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"318006368686" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"A tremendous money to you. What's crack and hope he had a great weekend. My name is Jim Rome. It is good to be with you. We're live from the rocket. Mortgage Studios Rocket mortgage. When you need certainty in the home buying process with a loan that fits your life rocket can Welcome to the show. Probably wondering where you got forced today. Rome got a lot of show. Good show, dude. Really good show. You start shopping, a telephone number. It is told 318006368686 used it. Get in here. I do have an interview coming up next segment, but As I've shown in the past for the right telephone call, jump you right to the front of the line. You know, I like the biggest d bag thing ever is to cut the line. It is not here. I'll let you do it. If it's gonna make the show better. I will get you right to the front of the line. Call now. 18006368686 for me on Twitter at Jim Rome. All right? The interviews are as follows coming up next segment Pen Gulliver. And Mbah, national writer for The Washington Post. That's next segment coming up in our number two founder of the QB summit, Jordan Palmer, working with the best of the best get update from him. Also in our number three the head football coach at Vanderbilt Clark Lee. It is him Monday. So that's an 80. P day. Whatever you want to talk about Hit me right now. 1 806 368686. And when I say that, I mean this, like what you might want to talk about may not be something I was going to talk about, but I'm open to you bringing something to it. As example. Did you really think that on this Monday I would start with some? Mm eh? Maybe you did. Maybe you didn't hear We are here. The bleep we are. So let me start not only without us a topic, but let me start with a statement relating to that. Statement being if you have slept on tomorrow's mon, that is a you problem. That's on you. Not on him. And you are missing out if you are missing out on one of the best UFC fighters ever not just today, but one of the best ever, and if you are sleeping on him, then you probably owe him an apology. And watching what he does to people who stand in front of him, especially those who disrespect him. If I were you, I would get that apology in quickly. If you had any doubt about that it ended Saturday night in the third round right around the time that Gilbert Burns was ended. Now before I get to that third round, I want to talk about the first round. And what happened there? Who's mon took the very best that Burns had to offer. And that's saying a lot because Burns is dangerous as hell and he was landing and he was landing Kill shot. Technically,.

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