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"55 coyotes" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"She's already get loose weight in eighties movie. It sounds like an eighties movie. Like a John Hughes film. Where's Molly Ringwald? Molly Ringwald. You know, the Diamondbacks have a home game and they're playing the Cincinnati Reds. I'm calling. This may be the biggest home opener for the Diamondbacks after what's happened. Over the last year with Cove ID and no fans in the stands for Major league baseball. We're gonna have 20,000 screaming Arizona Diamondbacks fans. There might be some Cincinnati Reds Easter bread fans. There might be some Cubs fans there that just don't have anything better to do it. I don't know who they're rooting for it, But I'll tell you what they're everywhere. No matter what ballpark you go to in America. There's 50 people with Cub hats on, but it's a big deal. Man. This is this is the largest Event gathering that we've had in a year. Can you think of one that's bigger? I can't. I don't know. The second biggest one was that illegal party we just had for five people forced. This'd is the biggest is just the biggest The sports that's going on now, the biggest get together. So Texas had the biggest one. Well, yeah, everybody went to the game on then. And then this will be our biggest by far. My farmers. Yeah, because what is it 5000 now? Is that what they're letting in it? The fur was like 1000 fans. Maybe it's a couple of cardinals games. Then you have 3000 fans at the sons. They put it to 55 coyotes. I don't know. They start out like like 3300. I think they're right around there. This is 20,000 fans. 1000. So what's on the menu? Because, you know, they always come up with new food. You This is what I always say. You either Come up with new great players that you're gonna talk about, or Since they didn't do that. You come up with new items on the menu. You got to talk about one of the other. Hey, here's our Star player. That's right. We don't have many of those. Um, but now let's talk about food. So here's what's on the menu. If you go to the baseball game first up to bat. The ultimate pub. Bacon burger. How's that sound to you, Chad? So far so good. I want to hear what's on it, guy who's just doing this very exciting but also works. I can't eat it because I'm getting back in the softball. Shame through I take the field in a couple weeks, so third pound burger. It has a great pub cheese.

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