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"70 six degrees" Discussed on WTOP

"Night. 3 95 As you make your way past its road headed up to across the 14th Street bridge, you guys looking pretty smooth. Rob Stallworth. W T o P TRAFFIC, not a Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. We've had these alight on one showers, boys that McGee temperatures are going to be in the low eighties for daytime highs today from now, until about five o'clock. Expect some showers. Maybe a few thunderstorms to develop. A few of those could be strong to severe, especially east of D C. Damaging winds. Heavy rain constantly even nicely to tornado possible after five o'clock, lingering shower impossible as well, but most of us will dry out from the west to the east. Tonight will be gorgeous. And then tomorrow beautiful temperatures tomorrow Low eighties with plenty of sun and low humidity. I'm sort of in four meteorologist Lauren Rickets, and we continue to see some showers moving through on storm team for radar. Let me tell you where the heaviest of those are. We have one cell making its way through Stafford County, northern Stafford County into southern Prince William County right now, too heavy to that over the dumb freeze in Triangle area. Southern Maryland, Seeing a few showers that are a heavier move through as we speak, and Frederick, Maryland, a heavy cell moving into that area, love it's villas. Well, seeing some of that storm as it moves through. Continue to watch things for you this afternoon as we see the remnants of Hurricane Laura moved through the area, taking a look at the temperature 79 degrees in Manassas 80. Degrees in Frederick right now. And we have 70. Six degrees in Columbia Heights. Decia 12 12. Person is dead after a crash this morning on I 95 in Virginia near Lorton. It happened just before six o'clock traffic camera video showed a red pickup truck with a small U haul trailer attached colliding with a white sedan..

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