NFL Week 6, MVP, and Geoff Schwartz


L. C. T. we've embarked on a massive world tour and are excited to experience all the thrills and boredom that entails to help us process our own experiences hello friends welcome to the trailer for the road taken with C. T. and bail I'm all podcast platforms arsenal they beat standard liaise for nothing the beautiful arena also saw West Ham Crystal Palace Crystal Palace was plus the nobody well i WanNa talk all you but I especially need to check in with Harry I haven't heard Harry was tastes got this new job he's Writing Online sports gambling twenty we start the second half again drink beer anymore very odd normally we'd leave you know the stadiums games over you can start drinking again in the stadium last year to London and they're different things that go on there then the states obviously I like at the Arsenal game and the hi welcome to against all odds puzzle and sow we are taping this on Wednesday morning we fell on jobs are in jeopardy squeezing it four hours a day the new job took him to London for the bears are raiders game which was a fun one but also I want to hear all about it I real quick what ascend during a lunch hour of breakfast our or both in Harry's case he'll producer Jim Cunningham is here what's happened in Jim much sal how you doing Jim you had another three hundred underdog they won the game so that was fun and again yeah bears and raiders now I was on Clay Travis this morning outkick the coverage and we discussed I know he went afterwards and stayed open for like three hours very weird marijuana drinks right you don't have any desire for regular winner that's two weeks in a row the Patriots spray you make it look easy you just took the Patriots to defeat the redskins it was a little touching going the first quarter but they happen how was it yeah I the guys that I talk we're fantastic working with them great time at a lot of fun we went to soccer games went to the words of the odds of the trifecta Harry Brother Bry Darren the parlay kid what's happening fellas what's going on south up what's going on got it all right we'll have this guy explained to you it's a little blue from my liking I don't need to say that every week I you know what I like gyms to pick let's just go flex their muscles and that was an easy easy double digit win exactly I figure if you're going to bet on someone bet on the people that are probably going to cheat to win so yes think halftime at the game they just like had free beer at the pub like like outside like like people are just pounding beers like crazy but then when the game on the West Ham game Saturday can't drank during the game I didn't know that he didn't know that either we can't drink during the game in the arena but if you step outside of the Rena you can he's noticed that yeah you know you know when in Rome or or you know whatever anyway the betting parlors there went into account storm come up with one someone said Gems Khanna Link Guests G. U. E. S. S. who I get it I like it's fun I don't get it nothing anyone will have a problem with that also on the line they didn't fare as well one and two with their best batsman of gambling barons of betting my wizards wagering my tarries introduction video he was a reveal and he's swinging shirt he's shirtless outside some arena it looked like you got winded after like the fourth row followed betting parlors I gotta say betting parlors suck they have as their and they don't know what to do they don't I you're allowed to NFL but they have no idea flight sitting next to Harry on a business class flight would be does he class it up does he wear sleeveless shirt and gym shorts we will agree that his twitter account is impossible to follow so I thought this was the only under in there they didn't know what the over under was though ten pain but still overall the trip was great and actually adding into the stadiums all of a sudden some guy's starts all odds at g mail dot com that's where you can reach us by email someone wrote wrote in once I heard he was going to the UK for work I immediately imagined wants one always the way to go I mean I don't know how long you've had these powers to pick games but it's nice it rears its head over to two weeks okay some people suggested a name for your pick about the team's win over under is they've never heard of there was like six employees they had never heard of the word parlay in their life how dare on real puzzle soccer over there they'll rip your head off but did they rip your head off area chosen sal in Harry was doing over there right it was so hard to keep track of his locks his one eight locks has screaming my name outside of the the Tottenham's stadium where the bears and raiders applying make you want to say thank you to jazz this guy who was would you that email parlay kid what do they Harry's back did you think he would make it back I refuse to follow eleven also but there are so many times right yeah there's a lot of them Kinda dumpy they got like a Coupla slot machines in there but then it's mostly people betting way for the average person to hear about this experience of Harry's interest that I can match his previous salary if he's willing to relocate to New York and watch my kids full-time I know is a new job and it's it's like something he can manage one of my kids is already in a degenerate gamblers hall of fame. I don't know what that means so it could proceed to take Harry's advice on life thanks name withheld you went for that gone you men on this trip but I do want to say now there are videos of you will you shirtless when you took a picture with this guy because there's a video bri or poly kid jump in Oh and I mean honestly I tried explaining how to do a parlay that didn't get it they called it an accumulator and the one I gave him the teams they didn't I had an overall US killed my locking entitle Raheel many moneyline parlays he talked me down we'll have that interview later we're going to get into NBA next week MVP over unders conference in division how can they be say maybe not and then I swing that shirt topless announcer Jim Cunningham you have any thoughts on Harry Strip sette locks because he lost his other set of locks or something like that but but Harry did a nice job I listen great job by Harry's really making a name for himself we went over is pick he had the bears minus nine and a half on a on a line he wasn't lucky to win that but it was pretty nice all right I mean I didn't I didn't have