up for the first couple hours of trading up about three tenths of 1% The cost B is now trading up about a half of 1% The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ again failed on or failed to hold on to their intraday rallies They closed in the red and we had the Russell 2000 down 2.3% Treasuries were mixed This was a flattening of the yield curve We had a big change ten year yields dropping 6 basis points and the two year yield was up three basis points It meant the spread between twos and ten 61 basis points at the moment WTI crewed now up about 8 tenths of 1% The dollar was a lot stronger overnight so weakness in the yen dollar yen now one 15 36 the Euro at a dollar 11 the Aussie dollar 70.34 U.S. cents Apple posting record sales for the quarter will get you details on that in a moment The stock is up 4% 4.6% in after hours Right now the offshore Chinese currency is significantly weaker against the dollar and you've got Bitcoin at 37,166 All right thanks Brian Let's take a look at the apple story after the bell company posted record quarterly sales who were looking at a top line figure of nearly a $124 billion That is an 11% increase from the prior quarter We reached out to Bloomberg's Ed ludlow earlier He said this is an illustration of apple's ability to tame the supply chain crisis What's really interesting is that on the call cook is discussing supply chain He said that supply chain issues were more challenging in the fiscal first quarter In other words the period ending at the end of December then they were in the prior quarter And yet they really delivered you know it seems like the iPhone 13 which was released over that time has done really well People around the world who have got this thing So it's clearly something's going right and then managing the global and macro environment So much so that the stock reflects a lot of enthusiasm for apples shares are up 5 and a half percent in late trading Juliet Well Chinese regulators are allowing Advanced Micro Devices to buy xilinx This clears the way for one of the biggest deals in the global semiconductor industry It's worth about $35 billion but the Chinese approval comes with certain conditions AMD must not discriminate against Chinese clients and AMD must continue supplying xilinx products to China The deal has already won the blessing of regulators in several regions including the U.S. Europe and the UK AMD shares up 1.3% in late trade silence up around 1% Coming up on 5 minutes passed the hours we update global news.

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