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"64 sites" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"47 tomorrow another chance of rain again and snow in the high country. High in the Valley should be 62 tomorrow on Sunday sunny skies partly anyway with a higher on 59 in the valley. OK, time now for news from your neighborhood, Albert Purnell joins us. Yes. So this coming out the Lodi new scent? No. So as more doses of the current cover 19 vaccine become available, officials hope to set of vaccinations sites and more areas in San Joaquin County, San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services considering Excess establishment of some 64 vaccination sites in the coming weeks across the county. Well, 64 sites is ambitious and bold If they have the vaccine, I mean, you can have as many sites as you want, but, you know, call the folks at Dodger Stadium and asked, No, that's going right. No, I shall not so well, this Bruce Springsteen story is, you know, every day. It's a kind of a new twist. Well, I was kind of a shock. We heard that Jeep was going to pull those ads because he'd been caught drinking and driving. They did. They did. You got caught DW. Ay, hey was in a national park by the couple of the new revelations this morning. First of all, we're learning from the terms of the legal limit. He was below the legal limit. At the time. Okay, Number two. By the way, This all has to be adjudicated. He's has yet to make his quarter parents. This happened way back in November, he was a national park. It happened in November, and it just came to light jeans shop. The ad and the ad aired and everything was great. And then all of a sudden it goes on the Super Bowl. You know the Jeep ad and he would back in November, and you have to wonder if if he told them or if they were notified about this, you know, do they know? Yeah. Maybe they just they knew. And went ahead with it and thought, well, hopefully no one finds out. So the National Park officer who made the arrest said that he looked glassy eyed and sin and smelled of alcohol, But he was below the legal limit. So you know there's a lot for the lawyers to sort of they're gonna chew on that for a while. New anti inflammatory drugs showing Reduction of risk of death for hospitalized over 19 patients. This is something new that they're using Intravenous anti inflammatory drug use for rheumatoid arthritis. I'm gonna give the pronunciation of try here. Okay. Toast to Liza. Mom. Tosa! Lisa Mom! Like that, Okay, And it apparently has reduced the risk of needing a ventilator and the amount of time that someone was ill. This is the results came from a trial and it's been in testing phase since March. 2020 like that for this off market use, But apparently it's working. Speaking of new drugs, word of a new obesity drug. That's been researched and developed. Very exciting. Great Britain, by the way, a little bit different than the other quote unquote fat pills. So we did a little bit of digging on that and talk more about. Is this something that you should consider? If you're trying to lose a few pounds? Do you think about this or maybe some other alternatives in terms of medicine? Okay. Got that coming your way in just three minutes. Sacramento's number one.

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