to hear about it yeah I was hoping that Harry would be one of those assholes who comes back from visiting a place for five days and Mike picked up the accent calls the TV. The telly or something let's I'll do it with the TRIFECTA that will cover some of the other stuff with Simmons and house in two weeks but for now it's football I wanna read these stats real quick road teams forty eight Vikings Kirk cousins is a Jekyll and Hyde a beats up on the giants I love that game last week but that's not a very good defense real quick how did you what did you wear on the flight I don't imagine it was business class sweatpants baby nice encounter my walls three big games of the week what are we have philly at Minnesota what started off the Vikings favored by three it's moved to two and a half in some spots ares idea nobody that guarantees that I wanna be I WANNA be naked out out of percents nice excellent and how are you you said you went to West Twenty nine and one against the spread row dogs thirty four seventeen and one against the spread we know this all tightens up eventually favorites I know it's fun and your weekly Pool just pick a favorite thus he's a follower of a Oh he loves our show he said Harry Wright Harry from a but I love you guys and took a picture with them and forty four is the over on there it's hard to go off of what these teams did last week philly point the jets they had ten sacks they look solid though the week before Green Bay Thursday GonNa be on twitter antagonists he and brock got into a couple of weeks back. I don't know what happened you guys were arguing all asked him about it but this was no not that you're always went I felt like that was after the Auburn game that's right okay why spoke Monday and I was down in the dumps about the chiefs nation but you kept it going for fifteen seconds right yeah it was pretty discussing this looks really tired but I guarantee that was one b one c locks that he was going oh darren you mean like wash you mean taking Stanford when there were fifteen point dogs the thirty one forty six and one against the spread underdogs obviously the other way forty six thirty one in one vegas is not figured out these lines are GonNa go well he did just call a soccer football so I guess he did it you gotTa pull him back Dr Side Are we have a good show today Jeff swartz former NFL Lineman for eight years brother. Brian who do you like going into this game yeah I like the Eagles plus three I mean it just seems to me like a three point game either way when you look at Philly tell you that they really they really love their football over there and like it's it's not and always good to see south good to see can we even call to generate right now could you be called the degenerate if you're doing it for a living like living by the way one of US might be recording from the school today it's you hear any belting it's not Harry so the children out there but that's one on every corner right it's like a it's basically like a seven eleven nothing against them also manage a seven Perry the other side right yeah you know so I had the vikings also I liked them against my giants last week too and the Golden Nugget me new both had it I want to make of eighteen points Minnesota one last year and in that game couldn't spell comfortable and really effective as completed seventeen pass twenty one carrying Johnson with twenty thirty six against them and I think after beating the packers two weeks ago I mean this team has putting a competence going on the road and they wants right up you mean one of those as one as one person put it like it wish known Harry's one -cerned periods over brightens here I think one nine if you care about stats like this eagles scrimmage from album cook last week or cousins almost three hundred yards in the first half and easy win over the giant Minnesota's tuna at home so far this season they've won those games by an average damn I know you're a big fan of all kinds of ham chest out try out the other hands east handler wants Dan was good enough to what fans they were great there was something that the division so I think the vikings should be three point favorite at home I like them the win by at least that over tolls gone over and Eagles last six games on the road October kings the chargers teams like that let you down if they're favored but not the case you just don't know what kind of Kirk cousins you're getting here in Philly can't put together to solid games in a row it's impossible Casey I don't think should have any trouble scoring if what Matt Ryan did last week is any indication I know how Acacia the Vikings this week at minus three like someplace two and a half after that offensive performance in Chicago the biking did bounceback with over two hundred yards and that's including teams they play again to Atlanta Washington so I'm gonNA take the Vikings at minus three here at home to get it done and go three and now at home this season starches obviously coming off that horrific injury but it can keep him going make cousins do little to nothing these two teams that are competing it was very disappointing a tough game to watch wasn't it like especially if you had the chiefs who's such a tough game to watch with you know mahomes limping around and now and I'm not sure if I'm doing that in this game but I'll take read over O'Brien any day of the week at this Point Hill I would take that as a flyer to vikings the over I would say now chiefs Texans chiefs absolutely terrible Sunday night culture run defense has been great they've only given up sixty three yards a game so I think they're gonNA put a lot of pressure on cousins to to throw the ball if you look at it I mean Aaron Jones who's been fantastic was thirteen this is hobbling maybe this will be all year parley kid you like the home favourite Yes al I think we both Ronald Day all over him some point the second half they had the ball nineteen of I twenty two minutes Texans at least their offense looked great finally AFC south teams though you want to dig maybe continue this type of play overspilling after finally had a positive game last week Eagles only twenty fifth and total offense in the NFL ever ever had the ball it was terrible hated the fourth and one play I'll talk about what Jeff Schwartz Leo here in the fourth quarter but Harry De'andre Hopkins aside they're five and one and they're less fixing road games against the spread their twelve and four against the spread against Minnesota in the last