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"43 light degrees" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"43 light degrees" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"WBC's of past 2 traffic 90 on in the Auburn. three raining again My right king now, WBC's through Essex County, traffic getting on the over three into raining the sea again coast right of now New through Hampshire, Essex County, but really getting north over into and the west sea of coast 93, of New Hampshire, 2 93. but really We're starting north to and see west some of snow 93, coming down 2 and 93. The We're Lakes starting region to of see New some Hampshire, snow also coming over toward down Lake and Sunapee The and Lakes even region parts of New Hampshire, of northern also and over western toward Massachusetts. Lake Sunapee and even So parts snow of northern out there on and western route to Massachusetts. through Westminster in Gardner So snow getting over out there toward on route Phillips, to through Tin Westminster Templeton that in Gardner stretch getting and over the Springfield toward area Phillips, seeing Tin a bit Templeton of rain right that now, stretch as well, All in the Springfield this area, should seeing start a bit to move of rain out right later now, on as well. tonight, but All the wind is sticking this should around. start to move We got out this win later coming on in tonight, from the Northwest but the wind right is sticking now. around. Most We got of this us win between coming 10 in from and the Northwest 20. right Miles now. an hour Most sustained of us between 10 some higher and gusts 20. for sure, Miles an But hour this sustained wind is going to make it some feel higher much gusts colder. for Tonight, sure, But this let alone wind your is 30 going to make in it Boston feel much twenties colder. in Tonight, the suburbs, let all alone your of 30 us feeling in Boston like the teens. twenties in the suburbs, Tomorrow, all staying of brisk us feeling with a mix like of sun the teens. and clouds high in the Tomorrow, mid forties staying brisk feeling with like a mix the thirties of sun and clouds high Saturday, in the warming mid forties up the feeling wind kind like of the lets thirties up a little bit not quite Saturday, so warming chilly behind up the your wind 50. kind of lets up Of a little course, bit the question not quite is so what chilly about behind Easter your 50. could have some showers Of course, in the question the morning? But is then what about Easter everything moves out. could Clouds have some and showers sun, a in bit the of morning? a breeze. But then Nice everything moves and out. mild, Clouds will and sun, have a high a bit on of a breeze. Easter Sunday Nice about 60 and mild, degrees. will have a high on It's 35 Easter Sunday right now about in 60 degrees. Springfield, seeing It's 35 41 right in now Mansfield, in a bit Springfield, of rain there 41 seeing 41 in Lawrence, in Mansfield, and some a bit of showers rain there as well. 41 Right now in in Boston Lawrence, and at 6 some 35 showers as well. light Right rain now moving in Boston into the city at right 6 now 35 and weird 43 light degrees. rain moving into the Some city of the right state's now top and Democrats weird 43 coming together degrees. today to call Some on of the the president state's top Democrats to cancel thousands coming together and today student to call loans. on the president WBC's to cancel Mike thousands Macklin was their and student attorney loans. general, Maura WBC's Healey led Mike Macklin the call was their for President attorney Joe general, Biden Maura to Healey cancel led up the call to $50,000 for President.

Mike Macklin $50,000 Essex County Lawrence Auburn Mansfield Westminster Springfield Maura Biden Maura Gardner Mike Lake Sunapee today Massachusetts thirties Boston 41 Saturday 43 light degrees