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"51 army rangers" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"51 army rangers" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Ball into your front extremely dangerous mission by internal evidence. That's the story of volunteer. He said. Don't you want to what The mission is I said You're sure but volunteer. Not only was he accepted he was put in command of 51 Army Rangers myself, Dear God. He stole and you get a bunch of big guys killed. That was Ralph Pocket. Seven years ago today, his steps slowed by age he received the Medal of honor. President, Biden said, was long overdue. Also pocket helping the eighth U. S Army Ranger company to secure a strategically important hill. It's 12 48. The Phoenix Arizona area is threatening a definite nation lawsuit in a long, controversial and unofficial election check now ongoing. I'm Tom 40. There's now a warning of a possible lawsuit in that so called election audit ongoing in Arizona related to former President Trump's repeated falsehoods of election fraud. It is being financed by the Arrows. On a Senate, which hired an outside company with no election auditing experience, which in turn has followed some unusual clues and theories. Now. Officials of Maricopa County, the biggest county in the state, which includes Phoenix, have directed the Arizona Senate and those outside auditors to preserve documents for a possible lawsuit that in a letter after the auditors refused to back down from a claim that the county destroyed evidence. Tom Foti, CBS News, a college graduation speaker, handing out more than just sage advice Friday. Quincy College, Robert Hale Jr. CEO of Granite Telecommunications, handed out envelopes with a surprise gift. A lot of smiles that day. Here's more on that from WBZ TV. Still, Shields.

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