sixteen so I give me the point here and went over over Selena coming back this week I'm GonNa roll the dice and says he makes his first appearance of the year which will really I think help jump start mahomes again here not that he's really she's Kinda hammered us both last weekend now I had him on the tail end of about an eight or nine team parlay and Was My only loser there little little mention of it but you know Sammy Watkins goes out very early I'm not even sure if you even made an appearance in the game but I guess he did he goes out early and on nine one against spread last eleven the early afternoon so what but how about this vikings eight in one as their last nine is a favourite doesn't seem like that's the case I feel like the these AFC south teams and I have to give Andy Reid even though he drove me crazy last game the advantage here third began WanNa go over San Francisco at the rams minus three lays on like they did the jets with ten sacks it's going to be tough I will say down and cook the average is like because McCaffrey's having such a great year Dalvand Cook is overshadowed averaging twenty uh what was it I can't remember married Crystal Ball I just said it was everything Everything wrong with the Oregon was married for starting like they have another be killing you all the touchdowns fuller last week you're still sticking with the Texans what's your reasoning yeah I'll take the points here they are eight it it really is so let's let's what the chiefs here you know taking the minus five and let's let's I think mahomes soon lines eight and three against the spread of last eleven after fell into cover no asked home game so it's a nice spot for them trend wise go ahead parlayed ones thirty two last week and Detroit Carrie Johnson one hundred twenty five and the game case he was extremely fortunate to win I'm GonNa roll the dice taxes here with five since we now and a half rams are forty nine and a half the over and I made a parley this week not sure I've ever done this before I took the forty niners Monday night over the browns and because there was a line out Eddie I took the rams over the forty niners so within like six days predicting six hours of forty niners games I'm sure I'll get that wrong but nailed the tailed off in this play but I think here we go here that bell and Fifth Sixth Period is beginning guys sorry about that you won't hear that on touchdown in his last two weeks guy's GonNa show about four this week let's let's bank on that about fourteen well they're fun home team yeah that was miserable the watch to make the playoffs you guys have done win the division I think are at least partly kid yeah so it's a huge game for us I been look I've been really impressed with the forty niners they just couldn't really get going the cult's at a great game plan and have a great coach I think and that's what we're looking at here and some of these games now we gotta start just putting on the coach in disaster and Baker Mayfield has not digress but go this other direction but everyone hates Baker Mayfield Bosa plants a flag on him you know he there's like forty two more minutes you won't you won't hear that well I'll tell you what the chiefs are twelve and I don't know why I love these early after in planning that for months Yep so I'm not sure if this forty niners win what to make of it I know they're on a short week you like the rams absolutely sow as brother Bryce said it yard he's way overdue for a bust out game Texans or four zero one against spread in the last five as Road Dogg and the visiting team it's passing for golf in two games and not a win to show for it it really makes no sense I know there's not much to dislike about the forty niners other than there are on a short week brother Bry oh no mahomes and the cheese are not invincible at home I'm GonNa take the Texans with five all right yeah that's a fun game it's a fun to watch again I don't trust any total in the NFL total yard They did light up Atlanta fifty two last week and like you just said that I was without the Andre Hopkins really doing anything in the always pretty bad the rams are going to be on the extra rest forty nine or said the short week I'm banking on mcvay having a good game plan coming off a loss I think it's thirty nine versus Indian Casey only at thirty six yards rushing grits plus Kansas City's run a run defense gotten burned two weeks in a row Marlin Bat Mac the forty niners won several teams including our cowboys who played bad squads and were overvalued right because of it I would include the brand they traveled to Seattle and really sell the zero on kicks field goal they win a game or Robert Woods comes down a things together And I thought they showed a little bit better balance with girly running the ball last week let's expect a little bit more that way Phillips devises a plan to stop this reading is one part of his body down the end zone there to win that game they could be sitting here at four and one rather than three and two and we wouldn't be talking about this being such an important thirty nine is running game make Jimmy throw the ball to beat them let's take the rams this week sal I think this is a good one that's going to help us because as you mentioned is kind of shaping up to be a must win for the rams in terms of their plans of winning the division getting a high seat in the playoffs remember in the rams schedule gets pretty favorable after this for several weeks if you like him for the division now might be the time the plus one fifty I will say this is the best division four success especially for the home team here which is the rams even though I know the forty niners do not have to travel very far but at the same time Goth is I went to Seattle Forty niners especially at home game against the forty niners and I know the huge game for all of us because I have the rams of big barley for the rams game for them right now mcvay knows it's important game they're basically coming off many by week right now while the browns are coming off short week we normally know that's a recipe I do think they're probably gonNA cause a little bit of problem here but the one thing you can say is at least for the forty niners have been playing the AFC north which I think at this point in time we you know I was still both think that's possibly could have been a touchdown to give them like a ten or eleven point lead late in that game what he's this was like an eyelash away from they're just not but he's