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"13 97 square feet" Discussed on 106.1 FM WTKK

"This next listing in a few moments. But first the details and the witch get Yeah. So this one just hit the market at 2 25, and the address is 5004 Brooke Lauren Lane in Raleigh, located in the subdivision of Riverside. This home is 13 97 Square feet. It's a three bed 2.5 bath home built in 2004. So this is a move in ready and unit town him with a fence yard. This three bedroom home features new carpet throughout. Washer and dryer. Large family room with gas log fireplace, an abundance of natural light and is an INEC spectacular Raleigh location community to buy 40 schools, shopping and restaurants. The white Cabinet kitchen, both new laminate flooring and tons of counter space. The master suite has a vaulted ceilings, dual vanity and a walking closet. The secondary bedrooms are very spacious out back. We have a a private patio in a side yard, which is just perfect for entertaining. So, of course, and unit town homes do not last long, especially at a price point of 2 25. So if you would like additional information or to be pictures of this listing of the week at 5004 Brooke Lauren Lane in Raleigh, just text the word savvy to the phone number 21000 once again to get more details on 500 for Brooke Lauren Lane in Raleigh, which is and unit town home. Just text the word savvy. That is spelled s a d. D y to the phone number 21,000. It's a nice little property. I love those those in unit town homes. This one's just well appointed nice little landscaping in front as well. And That's actually pretty significant little backyard fenced in little backyard there for a town home usually sure is. Yeah. Don't don't allow a fenced in kind of private area. So, Yeah, This is wonderful. Be great for like a detached him. Yeah, be great for pet owners as well Just to make that even easier for Quick relief moments versus having the leash up in that kind of thing, so very convenient, really like this one. This is great, great price 10.2 and the fun location and rally Knicks to just tons of things to go and do If you want to check out more details on this home text the word savvy to the number 21,000. We'll text right back a link that you can click on view pictures and more information again. This.

2004 5004 Brooke Lauren Lane 21000 21,000 2 25 13 97 Square feet INEC 2.5 bath both first three bed 40 schools three bedroom Riverside 10.2 Lauren 25 Lane tons of counter Brooke