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#2041: Exorcist or Arsonist

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#2041: Exorcist or Arsonist

"Thursday hello and welcome to Car Talk from national public radio with us. My brother was playing are banjo and changing cause I definitely I thought I think you played a wrong chord. I played to see when I put the little finger down for the boom. Boom. Boom boom and way back to like the tappet brothers and we're broadcasting this week from the International Sports Marketing division here at Car Talk Plaza. I want to test job marketing abilities. I'm going to give you an example here we come down. There are many countries that have sports teams of various kinds and they have to come up with a name which is compelling memorable and all that stuff exactly. Sure. For example In Brussels, they have a team called the brussel sprouts. Of course. Okay, help me out here, you know the capital of Taiwan Taipei wage. Do you think the name of that team is type A type A personalities own know about Amsterdam. I get Yankees man the Amsterdam Yankees. Well, this is I can see I'm not in the group. This is simple Vienna should be the Red Sox the Vienna sausages and the Belgian waffles. Of course, how about the Philippines the capital of Manila, right? The manila envelopes manila folders good and of course Czechoslovakia, that's a simple one check checks in the mail bounces off. Check bouncers. This is a tough one the New Delhi a New Delhi good presents. I'm telling you how long it took me twenty minutes. Oh, by the way, this was sent to us by Toni Coleman from cyberspace off. Let's see what else we have. Oh, yeah Bolivia this you won't get this one. I'll have to help you the balloon Bolivia watch company bought one of those ones know, this is Olivia de Havilland dead. And then we got Prague the capital of Czechoslovakia check one of those checks check one of those checks capitals the Proctor proctologists wage. Not bad. Not good. Well, I'll give you a question about your car or anything else the number 2 khong Is 888 sock that's 880-822-7825. Let's make money coming up with stuff like frogs, huh? Hello. You're on cardstock. Hi, this is Randy and I'm calling from Atlanta Brandy Atlanta Atlanta. That's usually a guy's name Randy. It is usually a guy's name. What's what is your real name? My real name is Randy Moss. And guess how it's spelled o y Marie that's exactly how I wrote it. I did to it w r a n d y. Usual you must admit. No, I agree and you can take it up with my parents and I have no sure that's right now though. So how's everything in Atlanta? Everything is great except for my car. Really? Sorry to hear it. Yes. I'm sad. I have a Honda Civic. It has 120,000 Mi on it and the oil light keeps coming on. Oh, that's too bad it about 6 months with this month. So we finally bring it in and our favorite mechanic left the dealership that we go to so we see whoever's left which was a mistake but the world, you know join the Navy could find him we would just go to him. What's his name Michael Michael there was poor, you know, he's on a boat somewhere. Yeah. Yeah, you got enough money and paid for the boat and he took off he right now. Okay. So Legos gone you bring bring it into the dealer, right? They say we need to replace the distributor for $500. So we do that. And the oil light goes off and everything's great for about two weeks. And then it comes back the light comes back on again. We bring it back in and they say, oh, well, you know what we forgot to replace the gaskets when we did the distributor will do that, but we'll do it for free free free is good. Yeah fries good worked for us. So the light went off for maybe two weeks and then it came back on again. And you know, we kept putting oil in it and it woke. They would stay off for like three days and then it would come back on. So we finally bring it in again. When you put oil in it. Was it down like a sport you would check the dipstick and it would say, you know, I need oil. Yeah, so the light was only on Thursday when you were low on oil the light wasn't lying to us. We needed oil got it but there was never there was no like oil leak there was no, you know oil in our garage or anything like that. Gotcha. So we bring it. In fact they say, okay, it's burning oil and you need to something with the camshaft. You need to replace the camshaft. It's going to cost $1,700, but you really shouldn't do that on a college age. If you're going to do that you may as well go ahead and overhaul the engine that's $3,700. Yeah. Yeah, I gave you the you were being generous wage. Yeah. So here's where we are and I went out and bought a case oil. It's in the trunk. Can I just pour a quart of oil in it once a week and just live my life or well that read will that be a prob? What does your life involve driving the car? Definitely? It does that's Central to the whole decision-making process here. And how far do you drive it a week? Well, actually my wife usually drives it and he travels a lot for work. So he drives a lot who can take my car. So, you know, it could be a local car if we needed to I would do that. Okay, I would do that in which case you might be able to get away with doing nothing. Okay. Yeah, first of all certainly don't want to do the camp even the diagnosis about the camshaft. It's not going to help the problem. The camshaft is not causing it to burn oil. Okay. The thing is burning oil undoubtedly because the Rings are gone. So if you even if you were to spend the $17 you would be three times as disappointed as you were for spending the $500 down there. Yeah, and the distributor got replaced I suspect because it was leaking oil. Okay, the seal was gone and when they put the new one in they probably forgot to put the O-ring on it, which is the the oil seal for the distributor all the home. That comes with it comes with it. I mean they lost someone to take someone took it off the word as a ring getting married that afternoon. What are