right up there once again favored he that flip flops every to be offensive rookie of the year rams also ate into against the spread and alas first half of it I liked the Ramsey the line opened at four and a half I don't it'd be six a kid watching this team you know that over nine hundred along the way we'll be having conversations with peers idols and maybe a random to the road taken with CTN bail part of the ringer podcast network on all when you got the rams you got Seattle Yep San Francisco anytime any deals three teams play each other you have the watch and then you got Kyle Murray the Arizona is not going to do anything sorry it's five and one against his bread and the last game versus each other I don't think Kansas City is right on like just mentioned one touchdown pass in the last two games was only twenty two there's one of those big games for niners played great rams blue their game rams are six and one against the spread as a favourite and their last seven four yards going rams the rams here I mean I hate to say it but the way this division and this is kind of like if they're looking to win the division around Mrs almost kind of them I five against the spread last six against division so like I said we got a lot riding on this so I'm I'm sticking with the rams here poorly kid I know you're going rams to I onto nat is a bad idea I really just think very undisciplined I don't like this Freddie kitchen more penalties seven more they lead the league in penalties ten games all right let's talk mvp here because these are numbers that are really not jumping a ton in terms of WHO's atop Patrick Mahomes after two stinky game one okay game and then when I don't know what happened Sunday night still the favorite minus one ten to take home the Trophy Russell Wilson has moved up three to one odds you're GonNa get highlights from him this is this is Russell Westbrook another Russell won MVP uses sportscenter highlight machine Russell Wilson same thing rolling left throwing that pass waited until the really waited until the fourth quarter to do anything whereas I feel like this year he's trying to make plays a little bit earlier in the game so I I like him and do things which I mean not impossible but I think that's Dad's I mean look if you look at Wilson and play by play it's tough to find those odds this doesn't really matter but fantasy wise you talked about a homes have just as many points tied at the top brother Brian they win that game look out Detroit beat three one and one in first place in the north one lookout for Stafford especially if he say he goes you know there's there's a realistic shoddy could miss a game or two at some point in time if this continues to happen work continues to get hit every play but also I mean his numbers are fans other than anybody quarterback wise this year even Brady so if you can find Russell Wilson maybe ten to one that is well worth it and I won't make a case real quick for Matthew Stat tastic overall considering last game I mean I can't even blame him the last game because his main receivers the guy named pringle nobody knows who the hell that is so I kind of maybe not the first game or two but I think he's been much more aggressive early in game especially moving around and he was in the past couple of years I felt like he seven eight nine games just in the fourth quarter alone you know you pulled out pose these games out of his ass I do one thing with Wilson this year is I I I lean with you guys do with Wilson depending on where you get him 'cause I think what's going to the same thing every year with Wilson he gets a lot of attention because he's probably GonNa win would you Harry who do you like from beeping yeah you know sal I I've seen Russell Wilson as high as ten to one I mean in our fantasy but I've seen them at eight hundred two one nine two picks saying if they take down Green Bay on the road on Monday night and he's the reason why touchdowns he'd be at twelve and to twelve if he goes for three touchdowns on the road he's twelve to three week now Matthew Stafford's never winning MVP in this money went twenty Prescott Twenty nine you have Tom Brady barely barely making it right there in twenty twenty five range up mahomes it is tough because he still the two clunker games still on pace for fifty five hundred yards thirty five touchdowns and that team is going to win twelve or thirteen games are he's making guys like will this leak E. K. Metcalf Tyler Lockett household names and fantasy that guy's gotta start because of the way he's playing controls the offense he is killing it for him he keeps me alive at three and two he's got fourteen total chances years they'll Gerald picks six those touchdowns coming in the fourth quarter the lock it it's as good a throw and catch you'll ever see see enough of those all of a sudden Russell Wilson and if they win ten eleven games that's your guy brought and like you said with with McCaffrey at ten one don't really love that because what is McCaffrey after he's gotTa get twenty three hundred yards and twenty touchdowns to win this around a little bit but if he ends up applying in all sixteen games he's GonNa throw fifty five hundred plus yards and close to forty touchdowns he's not doing it it's nice everybody wasting should it be Kansas City to remember right now I'm what John if you can get Wilson still at ten to one I said even in his two clunkers I know you only threw one touchdown pass the terms of the yardage he threw for over three hundred yards in both games so you cannot bet against Russell Wilson and then a game anymore I feel like he will burn you time and time again you'll see like games whereas offensive line just camper do you like from VP Let's see I I mean I don't think there's a ton of value with Mahomes at minus one ten considering he's been in two games so far because Brian I said I don't know how this ever loses a game anytime there's a big play that he is asked to make him sometimes p. cow well I shouldn't well it didn't make one that's a clunker you know he's still going to now have some games where he throws for over four hundred yards and three or four touchdowns this guy's GonNa end up like branch oh they're going to be fine curious thing who do you like well I guess we're all on the same page here like you know listen Mahomes as the and it's GonNa be very hard to not give him the award so if you're getting almost even odds right now it's still not bad but as I remarked watching a Russell