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"12345 pages" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Music show whatever band stuff every night. I'll see something in. So I'm gonna ask that first if I could be their friend. I just did that. I don't even know who this who This guy is. He's an artist. Get him off of Jodi Excess page. And he does some pretty pretty cool stuff anyway. We'll see if he thinks I'm too far to the right. Tyrone X here with you way far to the right jack way far to the right to the right of Attila the Hun every day Monday through Friday. 3 to 6 P.m. eastern standard time. Our governors in the news again, by the way, but number of pieces here we've got to get to these. I don't find it to this today or not. I've got the Democrat Party secret weapon. It's uh, somewhat voluminous. I want to say it was 12345 pages long, but we're gonna get to it. And I've also got, uh we're sick of it. Business has refused to pay taxes after police are defunded. I don't blame them. I mean, if you are in a business ENVIRON. Let's say you're in Portland, Oregon. And all of a sudden Uh, the police are standing by while people are talking, tossed some rocks. Molotov cocktails in front of your building. And you go back and rebuild your your building and you find out the police aren't coming When you call him, Will you pay taxes? Why would you even stay there? You know, let it burn to the ground. Just let it go. If the trash have so trashed your environment. I know it's tough to say, but get out the hell out. But just look, they deserve what they get. By the way, Juillet are, uh They're making Skittles White. I think that's racist. I don't like Skittles. I never have. I've seen this on several occasions. People have sent me this me. In fact, let me bring it up here. Lovely. Becky X sends it to me. One of the contributing editors. Edit tricks is here is as, uh, Skittles white pride. Uh, what it's about is it says during pride only one rainbow matters and what they're saying is they're letting gay people have the rainbow. They won't put the rainbow on their skills packaging this for real. It's for real for real. Now in England, you can tell it's in pounds of dollar 11 £55. Whatever that is. 1.55 pens. I think that is The Skittles white pride now they I think they did that by accident, but they're what they're saying here because on the bottom, it says during Pride month, which is this gay celebration thing? Uh, only one rainbow matters. The rainbow got hijacked by them. They're gay folks from, uh I got to know. Uh, you know how it goes. Yes, that is how it goes. Uh, I want to get into this aggression. Whitmer piece here. How did gay people get a whole month? How does that happen? Gay Pride month. Black history Month. What is that about? Seriously. All of it all these months. I don't get it. I just don't I don't know how everybody stood by and said was the stats. Shut up! This is create. Get out of here! We'll give you a month for anything. Unbelievable anyway. Gretchen Whitmer is Michigan suffering slowest Coronavirus Recovery. Iowa the quickest Cruz bounce back. This is a study. Study produced by Wallet Hub found Michigan is suffering the slowest recovery from the response to the says coronavirus. But it's China murder virus pandemic While Iowa is enjoying the quickest why is that? Because Kristi Nome never shut Iowa down now they're only 13 Indians in the entire state. I get that, but but but they have an economy they do. Wallet hub analyzed.

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