we know? So we're going to do anything to this. I would certainly rebuilding a fire engine or install a used engine. Okay, that's an option which the dealer wouldn't give you because they don't do that. You said if I go out and buy a case of oil can I go on and live my life? And I think the answer is yes for the next three months. I would say three to six months before something catastrophic happens. Okay, at which time you'll go to the junkyard and you get yourself an engine for $722 and you have very poor Mike Michael Michael but try try keeping keeping the oil of Allah P. You might want to try switching to 2050 motor oil 2050. Okay. Yeah that may help. Oh, we'll try it. Yeah, but certainly don't let your husband drive it those many miles. He drives. Okay, so you're ready. Great. Thank you so much. Bye-bye, bye-bye. 188 car talk or 1-800-273-8255. Hello. You're on Car Talk wage. My name is Connie and I'm in Long Beach California boy, you sound so clear. I do. Yeah, I'm just like coherent and we're not I mean that I mean the connection sounds so clear. It's like you're right in the same room with us. I you know, I think that's possible but and you have such a sweet voice. Well, thank you. So, what's up Connie? Well, I have a car problem after this call. I'm probably going to have a marital problem cool. Yeah and Ty something here loves to make trouble. He's going to make trouble in this one. I'm sure but I'm desperate. All right. I have an 87 Jeep Cherokee Laredo home about five years ago. It initially started idling really high on rainy days. It would run like 20 RPM when you first started it so my husband who happens to be an auto shop teacher wage. Oh and this is why it's going to cut me ugli. I know they I've been threatened if I make this call, but you're starting it up on a rainy day and it was idle really slowly and then room go way up high it would start out high. So it's not really high and it would go for a few minutes and then it would slow down. Yeah. Now at that point, we he changed the throttle position sensor. Oh very good and that fixed it until December this year when it started doing it again. Yeah. He didn't want to mess with it this time. I took it into a Jeep repair shop and they replaced it a second time. Okay. So that was fine until two months later when it started doing it again. Now when I took it back in and and I thought that they were going to say, oh it was defective or something and give me something free month. I ended up paying $300 for a new Idol bypass motor. Now. Here's The Clincher when I handed in my check for $300. He says if it does it again, you better think about getting off. New car and it's just way to the showroom. No kidding. Does it still only happen in the rain know now? It happens inconsistently. Oh good, but it'll go down the page itself. I don't you know, I have the brake on and I'm going down the street, you know, if I turn the motor off and on it'll eventually stopped. Are you stumped? Not yet? No. Temporarily. Yeah. We have your husband online to help us afraid of I think he's he says she's well, I'm going to take a stab go ahead. We need a stab we need one. I think it's the computer the computer. Yeah. Is there a main computer if there is a main oil New Hampshire computer? There is there is a computer and it controls all the functions of all of these things like the idle air control and the idle speed control or the bypass whatever they call it. You're bypassing the computer sends a job. Signal to this bypass valve which can boost the idle speed and it may be that it's sending the wrong signal to these things some of the time. I think the first time that they quote fixed it it was just lucky. I don't really fixed anything. You're going to have trouble explaining all I am and I'm hoping is it time for a commercial break? There is no commercial break and we get off fallback position. So I hope so the computer. Well, well, there is one of the possibility that you may have a bad ground connection someplace in a bed under hood Grand Theft like this much better because all kinds of erratic Behavior like this. So it may be that there should be a place where there are a bunch of ground wires connected to the block of a cylinder head off of your husband if he hasn't already done. So this is a job for your husband. Not the dealer. Okay, take those wires off and clean them all up and maybe run another ground between the firewall for example, and the in the cylinder head, okay. And backgrounds can make all kinds of peculiar behaviors like this and and I I have to slap my wrist. I love not coming up with that. I love this area. But when that isn't it throw a new computer in there, Okay. All righty. All right. Thanks a million. See you say you love your husband. I will talk to me. Okay, bye-bye. 1888 car talk or one 806-8255. Hello. You're on Car Talk. Hi guys, it's Jim Davis calling up from the cart or chemical labs. This is Professor Jim Davis from W. Greatest wage. W w w. Well, I hear you have another question about radiator fluids. Could you bring me up today up to speed so nasty? Yes. I wish I could remember what it was. We received a call from some guy who was travelling in some forsaken place in Utah Canyon lands near around Moab and and the vehicle began off. Overheat and at the direction of his I believe girlfriend. He was required to relieve himself into the radiator to make up for some liquid lost off. For some reason. We don't know and he wanted to know what effect might this have on his cooling system, which is obviously consists of cast-iron aluminum and perhaps even copper and burn rubber hose and ethylene glycol antifreeze and we know Jim yeah that you'd be up to it. Oh, well, I assume knowing you guys that you told him to flush the radiator. Yeah, so he suggested that himself. He told me to flush the radiator so he'd beat us to it on that one. Yeah. Okay. Well anyhow, I guess it's better than nothing but you should be aware. He should be aware that I see water is more