Wilson the other night ended with seventeen touchdowns McCaffrey has eight sixty six scrimmage yards to five games he's on pace for twenty seven hundred Total Peterson two thousand twelve terrible plight once but in terms of what we've seen lately like you said that lock it pass I think when the ball left his hand by there was a six breaking away from the field no one touching him within ten yards at any point like boy and it really doesn't even matter he's making Kyle Allen look good percent chance on these stats give him of that ball actually being caught it couldn't have been placed in a in a better spot he can makes plays like this right our Jim Cunningham who do you like you watch all these games right who who's your pick yeah I like Matthew Stafford because I like flushing money down the toilet l. going to be a great year now he didn't get to that but it didn't matter because Vegas didn't value him as he was never had a great odds to win the MVP anyway athlete or team said odds on this now the obvious favorite globetrotters over the generals one to five hundred odds they wanted twenty four hundred ninety maybe they want to maybe they just don't want to see a lot of sacks both sides with these offensive lines that's going to be an interesting yeah I'm GonNa make case though for McCaffrey here now I understand rather play for Notre Dame just my gun and the field is eight to one let's start with you Paula Kid who do you like I'm taking the field here five games in a row from nineteen fifty two thousand fifteen so that's stuff that top but let's let's play the game anyway Yankees over twins fifteen to one odds I read their credential wanted a twenty one hundred rushing and twelve touchdowns McCaffrey those a game changer it's just it's just a different it's nice to have numbers but like I said you see enough of these highlights of him he's beat up on the twins cost me a day off thirteen in a row that's insane it got the captain thinking which is the most dominant athlete or team over another Charles Rogers over the cowboys twenty five to one Notre Dame over navy forty two one to forty three game winning streak snapped in two thousand seven I think that's all recruiting I think people up a racket in two decades brother Brian's dismantled Harry leaving him bruised and broken both mentally and physically and quite frankly he's becomes within the last two years maybe three close much sure again twice twice in the last two years The only times brother Bry as hence the packers since two thousand nine Ann Rogers seven and two sixteen touchdowns to interceptions and then the Yankees folly kid brother Brian Hi screaming yourself and make yourself now signed Ohio State in Sixteen J. T. Barrett got outplayed by Michigan and still lost the game in double overtime did the Michigan in continuing to dominate last week while I can I watch Aaron Rodgers beat up on the cowboys didn't really throw very touchdowns but cowboys I'm a one eleven winning percentages doesn't back you up here I got you yeah that brings start sponsored segment captain Morgan's make believe riverboat casino each week the shell of its former self take the field and brother Bry over Harry with that dominance I like it when you say shelly me like that chocolate shell they put on it's most overrated coach in all of sports I think very possibly and ironically he happened to be born in Ohio in two thousand fifteen you lost by twenty nine it's been well documented on this podcast the Brian Verse Harry Tennis Rivalry is as one sided as it gets meeting twice generate traffic than I set sail tackling pretend propositions related the sports and pop culture events lots of dominant athletes and dominant teams. The let's see all right so Matthew Stafford is Harry someone don't ever say that the new producer I think so I think you guys probably Bryan probably knows too I think that line opened like two and a half at the beginning of the season I'm hearing stuff now it's Ohio state like minus eleven in some of these games for nothing to nothing three nothing and they're just getting dominant I mean we saw in game three I mean they had how many chances to score like ten to fifteen seventeen they lost by eleven and last year I really thought Michigan was going to win the game thought they had a better team than Ohio State Ohio state put sixty two on them and it's been a carryover affect the bowl games are is only one in three in bowl games for for Michigan I just don't think he's overseas beyond overrated and get it done and I was arrowing back we'll never win can never win poly kid and I we I think we like Todd Gurley had money on him last year he was on pace thirty or twenty five or thirty touchdowns not the most important the the most important player on the field anymore for the panthers sow I would make a case for him so twelve to one I saw a ten to one I think it should be I'm GonNa take when I actually take Ohio State football over Jim Harbaugh look I know they've only played four times but Jim Harbaugh yeah I don't know if I was dismantled since they both went three sets so I don't know if that's a dismantling or anything but most home runs have eight players with over twenty home runs you can't it's a coin flip thirteen times and they can't they can't beat I know that blind and more recent sets in everyone's mind that's going on going off the board here I am saying polly pocket if you're GonNa like this nineteen ninety-three by the way I think it's crazy that the Yankees beat the orioles as much as they did you bring a hundred win team like the twins one hundred games bring one hundred one team like the twins in there offensive Harbaugh Sal in two thousand four to two thousand six he was University of San Diego and if he did win anything in those three years he did beat Darren pitcher side. It's almost like a hockey theory but the Yankees have won thirteen th straight playoff games against the twins which seems impossible. I don't know how that's happening I mean the twins of leading you you you get all over the parlay kid for mentioning the tennis match because the sample sizes too small and now you're bringing up harbaugh four games boy this I'm GonNa take the Yankees twins I think you're right yes that's a good comparison the baseball hockey when you know when when the postseason lights come on it should be a coin flip honestly college football's fixed I'm sorry I just last year was Weird Michigan was the better team and they got trounced but this this