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"60 miles hour" Discussed on No Laying Up

"Threes, but trails is just the best vibe for me. I could play trails every day all the time. 13 I kind of was less enthusiastic about this time than the last time, even though I think I had a 6 both times and I played it. Like four years ago in this time. But other than that, I just, I love almost every hole of trails. I just think it's such a fun walk and I had a great back 9 there to sort of win the match that I was in with my buddy and I just we always played like a writer stuff writer cup style tournament there. And we had to play it from like some up tease because of the weather, which is definitely the way to do it like don't have too much bride to sort of move up a T there if you're like the wind is blowing. The wind is blowing in 50, 60 mile hour gusts at pakman. And so like trying to play that from the green teaser back was like a bonkers proposition. So we played it from the golds. And it was perfect. It was, they made it acceptable and playable. So I think I played a 147 holes in four days. Which is just lunatic behavior. But it's hard to like, after you've played 36, if you've played really well in the afternoon, you're like, well, why wouldn't I go out and play one of the 40 best golf courses in the world for free? I could do all kinds of cool stuff on the front 9 abandoned, or sneak out the back night band and play at 11 whole loop at sheep ranch. In the next two hours, that's what makes band and super fun. It's like that extra bonus fun golf. Could anybody possibly play sheep ranch without walking with a smile on their walking away with the smell on their face? It just seems like an impossible thing for me to do. Would be tough. It would be tough. The moving up of tea is reminds me of one of the great detonations I ever heard in my life, which was I was there with Sean Martin, and we had very similar similar conditions for four straight days. It was just absolutely brutal. Everybody's getting their ass kicked. And finally, one of the other people I was there with suggested like, well, why don't we just move up a T and Sean was being a little pouty? And the caddy just puts an absolute bullet in his head, just like, hey man, if you're making too many birdies and you're not having any fun, then we can all move back. It'll be totally fine. Anytime too much fun comes into play, we'll just dial up the attention. I've said that. I've used that exact phrase that you have shared a couple of times and it's impossible to not laugh and be like, not at the logic. All right. That's a good point. Exactly. Who exactly are you going to, that's the thing too, is people are always like, yeah, but I want to post a score or whatever. And even that sort of thing in your mind, like it includes the idea that anyone would possibly give a shit. Yes. You're like, yeah, you know, I shot 74 at being a dude. It's like, no one's going to be like, well, yeah, but what? Yeah. That was there's, oh, that's awesome. Cool. That's so good for you. I'm really impressed. And even as they say that, they're already thinking about their own round. Exactly. Other people are doing a lot of heavy lifting in your own head in that instance. Yes. I agree. I got to spend some time in Scotland's playing a lot of different courses there. Was there anything that stood out in your mind that you would have been in trim compared to a Scotland trip in that sense? It's interesting, man. From the east coast, honestly probably I would say way easier to get to Scotland, honestly. Flight in New York fly to Edinburgh and you're there, right? And you've got a little bit of a drive to whatever golf course or whatever region you're looking to post up in. Compare that with getting out to bandon is usually at least a couple flights and at least a couple hours in the car. So when you kind of put it that way, I mean, I think the scenery abandons unbelievable the golf courses are unbelievable the food and the accommodations and all that stuff's great. But if you have a chance to go kind of settle in and live temporarily in another country, right? Especially when that country is kind of the place that invented the game. If you hadn't done Scotland, I think it's pretty hard not to not to put that at the top of your list. As I mentioned, I loved it so much that I was mandated by the government to stay a little bit longer even. So that was, man, what a weird, what a weird week. Like I said, I ended up getting COVID and couldn't really fly back to the United States. Obviously, until I was testing negative. So yeah, just kind of hung out. It was a bit of a lost in translation kind of dream like feel at the home of golf. Quarantining my appropriate time and once I got out and moved around, I mean, I was there on a Sunday in saint Andrews when the most famous golf course in the world is famously closed and turned into a public park and just walked around the old course for literally three hours, just looking at every single hole and every single green from every single angle and I had my yardage book out and a cup of coffee and just walked around and tried to stow away as much stuff for the open as I possibly could. I've never I don't know the last time well actually I could tell you the last time I was just excited for a major would have been the 2015 open also at saint Andrews where we all met frequently blacked out. And had just an all time possibly my favorite week of traveling in whatever it is that we do. That was good stuff. But yeah, just that's a rambling answer, but it was a trip full of multitudes, certainly. Played the old course a couple times. I played Neil in a Hickory match at the old course, which was a kind of a bucket list item. We've done that in a couple awesome places we did it. Pinehurst number two was up there on that list. We did it at wash camo in Michigan on tour sauce. And being able to play the old course with hickories I know how hipstery and all that stuff it sounds, but it was a fucking blast to just be able to try to think your way around and like the bunkers are so much more in play and you're just desperately trying to avoid them at all costs and kind of playing chess against yourself. I at least had to play chess against myself because I certainly couldn't play against Neil because he beat the shit out of me. So here here on that one. Who could have envisioned it back in 2015 one day you would play Hickory's on the old course in a match where Neil would just not only dominate you athletically but intellectually. I know like just what a world we were living in. It was a tour de force tour de force..

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