corrosive. Either than tap water or distilled water salty. If this is an emergency fix on the road, I guess as I say it's better than nothing, but he ought to yep. The radiator seriously, about and put a fresh supply of of coolant in there. Now. How much salt is in there? The average the average wage? What do you call release releases good. It's it's certainly a percent or so. I haven't actually figured it out. It can vary considerably depending on how hot it is how much it's bed wetting. Yeah, in other words, not sure and traded it could be pretty constant and I believe it was rather hot, which means he had been perspiring a lot and therefore the stuff inside would have been a concentrated. Well, what else do we have in there? Well, mostly sodium chloride, but there are also are other salts and of course there's uric acid. I never brought it a certain amount of that down there, but it's really the saltiness of it. That's the only real concern that and maybe a little bit of smell to that would be a factor and the saltiness would be a problem because it would ionize and therefore set off. A little electrical. Yeah salt water is a conductor of electricity and corrosion is an electrochemical process which is hastened by saltiness. Yep. Thanks corrode more in seawater than in river water. Exactly. That's why if you think we should take the fleet out of the Atlanta to prevent the corrosion. Well, there's another point that occurred to me that's probably worth mentioning and that is if any of your listeners or you guys yourselves find yourself in this situation, I think it's very important to em go into a can or bottle first and then pour it into the radio. Yes in is the stream of salty water is an excellent conductor of electricity and should the stream accidentally be misdirected over to the battery case. You could get quite a jolt from don't don't need to go any further wage. No need to go us further. Oh my God. I think your guy should clean the radiator out as soon as he gets the chance. Well Jim, thank you could always talk to the gym for your very capable analysis of complex social problem. You are most welcome to join. You're not Consulting to us you how do we pay you enough that it doesn't matter they do but I am certainly worth what you pay me. We've always felt that way Jim. Okay. All right, look it off. I have to ask it. Did you forget last week's Puzzler? Absolutely. Excellent. All's right with the world then remind me. What was it? Actually last week's Puzzler was about the outside temperature remember Fahrenheit to Celsius? Yes, and we'll be back with the answer and more of your calls in a minute. Got a Bastion vendor in an oil read a book value age. Who is mighty we and Chassis is Rusty and the bodies means I am so cheap, but she thinks it's raining and he likes to see me drive or even in my dad. dad Dad car And even though he whacks suffers pause before putting their drops in whenever they hear us say it, this is NPR support for the Car Talk podcast. And this message come from NPR sponsor hammacher Schlemmer helping to find modern living for a hundred and seventy two years. 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We were hunted by police. We were literally physically hunting and we stand on the Corner Drug Squad pull up everybody or running off new from NPR music listen to louder than a riot. Hi, we're back. You're listening to car talk with us Click and Clack the tappet brothers. And we're here to talk about cars car repair and the answer to last week's Puzzler. And this was a long non Automotive Puzzler and lots of people had sent this in. Yeah, yeah must've appear on some other website and they stole it and probably anyway, here it is. Yeah, she decided it was time to take his motorcycle to work. It had been in the garage all winter and finally the weather had gotten nice. So after a little tinkering he fires it up and off he goes anyways enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the warm air and he comes to an intersection. Did he go through every day but on this day because he's on the bike. He's noticing things. He hadn't, you know, usually noticed and on a building to the right is one of those big signs that displays the time and the temperature. Yeah, it flashes me says gee I guess I'm really late for work. Then the temperature comes up in Fahrenheit and then a few secs His later it comes up in centigrade and he says huh. That's interesting. The digits are exactly reversed. For example, if it had said 31 degrees Fahrenheit when it showed the Centigrade reading it off it said 13. Yeah, right and they can only be reversed if it's a two digit number sure. He says she's I've never seen that before anyway, the light turns green off he goes to work cuz you got to work so late. He decides to stay late and realizes that he he should have listened to the weather forecast because when he comes out of work, it's drizzly and rainy and cold but he gets back with his motorcycle and he's riding home and guess what same at the same intersection and he thinks what are the chances? I'd ever see that happen again while certainly not going to happen now because it's a lot cooler than it was this morning when the sun was so yeah. He sees the temperature in Fahrenheit and then the temperature in Centigrade. And again, it's the digits reversed. Yeah out what are the chances of that? So the question is what was the temperature in the morning when he went to work? And what was the temperature when he went home and we'll accept the answer any of the fahrenheit cuz we know the conversion man now, I don't know if there's an algebraic way to solve this, but I know how I solved it. I put the two tomorrow and it it turns out that in the morning when the sun was out and it was balmy. It was twenty-eight degrees Celsius, which is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah, and assuming that the whatever algorithm the thing is using is rounding off to the closest number, you know, and it is and at night when