craziness but I do like Harry that Bill Walsh College football and Sega Genesis me I'm taking me I had a fifty five game winning streak and game more more most percentage zero if we played one set if we played one set I'm doing all right who's your anyways the game's over you parlay kid our friend Chris our friend Frank and Andrew Alabama Georgia at exile garrison hearst together under nice things was a wide receiver fifty five games in a row against you slogs and I lost it you know it's funny we brought up Joe Dimaggio's as if that has anything to do with it but I think they roll Michigan and Harbach just can't get it done against Ohio state or anybody really loses that game the last game of the year regular season Games ironically it was fifty to a coincidentally fifty six games I couldn't get to fifty six frank playing as Auburn blocked extra point events man I law right right mo-modern the Dayton flyers all three years okay all right that's important now brian what are you like yeah I'm getting the twin book impasse every single play and touchdown or an effect yet so that was made I'm dominating me fifty five wins in a row in nineteen ninety-three all right and you know from two thousand nine and some of these other games we're talking about but for crying out loud twins that is bad can't win in front of the home crowd not once that's a bad one that's a playoff talking about for baseball what tossups these are you can tell you know you see these Astros race series you can basically flip the coin you know really just depends on what Kamini like oh they're at it has on the Russel Wilson here they just can't win this game and I think it's GonNa be interesting because they play the browns this week the browns can't protect Baker the super bowl's most dominant ever hate that I hate that there's some validity to that I really do by the way this Thursday game it's going to be Captain Captain Morgan reminds you to please drink responsibly captains owners all right we're here the best bets we're GONNA do it well. We made fun of Harry's really wrong about Michigan this year I'm admitting it I was wrong about day to say the coach being in there we're GonNa have to reset a whole bunch of things I don't think it's going to be that good when they play Jim you must have a thought on this yet destroy all you in Beloit College football just let you know really well yeah who is that Miami quarterback Gino Toretta Bowl Game I beat my brother John these are five minute quarters I'd be my brother John One game one hundred thirty something to nothing I would like to go back and challenge Patrick can't lay top ten because first week in October excited about all other sports like Golf Golf's the only thing going but you can't come in I jim do you haven't thought other than on these odds are going mostly call me out for a ally manning over the Patriots Ah I can't even imagine how much you made how much did you win off of that listen I was busy man asked her don't be surprised that it might have set it on if if that bell check commissions the defense go out and hurt Daniel Jones just so he can get one more likely runs a game and then they got nothing so I mean to one thirteen straight playoff games in baseball it's crazy the twins fans have to be besides themselves with that the football I'm going to go to college football I'm GonNa go to UMASS versus Louisiana Tech and I'm taking under sixty one eight on do you want ally in this game no not really I mean not really keep it keep it the way it is opener they're giving up just eighteen points a game in the next four games we're all wins UMASS Louisiana Tech Minute Man bulldogs game under sixty one but don't you don't take his lumps and still you know he's been okay well okay Dallas keep losing giants aren't out of the NFC shit all right brother by what is your Best Adam Harry God's sakes I listen to thirteen of the last yeah I was I was fucking ice cold last week I couldn't hit anything I continue it into this week I've been dog shit Utah State had one chance middle of the second quarter I can hear what did he do a loss in the playoffs but he was in the lead the entire tournament plus one time no doubter never at a sweat it guys pitch their best bats I buy one of them jump on one of them and then we scream at each other the next week best bad well I'm GonNa go I'M GONNA go back one in five in for those six games they failed to score more than twenty one point they were shut out last week for Florida International Louisiana Tech after giving up forty five points at Texas Eli Manning just to beat him and his last last time ever in Gillette stadium for the giants nobody often Ingram's Aldo don't you make eighteen Louisiana Tech bulldog games have gone under umass astrid three different quarterback this year the only have seven total touchdowns they have nine x the a game and they were in it the whole time Lsu and Oklahoma to me are very comparable teams although I think LSU's a better team So I'm begging on again this is what did you play politics in Africa what what team were you do you remember I think it was Michigan you'll probably make I played Michigan the up Harry's Michigan's team Yeah Enough Brian Okay now you can go with Utah State yes last week have ten and a half yesterday but they were getting the last game against Lsu there were getting sick six and a half that was a close game they had a chance to win Stroz I at minus one and a half and that's GonNa be minus one twenty five so they got the best pitcher in baseball going tomorrow night and now we can we can we can we go back can we play that game one time I don't think you and I ever got to play but I will say in that college I think they wrap up the series and make a little charge at the Yankees but either way this is good news for the Yankees to see the series go five no matter what and I'm a winner either way the race pity across Chit going out all right I got you all right let's go with you you were the sole winner last week what's your best bet he's how it works go home a while they've been great they if you look at their schedule they still really haven't faced anyone yet so this is GonNa be a great test for them I just expect family to make a lot of people go off that was so damn fun I remember a friend Chris would play Miami and he would drop back quarterback who it was but he dropped back about twenty five yards if I had them earlier in the season against Lsu but I'm GonNa take taxes getting eleven and a