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"2 47 40" Discussed on 600 WREC

"Okay. What about Enrique? I didn't understand anything, he said. Okay, okay. And Russia. Which Adele? Adele Back in English. He speaks good. Well versed in English and still might have been going to the house here. You throw a prostitute that Ambien survival Afghan. My God. Ramon, please. Okay, let's go. Oh! Oh, my goodness. Adele! Adele! Adele, please, please. Adult. That's your remember, I understand a few words of that. Right. Let's go to Adam. Juror Number six, but we don't have sorry. Jo. Ellen Jo Ellen, your juror number six. Okay, Michael, I'm assuming you okay, uh, your height weight. Religious affiliation and race, Please I'm Baptist. I'm white, um 58 away, 1 60. Okay, remember, we're going to have to get somebody black. 713 to 1 to 47 40 Hold on Joelle and hold on. We got to have somebody black Otherwise, uh, the the juror jury pool is not, um, is not diverse enough. 7132 and 2 47 40. We'll get to the Hispanic moment. Okay, Jo Ellen, can you be Can you be? Well, this is so ridiculous. I just need your ruling. I just need your calling. I think he's guilty. She listens with her mouth, not her ears. She's talking over everybody. I want to know house you voted because she sounds like a screaming liberal. She is the neighborhood ready for Trump, not a liberal. I am a conservative. Did you vote for Trump? I think he did. I am a conservative. I voted for Donald Trump. I love Donald Trump and I will vote for him again if he wants God love you. I'm telling you, girl, You've got to calm down. You're going to have a stroke. Well, what a man Because y'all don't know all the facts. You all don't know what this man has done. This man has destroyed my name are totally made all over my car all over my car. I had to buy another car, ma'am. Michael, You have no idea what I've gone through. This man has killed everything in my flowerbeds. Everything in the backyard in the backyard. I have nothing but with Nothing that weight. You need to calm down and listen. Seven to calm down map. This isn't I didn't intend for Anthony to call every time I make a phone call into Michael Barry. How Anthony lives involved. It's not my fault. Anthony is a drug dealer. It's not my fault. Anthony is a crack at it. It's not my fault. Anthony is a professional, Adele. Dell. Hold on Joe Allen. Let me ask you a question. Hold on July. Don't antagonize her. Let me say this when you were coming to your conclusion, and you heard the phrase. Uh When Adele said that she was going to beat him in the name of Jesus. How did that affect your rule? No, I didn't so that I said I would do in the name of Jesus. Rebuke. I thought you said, Look closely, Duke even listen to her because she's not listening to anyone else. Right? I don't That's been criticism. Females is your people that don't know me. You're not letting other people have their say, Adele from Michael. You're doing it all twisted and I wrong. Tell him who you listening. Michael Berry Show all eyes of the world. The first metal season sports looks happens up to $5000 risk free people. But I thought my team about the idea Thanks for those being too wonderful and magnificent bottle. Care how awesome this makes me. I'm doing this for the people. So the available the app that first bet is up to $5000 risk free. Caesar made an app for the people..

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