he came home it was drizzly and rainy and ugly. It was 16 degrees and 61 degrees cool, huh? And and you have it only worked for em. It well, I did the math. Yeah, it only works with the number was told. Well, that's my question. Well, I think these are the only two has to be between 50 and 99 Fahrenheit wage below fifty, you know this ten degrees Centigrade, right? So you can't reverse the digits if it's nine degrees centigrade is nothing to reverse right? So between 50 and 99, which is the only possible range here. These are the only temperatures in my humble opinion where they reversed and just thinking with that man, you know, I've never been the only time I was sure of something wrong with the mangoes. Anyway, who's our winner. Where is Colleen Novak? She's Kim's daughter. Yes from Atlanta Georgia and for having her answer select random from among all the correct answers that we got clean will get as you know, a $25 gift certificate to the Shameless Commerce Division of Car Talk. Com and with that gift certificate she can get a copy. CD can't talk cartoons the car talk compendium of disrespectful car songs. Wow, and what might you find on that collection? Well, here's a couple of titles off my car's going under the wrench. That's a song about a heap. It's a rental that's a song about a car that becomes a heap over the course of a weekend and the duct tape Madrigal and C Majors. That's about Helicon remains. You got the idea, you know, we'll have a brand new Puzzler coming up in the third half. Yes. Yes the third half so stay tuned for that. I mean time. Our number is 888 car talked. It's 888 275, huh? This is Joe from Boise. How you doing Joan? She's we haven't had a call from Boise in months. Really David's and last week. We had one. All right, we haven't even in a week. What's going on Joe? I have a 1990 Dodge Journey. Colt is my daughter drives in it pops out a fourth gear when you're going along. Oh man, my buddy says that whole transmission is going and I say I just need to replace the clutch. Well, he's not he's more right than you. Is this a 90 is this a 4-speed or a 5 or speeds of for Speed? This is this is a Navistar wage is just a plain old garden-variety Colt. Yeah this car cost 8888 when there was $88 a year. Yeah, exactly. I mean this is one of those things that I don't mind it popping out in fourth gear cuz I'm not sure my daughter should be driving in fourth gear. But oh she's a teenager. Yeah. Well if it's dead daughter's car, I'm not going to suggest anything crazy. Yeah, he was going to he was going to suggest bungee cords were involved the two-by-four 24th is down into the right. He's going to just write the two-by-four wage. The radio and the gear yeah, this was the bungee cord attached to the bottom of the seat. You can just see it. It's it's poetry. It's just right. Well, it's popping out of fourth gear not because of the clutch, but because there's something wrong inside the transmission TK and and the synchronizer 4/4 is gone and that's actually popping it out. Okay. Now you can live with it obviously, but you know, if you have a young person driving the car, it's bad enough that they're unsure about everything else that's going on. You don't want her to have to contend with wedging the two-by-four and their total. Yeah. Yeah. She's driving my wife's car now. So and you are driving the cult. Yeah. Well lucky you all rights to buy for has to be 18 and 1/2 inches long then you know, but your buddy I have some experience working on cars. Yeah, we mucked around with this particular car. I'm going to suggest that you go to your local junkyard and you try to find a job. Who's transmission? Oh, okay. And your your body can put this thing up on jack stands in front yard. Of course, of course, of course, you never do it in the back. I was doing the front with a neighbor's can come by and gets home know where they can see when the car falls on top of you. Yeah, you don't know what to be buried in the trees in the back. That's true. I say very often. Yeah, that's that's true. Yeah, but but Jack this thing up for some stands and they did and then give to pull out the two axles remove the shifter linkage take out the starter motor and you're going to pull the whole transmission out and if you buy your a clutch you might as well put a clutch in at the same time. Yeah, but assuming that you find the transmission I would but do that otherwise won't waste your time because it ain't the collections doing it off. But if you going to put a transmission in you might as well put a clutch in it's ready. You cost me an adult beverage now. I know I'm sorry. Let's see a joke. Good luck Bill. Yep. Takes me a call. I know we were going to like to what is it about guys named Joe just ordinary Joes ordinary Joes man. 1882. I've got moved till oh, go ahead. I'll take a nap. All right, wait when you get within 15-20 get to like 15 minutes. You might like this. Actually, I'm trying to figure out who sent it to us. It says it was from Robert Walsh, but then it also says it was from eight other people as well. So who knows was a chain letter? Okay, here we are. I was flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles by the time we took off there had been a 45-minute delay and everybody on board was not happy course unexpectedly. We have to make a stop in Sacramento on the way that might I just interject here that if this were an Amtrak train, yeah a 45-minute delay funny. They don't even count that. Also. I want to know how come you again up in Sacramento if you're flying from San Francisco to LA, but that's been side the brakes off. Wrote it down the flight attendant explained it would be another 45 minute delay. If we wanted to get off the plane. We could reboard in 30 minutes everyone got off the plane except one gentleman who was Blind Faith. I noticed him as I walked by and his seeing eye dog lay quietly underneath the seats front of him. Hm, I could also tell that he had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached