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"06. 73 70" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"Want to know who who were you told that you look like what? The famous person 1 802 831 of 1.53 18. New Jersey fest Traffic. We're trying to get a slowing down of the park Ranger worked away north up towards the woods Bird, Jerry north of 1 32 out towards the colonia Rest area. That's a crash in the right lane. This report responsibly. Allstate. If you're driving less, you could be saving more on car insurance. Save money with paper mile insurance from Allstate, Call the local Allstate agent and get a quote. They have a crash in Newark. Continuity, West Hearings and 13. It's the right plane that's blocked off. Doing badly on the term by either spurt of the car and the truck planes. Wanna nines kind of jammed on the sampan side coming out towards Woodlawn Avenue heading into Linden. Look out for that activity seven. Overall, still moving along pretty well. And 33 3 old is still closed on the westbound side halls Mill Road to route 79. That's a crash investigation. Tom River's New Jersey traffic North. Elmira, New Jersey Traffic South. It's cleared up the 2 95 north bound truck that was broken down in the white horse area at Arena, Dr Hicks and 61 all lanes are opened up. We have traffic pretty decent at the Delaware River Bridges. Not too bad as you take the right on the turnpike Southern end It looks golden at the spot going towards Atlantic City as well. A C expressway to 06. 73 70. They're all in pretty good shape. White Horse Pike. Little busy and summer Dale going towards Long side traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 3 33 am New Jersey. One a 1.5 check out NJ Pet supply calm as a local New Jersey family owned business and they might be small, but they have great prices on pretty much any kind of pet food. You could imagine even the hard to find stuff. Also, pet products, pet toys, and you can support local and save.

Newark Woodlawn Avenue 1 802 831 Atlantic City Linden White Horse Pike 3 33 am Delaware River Bridges New Jersey Elmira Mill Road Tom River NJ 06. 73 70 Arena, Dr Hicks A C expressway Bird, Jerry 33 3 old 61 Rest