half against Oklahoma I think it's jumped up today to eleven eleven I I think the best team was like Colorado Right Kordell Stewart Yeah the enemies was it ninety three ninety two season yes it had to be Toretta right area and the Michigan Team Tyrone Wheatley or something Yeah Klay plays to keep drives going Texas and fixing one against the spread against Oklahoma and the last seven so I'm thinking this is going to be like a thirty four thirty when I think this is better for the Yankees but I think the Astros win this game someone that tune of like five to one with coal cement forty million dollars salary for next year title game up are they threw a pick and after that was over but I will say with Harry he had a great week you get a lot of Nice picks we we give him shit hundred all in all it adds up to a plus one ninety five parlay let's take that let's start with the Astros when I went in this partly so stop making excuses this is your team this is your team lobby dollar check place the game under doesn't roll it up and put up forty five forty these numbers jump around and wherever you're looking are you going to get different numbers widely bearing deshaun Watson eight to one first McCaffrey interesting ten to one rogers everyone's no one does he do that this is true and the pats at what's us for the pats and that doesn't really add much value but their beating the giants pretty handily tomorrow night at minus thirteen he wanted infuriate the rest of us and at work I wasn't there so I I'm GonNa go I'm GonNa go back to Texas the golf thing because one again he's picking on nobody wants to talk about golf at this point and you know he'd pick the second best Golfer in the field and made it like it was this crazy be at that game sal will Tony Romo as we'll Tony Romo be doing that game right trauma correct when I say that I only Harry really keeps track of the Games kick that he had and I Kaufman that's the only reason I you know busting my my my theory why took Kent Lake was pretty good though you had a good week I'm not gonNA and they're gonNA add three gimmes and football ravens minus five fifty over the bangles the cowboys minus three fifty or the jets poly kid you WanNa game but eleven and a half seems way too high for me kid well I'm GonNa go with the parlay this week and I'll do a little multi sport partly here we're GonNa take the something I did the last time but I'm big on Herman is very good covering the spread against as an underdog you know obviously this is the biggest game of the year for Texas so they're going to be up for it your bets looking good into matching tat that's another week and Captain Morgan's make believable casino we're at a guy who was there to Harry was not invited robots through the pick at the end of the game right now but Romo I think you might be right I let's let's get a real quick first of all we were at the last game last time the jets played the cowboys and We got I mean a ton of college play came this weekend plus the UFC right now the thanks on twitter my name's at Jim Cunningham but the eyes are ones and the ems are ends and the ends are ours Lert let's bet a lot of money in that game so I think the cowboys come out when pretty big there parlay kid going back over his own flesh and blood what are you up to charge talker what am I up to like I said I'll be haven't made a decision probably traveling to upstate New York this week good luck to you on this you make sense under sixty one fine I'm not doing it brother Bry man this is such a tough one within uncover but I liked plus ninety five for that parlay I'm going with you parlay kid that's a good one Jim Cunningham your two million dollar pick here we go mass Louisiana Tech. I'm just not by the time Saturday rolls around on there's no way I'm GonNa Remember that I bet this game with you with all that's going on so I actually really liked to DJ check Karate Haughty fight although I'm hearing in the last hour that this might not happen unless there's a catch weight so that's something special about them this year I think they've scored at least one touchdown every quarter this season and I don't love Texas's defense packers they play the eagles next week you don't think they're looking ahead you're you're have because they're playing jets this week so okay keep forgetting that in Texas I know I know they stay closed and they win when they're not supposed to in this in this rivalry red river rivalry and Allen Great I just Oklahoma's like one hundred and fourth in the nation about four hundred and forty two yards I'm going to stay I'm going with the Paula Kit here I'm doing it I like the astro they'd better win all right there you go and Harry you're back from London no accent but you did bring back a ton of candy from what I understand Bob waiting for forty five minutes now let's look like I like the cowboys over the jets effect seven and a half that's easy you're a jets fan you don't think this is their super bowl I will everyone's gunning for the cowboys I went with someone argue against myself air but everyone guns for the cowboys played gotTa have them on locking in I'm done if they lose Kohl's grape raven scare me a little bit but they should take care of business against the bengals cowboys etiquettes a sandwich game kind of every thing that's not in the states could be like hundreds of grand on candy only London only in England I brought it all back exclusive beach after party ally performance by ludicrous it's crazy vandal dot com slash ringer to enter and draft your week six fantasy national correspondent for Vandals World Fantasy Football Championship live finals get an all expense paid trip to enjoy four days worth of WF FC Events Puerto Rico including Where I might possibly be my first time not making the trip but I will be attending the cowboys jets game I can't wait for team before the Games kickoff on Sunday I go mahomes I go patriots I think I came in like six hundred out of seven hundred and fifty I've talked about it on Simmons eight ball bats and beyond an odd sharks with Chris Abbott my co host Siemian guys and bets on Friday with with Chris and Joe Osborn and again at night so like I said Twenty to twelve and one I'm in twenty first I'm only a game and a half backup second later on today I will do my third show of the day win see on that we also have the WNBA game five finals tomorrow night Last night I got Jeff Schwartz known I welcome back to against all odds about vandal here teaming up with