him and call him by name said Keith. We're in Sacramento for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs? Keep says? No, thanks, but maybe my dog would like to stretch it does going to take a bath. So picture this everyone in the gate area comes to a complete quiet standstill when they look up and see the pilot walking off the plane with a cigarette and he's wearing sunglasses people scattered. Not only when they're trying to change planes they were trying to change. Airlines I mean he maybe didn't even think of the effect that that could have. I'm sure he figured it out with an above it second thought he lost his wings. I mean I just wonder is there an analogy here in the automotive field? So to speak like when you woke people bring their cars and you say eagle now remember my brother loves mail. So I have got something he can read preferably something with pictures. I sent it to him at good loving spot and run that runs. Good male division Car Talk Plaza box 3500 have it Square Cambridge Our Fair City 02238 or of course, you can email him stuff from cartalk.com. If you'd like to call us. You can call one eight eight car talk. That's correct. 8227 8255 hello, you're on car talk? Hello? Hi. Hey. Hey, what are y'all doing? Not much. What are you doing? I'm calling to find out if you guys know the number of a good Exorcist for my car. Yes, we do. My sister is in that business. What timezone are you in where in the central time zone Central you're calling from Chicago now, I'm calling from Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas. Yeah, what's your name? My name is Robin Robin from Texas. Yeah, what part north-south? Oh, I'm in on the beautiful shores of Lake Tawakoni. We're kind of like Northeast. There's a lake in Texas. Oh, Texas thousands of lives of like no kidding way. That's why it's called the land of lakes. You know, that's not it off isn't there another land of the that's the butter butter? So you might Exorcist what's kind of a car is it? Oh man. I got a 89 Volkswagen Fox Club. Oh, you might you don't need an exorcist you needed our suggest exactly. I don't get me wrong. I love this car know you can't that's not a catalogue. You may loves you may love it. We will stipulate that. Yeah, he loved it. All right. So what's the deal? Tell us the entire story with all the Gory details leave nothing out. All right, cuz we've got nothing but time. Okay great job about a month ago right about a month ago. And it's it's when you said about a month ago you pick up from there. The whole problem is it's like it goes like one week intervals. It's an intermittent problem in like one week intervals. Yeah. I'm ready. I love these the left right so I get the car home and I said to my husband there's something wrong with this car go out and drink so he goes out and drive it and comes back as there's nothing wrong with the car something. Okay, what must have just been the road or it was pulling to the left is that the left is 4.2 left very subtly cycle about a week. And I was going to one of my customer accounts and all of a sudden this car starts like I mean like the wheels like jerking to the left. Yeah, I pointed the Firestone and they look at it and the guy said your strut mount is messed up. So he says you need to have this left strut mount replaced. So I call my mechanic and I said, you know, you think I can get it home and he says well he says, you know just drive off so it's about an hour and that's the whole other thing behind the never really does this unless I've been driving for at least an hour. So get it back down to him. I tell Harold everything that's going on. So he took the thing on let me guess. Yeah doesn't fix. It doesn't fix it about a week later. It starts doing it again, right? Yeah, so I took it back in to my mechanic off his theory was yeah. Yeah. Yeah, the CV axle is heating up and doing something weird cuz there's not enough lubricant in there or I have a separated tread that doesn't really wage. Two separate until the tire gets caught on like they switched my tires. Excellent. Okay, front and back and I wouldn't had a front end alignment. Oh, yeah, took it back to where I bought the tires. I told the guys the same thing. Well, it hasn't done it yet the pre-emptive strike then okay. My question to you is my mechanic said he could inject some grease off to the CV boot, but he hates to do that because then it will break the seal and therefore mess up the Integrity but giving you a CV joint a cortisone shot. Okay. What were you guys suggest that I do not like any of these theories? Well, I do I do like the CV joint Theory I liked it, but I don't like it any more. I like it, but I wouldn't have him screw anything in there. I haven't actually maybe even take the axle out which doesn't take that long. Okay in a half an hour have the thing out on the bench. You can tell if either of the joints is is bound up. Okay, and if either one is bound up then it would be the equivalent it would feel like you had the brake on them that left front wheel. That's what it feels like home. Things but explained to our techs got to eat up cuz it expand gotta get hot friction heat friction. Yeah. I like it. I don't like it. I like if you ever seen a CV joint do that in all your thousands of years of experience your millions of miles of experience with CV joints. Have you ever ever heard of a CV joint that went for an hour and suddenly started dragging? Well, not really if I wasn't here to keep you honest what would happen? No, but this is not my brother doesn't understand science. What a minute you've gotta understand that. This is what this is what's called a breakthrough. I mean if it weren't for this but one of the things that happened a long time in the mid wheelie still hunting wild boar with sticks she is what you do most time. You gotta have a fix. Have you drive it around and get the thing to do you get it at home? Okay, and go into the guy go to Harold haven't brought up on the lift and see if one