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"50 gun victims" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"Struck the police officer. Was was impaired and possibly drinking, possibly drinking, allegedly. So our hearts go out to the Sokol's family. Hearts go out to The NYPD. And certainly to the family of this officer. You just you just plain. I can't imagine what that what that is like and that we offer them our most sincere condolences. From the radio station. Paul Di Giacomo will join us. You know, we had pull a book to talk about the anti cop rhetoric that's out there. The increased shootings that are going on in New York you know, attacks on detectives trying to do their jobs, which happened, Detective arbitrarily assaulted from behind by a suspect How this is happening in New York. I wish I wish the mayor would comment on the always come to Cuomo would comment on these, you know, protect your The police who are protecting us? Because look at the stats here. You know, this is this is in this list week. 50 Gun Victims 46 shootings in New York. Eight of them are fatal. 300% surge over 20 2300% nearly two dozen shootings recorded over the past weekend. 15 people shot on Saturday. This is New York City, by the way, including a 30 year old former NYPD cop leaving a party in Red Hook, right, You're and it's just going on. And then this is what's frustrating is when they continue to say We got to defund the police and you see it. You see it. You see it on all the local news they will report. The shootings and all the crime and the uptick. It's not enough Ticket's Ah rise a dramatic rise in shootings in murders you know and in crime. Since they've been defunding the police. How do you justify it? Then? We have to look to the president of the United States allegedly a president of the United States. I'm still not back. I'm still not by this guy is my president. Forgive me. Forgive me, but he combined gets up there. You know, Sleepy Joe gets up there and he goes out. There's rules systemic racism. And the cops are racist, and they say it on a national stage. Oh, and this is a dona This is why so when you ask me, Joe out, you're a reasonable guy. People tell me. How could you have voted? How could you have voted for Donald Trump? Because Donald Trump supported the police and he supported the military. And the one thing you couldn't question about President Trump was his patriot is patriotic feel for this country. It's true whether you like it or not, You don't like to hear it. I'm sorry. You don't like the air it? It's true that now Look what's happening from the funding the police. So you and I go like this we go. Okay, This is what's happening and you look at the logical It's like what happened. November 3rd with the vote with the votes. All of a sudden the shutting down everything. All of a sudden, Facebook's after us all of a sudden Twitter lot of Twitter won't allow us to gain followers. You know, you don't have talking about right Facebook and Google and then why are they stopping this? Why are they stopping those of us who love the country? Everybody's page I feel so You know what I posted like Karen put Sarah for Sarah posted for me saying, I'm proud to stand behind a microphone as a patriotic American. They don't want you to say that they don't want us to say one nation under God. There's such it's not just the opposite party. It's an anti American party in my opinion. Because when you say defund the police and then the result is this. And then the result is people assaulting, like this detective in New York And this punk cockroach just runs away. You know, they know they hit you from behind. You ever see these? These, uh These anarchists that I just you and you know what? There's no consequences. And then the name of God get wanted. Can we as a people? Maybe we should protest. Maybe we should hit the streets. So all the politicians are fired. Can we impeach all these other people in the New York City Council? Who back going against the police? Who just let these criminals back on the street. Isn't there some kind of organization? That's what I can't stand about The Republicans they don't they should come up with the Democrats would have thought of something already, you know? Am I right? The Democrats if there's a way to do with the Democrats, if it's a way to be mean and to get back from Democrats are all there like a scorn person in a relationship, you know. They the Democrats that we're gonna get you. We're gonna get you and they'll come right back at you. The Republicans go. Well, you know, it's a red. What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? Let's just get elected and were elected and that's good. No, you gotta fight. Now. Maybe we should gather up as a complete, you know, organization together. Go after these d A's and go after these judges go after the politicians who are allowing the criminals back on the street. How is that? Isn't there a lawsuit that we could bring forth? Somebody's got to help me out here. Somebody's got it. There's gotta be a way to do it because we just let it happen, and we're just letting it happen. And then when we vote for somebody that we believe, believes in the police believes in the country believes in law and order and says that the press stops it Now why would they do that? Why would the press stop it and go after somebody who was so pro American pro law enforcement? Do you ever es yourself then maybe there are bought and sold by outside forces that want to take the country down. That's the on Lee logical explanation that I could put forth on the airways and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna hold back my opinion and I'm not gonna cower down. Like everybody else and entertainment or everywhere else. They're just afraid You can't say no. You can't say that. You know what I can and you know what I just did, and I'm going. I'm going to keep doing it. I'm sorry. Somebody's gotta stick out for this country. There's few and far between of us fighters back left. Okay. Well, you know, Joe Biden Wells? No, not anymore. Not anymore. No, no nice guy with what's happening down to the border mark more gonna break it down for us today. It's just an excusable What's happening there and on the end the violence that is happening in the inner cities around the country and the excuses that are still being made by the mainstream media. It's inexcusable, so we'll get into it all. We'll get into a Gavin Newsom is now can be recalled. And even though they lopped off 100,000 votes there illegally, in my opinion, But it looks like California Governor Newsome will face a recall election..

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