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"272,700 mg" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Debbie. You're on w g N. You've got a question for Dr Steve happy Friday. Thank you. Are you there? Yeah. What's the What's the question? I'm sorry. Okay, I have I have to wrap asean, my feet and in my fingertips due to chemotherapy that I wasn't sure Get any of that would work for that. Can I ask you a quick question? How long has it been since the last chemotherapy treatment? You've gotten, uh, at the end of February? Okay, Let me tell you and share my experience. We see a ton fine. Both pediatric and the Scientology and one of the big issues that we have with these patients is that they have whole latest post chemotherapeutic neuropathy. I'll tell you that. We should have started this with you a long time ago, because if we can again if we could, you know, sort of finesse it a little bit. We're really able to control a lot of that post chemotherapy neuropathy that you're having. And let me be very honest. More importantly, on top of the CBD as time goes on, and as your body processes over poison that they put in there to kill what had to be killed. You'll start to feel better and better and better, So I don't want you to get upset about the neuropathy. Want you to understand itself Limited and eventually it will stop your somebody. 1000%. I wish you would have probably to see me because you I really have a lot to offer. And I'm sorry you had to go through that can absolutely try this. Yeah. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Good luck, Debby. I hope that I hope that helps. And we wish you health in the future, And I hope that is a solution for you. Um, Dr Steve, let's let's take Jenny's call. This is this is a really good question. I wouldn't know the answer this one and this will be my first question. Go ahead, Jenny. Yes, Hi. And I have used CBD for a while. The lotion and I have the bottle. I have the brand I have has it, says 300 mg Active. Um, per two ounces for this little battle, then I bought Another went back and got the same brand, but it's this one, says 600. MG is one stronger than the other. Does it work better than the other is? Why is 16 so I have I have an answer, but I don't watch it and think it's because they have a product. I'm thinking to myself. 600 how are created 1500? Listen, the answer is yes, the higher amount that they get the milligram dosage. But then you have to see how much is actually you know, being dispersed when you use the product. In other words, you know, like you're like our CBD. Let's just take our CBD for around 3000 mg CBD so each drop Or full that a patient would take is equal to 100 mg, not 3000. So that's sort of, you know, just to give you that, you know she can understand how it's done. But 600 should be stronger than 200, which is not as strong as 1500. That's what I'm thinking. You gotta go big or go home Girlfriend. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. So one will The more the more MILLIGRAMS the better. It's going to work. I have a lot of arthritis that Yeah. Has it been successful for you in the past, Jenny, have you found relief? Actually, yes, you know, And I think for maybe an hour or so, but I use, you know, And then it kind of wears off. I think, but, yeah, you know, initially and maybe an hour or two. Um yeah. Jenny. That's the problem with the creams. You got to take it. I tell patients if you're going to use the cream, it's not the amount you use. But it's the frequency. It's the consistency of use of it. And this is exactly what happens. Which is why you got to try it orally because if you can trigger a larger, systemic, anti inflammatory reaction, you're going to feel better. And you won't have to baby the crane either. I'm telling you Try and orderly. It will help you. And it will be better managing arthritis when it's multi joy. Uh huh. Good luck. We'll try that. Good luck, Jenny. Yeah, that is, um That was my question, too, about the strength of things. I know. My mother in law puts it on and then puts gloves on overnight because she feels as if it retains. You know, whatever the benefits are longer. I don't know that's what she finds. Um, hey. I mean, I love her, Nana. You met none. I think. Let's see. I have heard if you take a medicine this is from the text line. I've heard if you take a medicine that says, do not eat grapefruit that you shouldn't take CBD. Is that true? Um well, I I don't think that eating, I wouldn't eat grateful necessarily and CBD at the same time, But there are you know, facility is not without its potential sort of interactions. Like there are certain blood thinners, Certain heart, Mansour and thyroid meds that you sort of have to be careful with. But let me be very honest. We have used CVD on thousands and thousands of people, and we've yet to have any significant reaction or any significant medication to medication. Direction Now, it doesn't mean it's not possible, but absolutely, you know, we've had a very safe experience using it. Mhm. Good to know. Ask Dr Steve this and I have neuropathy from hip replacement. So I'm on gabapentin right now. Massive doses. I've tried CBD creams, but let's see the orally. I don't even understand. This is very technical Micro dozing at about 2.5 mg of THC seems to work. She's doing. She's not doing enough and I'll be very clear. So number one. Let's talk about whoever wrote the hip question. Be clear about who you're talking to. I've had eight spy surgery. I was on 272,700 MG of Neurontin and wean myself off every milligram of it. And not using CBD. But listen, when you're dealing with issues like hip replacements and areas that have massive amounts of information. Sure you can use the cream but you've got to take it orally. Systemically is the way to go and you've got to be consistent with it. And don't micro dosage. I'm telling everybody micro dosing is not the way to go with this. You've got to be careful because I have thousands and thousands of patients of data now and it helped. How do we figure out that CBD work? Because the older people micro dose in a month, one month three months six Nothing happened. And then all of a sudden, month eight and 87 year old woman, My arthritis is better. I'm like, what is she talking about? And the next one and the next one, And the next one showed up And we realized right then and there. God will undergo Senate terribly, and you really need to take significantly more probably like 50 MG. Twice a day in our patient population appears to be the bare minimum to trigger robust anti inflammatory and anti anxiety reactions. 773 and please tell the doctor My husband's a changed person on medical cannabis. He was in the trades his whole life, terrible arthritis, fibromyalgia neuropathy he got on the cannabis three years ago, was able to get off his Meds Tramadol to other strong ones, So he's got his life back. That's the testimonial for sure. Let's go back to the phone lines. Flora has a question. I think we can fit this in quickly. Go ahead, Flora. You're on W G. N Yeah, I'm 75 years old. I've been taking 2700 mg of gabapentin Can a tramadol and to me to trim models and a hydra kota on every day for at least 12 years. Will medical marijuana help me? Please. Please come in and see me. That's my answer. I am. I don't even want to announce this to the world. But you're talking to a guy that had eight sponsored Aries. You're talking to a guy that couldn't use cannabis because he was a doctor and wound up being the victim of somebody will have to use narcotics and signal patches have to read down and down and down and you get sucked into that vortex. Please come see me. You are a person on everybody that's called in. What a finale. You're the one I can help you. I can help you. And then after we get you sleeping and get your feeling better, I'm gonna pull you off all your medicines just for good measure because that's how Dr the roles But here here's my problem. I'm on Medicare. Oh, yes, exactly. Yeah, we'll talk. We take care about patients. And now if you need help will help you All right? We're not doing it for money. Alright, Flora. Thank you. Thanks, Flora. Maybe get with Pete. Can you hold on a second? Maybe. Just get with Pete. Get your information shared. We'll see what we can set up their doctor Steve, We did have a request for your your exercise. Manche mantra again, But we only have 30 seconds. Can you do it in 30 seconds? Yes. Low intensity. Steady state cardio. Everybody just needs to wake up. First thing in the morning hydrate Medicaid if you need to, and your heart rate 80 to 140,002.

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