of the wheels is harder to turn than the other. Okay. Well, I think he's already done now and he's a certain and he feels that it's the axle still need the CV joint. That's that's not having throw another one in there put another see the whole axle. Yeah, so you think a CV axle then? Well CV joint off of the axle, but they'll replace the entire axle. Okay. Good luck Robin. Thank you. Good luck is right. Good luck. I'm going to need it. Hi. Have a good day. All right, it's time to take a shower. Right my brother's going to meditate into a new puzzle and just sort of comes to him, you know, or is it like Keel over and bumped my head of the microphone will be back in a minute. I've seen on the side. Were some very fast colors riding the fine with all of that muscle and all that power as if they had something to prove some of them drive like they'll be no tomorrow maybe for somebody's true facts. Maybe that Nexus shooting star in the sky will be any of a little Goodwill Industries gets a rash of donated radios when we say, this is NPR's support for this podcast and the following message come from Harper Collins children's books from New York Times bestselling author Terri libenson creator of the hit m e and Friends graphic novel comes uniquely you and interactive journal for kids. It's packed with fun activities tips for creating your own stories and more the uniquely you Journal celebrates creativity wage. And encourages kids to embrace what makes them unique find the uniquely you journal and Emmy and Friends graphic novels wherever books are sold with the unemployment rate at record highs right now millions of Americans are without health insurance this week on through line. How are Healthcare became tied to our jobs and how a temporary solution turned into an everlasting problem. Listen now to through line from NPR where we go back in time to understand the present. What we're back you're listening to car talk with us Click and Clack the tappet brothers and we're here to discuss cars car repair and the new Puzzler. Yeah. Okay, I can hardly wait wage. All right. Well I decide I realize that I haven't really done any Automotive puzzles for long time because a really good Automotive puzzle. So yeah. Well you have a myth who work for two months off do it. I mean you forget yeah a customer who shall remain nameless called up the other day and said that a brake job. We had done had gone arrived. We had done a brake job on his old Volvo and we had put on new pads and new disc rotors and it was all right for several months and and then dick says oh did I say nameless? He says she's now now when I step on the brakes, he said I get a rumbling and he said in the harder I step on the brakes the worse it is. In fact, I don't really feel it at low speeds or if I step on the brake gently even at high speeds, but if I really lay on to the brakes off I feel that shuttering in the car. Yeah, he says one of those new discs must be warped and we say I doubt it. Hm. Anyway, he brings the car in and we drove it around and sure enough. He's right it is doing is doing the Roman classic symptom a warped discs. Yeah, we put the car up wheels are pretty hefty discos a hefty media Boost Galaxy me bhi dedo cheap little girl. No, no, no nose a serious you go. They get the rejection IHOP. They slap a brake caliper a story Coca-Cola on some of the home. Anyway, we put the dial indicator on it and determine that there's nothing wrong with the disc golf call. Perfect. If you had there would be no Puzzler. That's correct. That's correct. Yeah, but Faith, but and we check all the bushings that because a bad tie rod ends are a ball joints or ball joint roll arm bushing or bad strut mount anything can cause this vibration way check out. Everything we check everything we could find nothing wrong. But to humor him we put four new discs on you. Do not really so we put we put four new discs on figuring that maybe one of our instruments is off a little bit. See we drive the car. Of course what exactly the same thing? Yeah back up on the lift that goes off and hours go by and we have Ralph chained to his toolbox until he figures this out. He's standing there and he's right in the middle of the car. Was he lying down Dono hantho know. He stuck the car the lift. He stated it right smack in the middle of the car. Yeah with wrenches in hand and he's ready to remove something. Yeah, and I say to him. What are you doing? He said this is it. I know what's wrong with it. What's he going to remove and why does it fix it now? If you think you know the answer and you feel like taking a guess mail your answer to Puzzler Tower Car Talk off. Maza box 3500 Harvard Square Cambridge Our Fair City 02238 or you can email us your answer from our website cartalk.com if you'd like to cross the numbers 188. Hello. You're on cardstock. Hi, this is Jim from Winters, California. Jim Peters. Yes, winter package must be a cruel joke. Where were you in Southern California? Well, it gets down to the fifties in the winter. So it's pretty tough. Oh Northern California Northern California. How North York San Francisco in. Oh really way up to Sacramento. Oh, I know you are. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. We're all the earthquake's epicenter earthquake epicenters either right there and think I guess so we're destroyed by earthquakes guess about a hundred years ago. Yeah. Well you got plenty of time. