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"1206 mercer county" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"New Jersey one A 1.5. So who's your celebrity lookalike? 1 802 831 of 1.5. Here's fast traffic. Trouble on 33 the same today over and free old. The westbound lanes are closed at Hall's Mill Road up towards words 79. That's a crash investigation. They are detouring traffic around it for the time being this report responsibly, Allstate. If you're driving less, you could be saving more on car insurance. Save money with paper violin shorts from Allstate, Call the local Allstate agent and get a quote brewed one. You've got some crowding up coming into both Edison and the Woodbridge of acidity. Parkways gotten very slow north from 1 31 heading up towards just before the colonia rest area. That's a crash in the right lane. There's still slowdowns on one and nine, South and Linden with a stalled car and getting better onto itty Weston Age of 13, New York with an accident clear not doing badly on the turnpike pretty decent right across the Hudson, Tom River's New Jersey traffic North. Killed Myron, New Jersey traffic South, So the main roadways are nice and clear, and it's a warming trend, Aziz weather person would say, But it's It's where we're now. So the roads air pretty much going to be wet, if anything, if they're messy, and the white horse Pike a little busy right in the spot by summer, Dale and going in towards Berlin Road looks like we have Little bit of traffic there through the lights. Nothing you can't handle. Delaware River Bridge is pretty good. The Betsy Ross Bridge gets a little messy When you go over the bridge on the P A side 95 gets a little tough traffic looks great. It 1206 Mercer County 1 95 beautiful New Jersey fans. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report. 3 48, a New jersey You wanna 1.5 New Jersey one a 1.5 instant whether it's really crazy how storming our weather has been lately for winter storms in the past 2.5 weeks, and we've got three more coming in the next week before things hopefully,.

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