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"414. 9990909" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Lots of classes coming up this month. This this week. We have a class up in the Hubertus area on the 15th. And following week will be a musky gonna 22nd and 23rd. I think what's on so many folks minds lately really is taxes, inflation. You know, pretty massive government spending with the Covid pandemic and you know, new administration in Washington. And what does that mean? From a taxation and inflation standpoint? And, more importantly, are there things you can do to protect your retirement nest day? So we're going to cover that topic. These upcoming workshops love to have you out. We are keeping those groups sizes smaller, so they do fill up so we need you to register ahead of time. And you can do so right at retirement ready showed that calm. Got Brad Allen. Tom Newman. Hello. Hello. Boys are back in town. That's right. Anybody going to sing it or not? You know, two weeks on, both boys are back in town. Come on. You don't want me? No. Nothing happening. Heard you're working on a boat again? Is there some issues? Yeah, there was. We tried to get it out for the holiday weekend last weekend and just didn't go so well, so there's going to be a for sale Sign coming up pretty soon. The two best days the day you buy the boat in the day yourself, Yeah. I'm ready to sell it. You can imagine that's lots of work on the boats. That's for sure. But, um, welcome everyone to the show. You're listening to the retirement Ready Show. My name is Tony Drake. And we want to talk a little bit of I'm really excited this week to talk about, you know, the most important things about your money when it comes to retirement. And maybe you thought about that. Maybe you haven't. But of all the things that you can position your money for. Maybe you're thinking about growth and a quid itty dividend. Lots of people are thinking about producing income and Sometimes safety. What should you focus on First retirement is simply different for different people. Almost every situation is at least a tad bit different from the next one. What's your neighbor needs on their money could could be similar to what you need, but it also might be very different. So if we're trying to put some common denominators into the retirement planning and investing landscape, if you will, What would they be? Well, we're going to do that for today's show, and we're going to talk about three things that we think every retiree and retirement plan. Should have a plan. For those three things are safety growth, potential liquidity. We could throw an income to that equation as well as the fourth pillar, but not everyone needs income on their portfolio. Some people get by just fine on their pensions and social security payments. So the three things we think every retiree should focus on Our safety of their dollars. Growth, potential, their investments and having liquid access to their money, and that's what you need to do to really have a successful retirement plan. You really want to just those three things. If you'd like to take us up on a complimentary appointments, sit down with us. You can reach out at 414. 9990909 that's 4149990909. Or you can visit us right at retirement ready show dot com You can click on click click. Click on a complimentary consultation, calendar pop up, You can pick a date and time networks for you so we can give you the second opinion that you deserve. Now. I think it's obvious that retirement and financial planning is comprehensive and complete can be a complex matter. One that is much more integrated than simply worrying about safety growth and liquidity. But we want to keep things simple. Today. We want to focus on these three pillars of retirement planning and investing because to help create a solid financial plan, you need to start with the basics. These are the basics. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who would say they don't want their money safe. And that they don't want to grow their assets and that they don't want liquid access to their money. Everybody wants some version of these three things, and there's even more important reasons to have that during retirement. So stay with us throughout today's show, because we're going to detail each one to help you understand how to plan properly for each and You know, Brad time when we talk about kind of simplicity, I think one of the things I just appreciate about you guys and our team so well is that you know, these are sometimes difficult to talk about concepts. And they can be complex, and I think there's really a lot of art and describing these in a way that is simple, so everybody can understand. A lot of the clients we work with are very sophisticated when it comes to investments may be handled their investments themselves their whole life. Some others are coming in saying, Hey, I saved but I don't know what's going on here accounts now, and I think being able to walk through these plans and a simplistic manner is really important. Him for folks who want to continue their education process. We have a great complimentary guide this week called Designing your Financial house to whether the elements.

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