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, there was only, like every hundred years. There's a big earthquake. Oh, I don't know just too much of a sweat. So what's up? What's up will have a pig. Toyota 4Runner it sounds problem for about two or three years where occasionally, it just won't start. You can't jump start it that doesn't make a difference. It still won't start. However yesterday I discovered that you could go around the ignition system, you know, you go straight to the from the battery to the starter and it starts up a good job. That's excellent and only happens once awhile who taught you how to do the jump to the starter to hyperspace the guys that are local auto parts store Flint. Oh, yeah. I'm yeah, I'm learning how to hotwire cars and everything and did it in all these guys, but why didn't they sell you the piece that you need? Remote start with yeah, what's wrong with her? Most switch? You need to start a relay a starter relay what you may call annoyed you may but I I thought I think it's more likely you need the starter motor you think so. Yeah. Well now I can start it. If I go past the ignition switch and all the other electrical stuff that's on there to the starting wage. It turns over fine. Yeah, I know but but it certainly will find a lot of other times to the words. It doesn't always misbehave when you turn the key and it may be that just jumping right from the stonecutter hot wire to the solenoid wire is is enough to get the thing kicked over. Whereas when you make the electrons Go the whole route through the key and the relay and all that jazz. It's need Tire they get tired and they don't make it and it doesn't energize the solenoid and if the solenoid doesn't get energised the thing won't fire up. Okay. This has a gear reduction starter and these these Stars Famous for having exactly the problem. You describe the way to solve the problem is the next time it won't start have an assistant get in the thing and turn the key while you tap the starter motor with a rock your shoe, you know rock would be good. I don't understand why this start I just want to give it a little yeah, right. So I want to give them a lot of the person is holding the key all the way to crank you give it a shot with the rock or with a small hammer or whatever. It'll fire right up and that'll tell you that the starters NG. Okay, that's technical lingo for no-good low-down Jim. All right. Well, thank you very much. All righty. Good luck Jim. 188 278. Hello. Hi, my name is Sue and I'm calling from Arlington, Virginia. Thay how you doing. Good. Thanks fine. Well, the question I have for you is part relationship dilemma and part philosophical conundrum. Oh man. This is the kind of question that wage. Into so much trouble to do with a spouse relate that well, I I think you'll be safe on this one. The problem is that my boyfriend thinks that I'm a terrible driver and not you know, he's wonderful. He's supportive in every way. He's just afraid to get in the car with me. Basically. I mean rate actually afraid the thing is, you know, I admit that it's true. I have a lot of near miss when he's in the car with me, but when he's not around I'm a perfectly fine driver and I argue that it's his very presence that distracts me and so I would like to prove to him that I'm a good driver. But the thing is I need a way to prove it without him actually being there. Well, I mean, well, you know, you're how many accidents have you how long you been driving? Oh, well now ten years or more ten years of more. Yes. Okay. That's that's good enough. How many accidents have you had in those? Ten years one how bad was it? It was totaled wage. You totaled the car. How did you do that? Oh, it was a wet day and there were five cars. So I'll hit each other in front of me and I was so sick of the car. Oh and you were tailgating not my fault. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, if you were tailgating was your fault off well, but some of the other guys, you know, those those accidents happen all the time because people don't realize there tailgating until they get written up for it exactly how many how many moving violations have you had in those wage? Let's say the last ten years. Oh, I was hoping we were going to go down this road. We've got to find out if he's right. You called us. I mean if you get something to hide, let's let's play this way. I've never had a violation while he's been in the car with me. So that wasn't the question the question you're claiming that you're a good driver when he's not in the car. He wasn't home when the car when you total the damn car was e know he wasn't with you in the car when you go to all those speeding tickets. Well, no, they weren't speeding tickets. What were they? Well we have this thing here in Virginia birth. The red light takes a picture of you when you go through it. How many of those did you get? So as I expected this is not going well. So I got I got two or three of them when I first moved to Virginia five years ago and has gotten one six. Okay, so you got seven of them. I think this would only cover the span of time. I've been dating him for four years and I haven't had one while I've been dating him. Well, I mean it could well be that he's responding to various clues that you're passing on like going through red lights. Well, I guess it's more of a sort of tree falling in the forest but no one can hear it sort of problem. I think it's a clear case of denial. So you're taking his side. I think I think so. I don't I don't know. I don't know suit you. Are you a hacker? Yakar? Yeah you talk a lot. I mean when you when someone's in the car with you, it's just the opposite. My boyfriend is a a big talker and I'm yep. People do that when they're scared ever get next to sit next to someone on a plane was afraid of flying they don't shut up the planes on the ground when he when he accuses me of being a bad driver. Does he give specific instances? I mean does he say my God didn't use see that and you say see what or he says my God does a cockatoo. He scream a lot. Wow. Yeah. That's that's phrases sound pretty familiar. I think so. You know what? Yeah. I think we have to talk to him you do, you know his number I do. Remember we're going to take you off the air for a minute. We're going to get your number to our office assistant producer. All right Louis the Barbarian Cronin. What's his name? Her name is Greg Greg Greg. Yeah. All right. We'll try to get him on the line. Hold on if you will. Okay? Thanks. I'll give us his number. Go ahead. Okay. Got it. He's going to be so happy that