van will give you chance to play fantasy football against me bill and the best part when it gets to fly out to Puerto Rico with me sitting beside me actually good friend of the podcast former NFL lyman put in eight years of service now offers up as Gridiron wisdom on Mike I did I'll kick the coverage with clay can listen that today on twitter as well by the Harry is now like hey tell clay then I could do two am I oh I guess not good I'm GonNa Bounce back this week just don't take any giants and remember you can play against bill the Jenner tri factor in the ringer listener league on Fan all the matter if you missed last week still take home the top prize just go to faneuil dot com slash ringer enter now that's vandal dot com slash ringer and now the great is that right wow okay so it's J. N. and C. U. R. R. One R. G. actively making your schedule I got too many things to worry about what time I understand I'm show I apologize right all right listen let's all celebrate with a chocolate trumpet we're going to be just fine they melted down people worried about the offense I am a little bit I'm more worried about the defense you have a brother plays for the team what are your thoughts that game here's Xm packed well today he has a podcast called Jeff Schwartz is smarter than you you know what he's made a lot of money playing football he loves pointing out on talk about that I did I did you know this go pretty good what kind of candidate feerick we put the microphone now I don't know what we do anyway the chiefs talk me off the Ledge I had them on a big money line parlay I needed them the wind lock it in for fifth consecutive win her that's what twitter's for Jeff Schwartz next coming on against the hot look I I don't think being humble as a way to go on twitter I feel like if someone's going to troll me I'm going to be back and I'm not like I'm not humble person it's okay to be and you you work with someone every day is not how are you understand because clay what I imagine all along and then the Patriots will beat him like I said would happen all along because the Patriots are better the Patriots defensively right now if you look at football outsiders have the best ah N. Z. Listen when you give out two million dollar picks at winning clip you could you could drag out the handle as much as you want I understand that an issue the homes ankle those a problem he's very mobile in the pocket if he can't move that really changes how can pass rush him and where guys in the field some concerns in my opinion just not be as crisp as they were last year all that being said their offense is good enough to get into the AFC championship game which is what being someone like myself I like to point out that I was successful in the NFL you keep it up and you can work your way all the way to the presidency that's how it is you don't have to be made the call until nineteen points the chiefs offense is a concern couple of things here one is that they're out there left tackle left guard of two top wide receivers double yes sure Yes yes let me ask you this microphone Aiba but you should see this patchwork setup I had automatically against the redskins and against the jets that's exactly there you go there Jim about the is in your twitter and all that I was that was the first WNBA game wrong in the playoffs last night a little setting so that that it's pretty much gone so the bills are foreign one I don't buy the bills being a Jimmy contender to win the conference so nothing has changed now they play the Texans this week and here's the deal the chiefs defense allowed only four point six yards apply if you take out the three meals end of the game so the divas was in his bat now the problem still exists with cannot stop the run and in he said you're on your own kid play football upstate I gotta see the pros here and brother Brian what about you we called she I feel bad for kids going to be open yeah I mean honey Badger I felt save the game I don't I don't know it might have been a lot worse than than it was right there right like I two big plays big interception big third that of all time if I were scheduled to two so their tough to beat but the chiefs I know the the PAS ruined the bears ruined every parlay first of all forced vegetarian kick a field goal rather than scoring but and I saw your brother interviewed he said we couldn't block by the way much more eloquent than you are I I don't know how that happened but but he we couldn't block and it is it is weird watching your quarterback you know stepping over a down lineman and they might have trouble offensively but rush like they are the best AFC this game doesn't change my opinion on that guess who's Number One AFC patriots number two is the chiefs they didn't change even 'cause I've somehow become his assistant he's asking to just in text message you sent me took longer than than if you would've asked no I don't and Mahomes is beat up we saw ankle got stepped on it probably a little worse which is kind of tough and also this about mahomes this is no knockin I'm right he's still on record too so when you're not playing well your defense than is kind of expose they can knock it off the field and that was a problem obviously but they still interception with our matthew like they had plays home and struggle again and offense then I think we have a little bit of questions to answer because the lines were sloppy but they still won the game what happens now when three straight weeks of poor offense it's tough for any of those seems to put together two straight wins it's really weird but I went back to the game last I'm sorry the Sunday night game I wanted to ask you as an offensive Lineman at one point in the second half because I like the Patriots too but I was looking for a line Patriots chiefs AFC championship I'm like that's gotta be it that's the only short thing always looking for an exam today but yeah everyone tried to make up with the chiefs last night they they're going to figure some things out man coverage give him trouble but again with hill and walk ins back should it's time to forget about the chiefs and maybe tyreek hill is coming back to the omos played this past week that didn't get in I'm sure that'll help I it's funny back because if that pace continues you're going to lose now tom possession has not been correlated to winning thank you analytics for that it's something that's always been turn for you it's

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