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"$5 million year" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

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"$5 million year" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"The Todd Golden Reporters, we visit with the U. S. F Dons second year head coach two games this week. Tonight you take on the Broncos down in Santa Cruz tell us about that game against Santa Clara. Another physical opponents for us we're gonna really have to improve on the glass will be a great opportunity to see if we've made some strides this week at practice, and then you'll take on the ST Mary scales on Saturday. Tell us about that matchup. You know what team that struggle a little bit to start conference play, But soon they're gonna get some healthy bodies back and, you know, obviously match up near and dear to my heart. It's my alma mater. Well, the dance take on Santa Clara tonight in Santa Cruz and seven o'clock ST Mary's at four o'clock on Saturday. Both those games can be heard A bit up the dial on KNBR 10 50 the top gold, a report Brought to you by San Francisco Toyota with two sales and to service locations in the city with coach Golden, I'm Patil said on KNBR feet sports later. Time for your K NPR half past head Mother passed headline on the Sports Sports League. Larry Kroger is your half past headlines. Larry Scott's time as Pac 12 commissioner has come to an end back. 12 announced yesterday that they have mutually agreed with Scott that he would step down from his position on June. The 30th that's a year earlier than his contract indicated he was set to expire in June. 2022 Pac 12 Network made less revenue than all the other major conference networks. And yet very Scott made more money. And any other commissioner of any other conference. In fact, over $5 million years with Scott made double what the SEC commissioner was making Warriors go tonight against the Knicks Golden State of 4.5 Point favorite Julius Randle's playing great Ball status for Andrew Wiggins yet to be determined warriors coming off a win over the Spurs won 21 to 99. Eight and 6/5 of the West. And yet they played the second toughest schedule to date. Couple football notes to your signed Dwayne Haskins Azaz their backup quarterbacks. He was also interviewed Hugh Jackson today for their offensive coordinator. Job. The Bills general manager, Brandon Beam named Sporting News executive of the Year. Eagles Higher culture Scenic Syriani. As their head coach and Tampa Bay, said coach Bruce Arians is Antonio Brown with the knee injuries a game time decision he has yet to practice this week, those your half past headlines. Now back up, Mr T. Krug and Rod B T. K B on KNBR 1045 and 68, ft Sports leader. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is kind enough to give us some of his time and his Insights riches gained through Good. Old fashioned reporting. Chris Mortensen joining us.

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