you're signing with him or not signing over simply in the fact-finding stage. We call this new legal profession Discovery Church, and we've discovered that you're crazy. All right. Hang on. Hang on. This is Greg. Hey Greg, this is Tom and Ray from Car Talk. Hey, how you doing guys? We're doing great. You know we have on the line with us your girlfriend Sue off. Yeah in claims that you've been on her case about her driving. Well, I don't know if I'm necessarily been on her case a few friendly encouragement side. Say wage like what I mean, we we try we try to probe a little bit and here's the situation she wants to prove to you that she's a good driver and you seem to be unwilling to believe that in in her estimation. Well, I'd have to say that I'm probably more concerned for her safety than her actual driving technique. What kinds of things does she do is my question. I mean, it's it's little things, you know, it's like if she's trying to pass somebody or she's coming up on somebody that's going very slowly. She'll wait until she's all the way up on him and then realized that she needs to move around him. And so we come way up on people and then she's looking over her shoulder. Yeah, and there was a game. So, I don't know if she mentioned there was a brief little amount of time where she got a a number of red-light tickets. Yes, it did happen to mention that we had to probe a little bit to get it out of her and she she gave it up. He only he only admitted to nine of them first first. He said it was three and then and then you know, we finally well that's I think I'll ever heard was three 2 so you got more than I am. Yeah, but are you a are you terrified when you get in the car? Tell the truth? Because she can't hear us. She's on she's on hold on. Am I am I terrified? Yeah, probably not but do I do I have my moments of Terror? Yeah. Sure. So you tell us the truth. I mean, you're pretty much get the death to get inside. All right. All right, I'll cave so, you know after that so you you think that that you're better when Grace not in the car. Absolutely. What month? You think that I mean we have no evidence to support that let Greg just corroborated that you tailgate. I accused you of tailgating when your total your car off wasn't with you. When you're totally complete ganging up on you. You're a lousy stinking driver know if I could get my teenage romantic element cuz my mom told me once that she always has a hard time driving with someone else in the car because she's talking from the door. It does have it has a lot to do with I I drive or better when I'm alone. At least there's no one to scream at me when I'm alone. Exactly. I don't I don't believe that you don't you know what my brother does not drive better when he's alone because he has admitted driving a hundred miles an hour when he's alone. He says, of course I wouldn't do this with my wife was in the car. I never I've never driven a hundred. Yes, you have I was with you off. It was oh man. No, I think I happen to think. I mean you made it was on a racetrack. You may be worse when Greg is around, but I personally think so that you are song called driver. I hate to say it. But the way the way you drive reminds me of my sister. I'm glad you called and and I think you just called us because you wanted to get this off your chest. So I think so too and I think deep down inside you knew that you were a bad driver wasn't this a wonderful cathartic. It was a drug addict experience for you. So you can admit it. Openly you are stinko driver and it is time to shape up. I promise to turn over a new Leaf. I hope you do takes it should be a good zoo off-road sport guy. Thank you Greg. Hey, thanks to you guys. Wow, what you've wasted in otherwise perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk. Our steam producer is dead. The subway fugitive not a slave to Fashion Bongo boy pumpkin lips Frogman soon-to-be Surfer boy Berman associate producers a David the Cavs of Bellville green and Catherine's Rob Bucher fell off. Our web Lackey is Doug the old gray mare assisted by Connie bridgford our Engineers John Carter. Perrotti. Our theme music is by David grisman and our technical spiritual and menu advisor just back from his birth pleasing Cakewalk at the Cote. D'azur cocoa and Cocoa Puffs Italian Lalor. Our public opinion pollster is Paul Murphy of murky research assisted by statisticians off Vera. Our customer care representative is Haywood Jabez off our director of roadway resurfacing is Sylvia poggioli. Our staff errand boy is Hugo Fair me and our solicitor new ideas is not be quiet our sexual harassment investigators hanky-panky. Our meteorologist from the New Delhi office is Luke out of window. Our eBay specialist is so much junk on covert operations is dead. Dynatel and our Russian show for his Peak off and drop off. Our curator of Dionne Warwick studies is Isaiah little prayer, and our seat cushion tester is Mike istre AR Chief counsel from the office, Bowie to do and how is you Louis delete known to the not yet discovered percussion prodigies banging pots and pans in Harvard Square as you Louie Dewey. Thanks so much for listening. We're Click and Clack the tappet brothers, and I don't drive like my brother. I have like my brother in. Hope you back next week we all bye-bye. You can get a podcast of the show subscribe to our weekly podcast and check out our taste challenge clothing and best of collections all over at cartalk.com. Also this week cartalk.com. What a ditch your old car before winter arrives and you find yourself stranded in a snowbank surrounded by hungry boots donate your old car to this station will get a tax break and the station gets the proceeds checkout the cart sort vehicle donation program details are at cars.com. I talked is a production of Dewey Cheatham and Howe and WBUR Boston and even though butcher's everywhere cast sideways glances at their meat Cleavers whenever they hear us say it. This is NPR.

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